A shoe is an object or item that is worn on our leg to relax our foot for doing various activities. A shoe is an object of decoration and vogue. The shoe has been one of the first inventions of humans dating back to 7000 or 8000 BC. At that time shoes were made up of leather that they would get after killing the animal.

The discovery of sandal was done in Spain in somewhere around 5th or 6th BC. That time the footwears were made up of Papyrus leaves. The oldest tribe of Africa, the Masais also made shoes out of leather. In South America, the Sisal leaves were used to made leaves and in Mexico, it was Yucca plant. The invention of the shoe and its use have been a long journey. With due course of time, the manufacturing of shoes became the most profitable and competitive business in the world.

Today we will discuss the top 10 best shoe brands in India in 2019:

10. New Balance

New Balance Top Famous Shoes Brands in India 2019

New Balance is an American shoe making company that was established in the year 1906 by William. j .Rilley. The company has its headquarters in Boston. It is a private company that has been indulged in this footwear industry for over a decade now and manufactures a wide range of shoes depending upon their purposes. These include athletic shoes, apparel shoes, cricket shoes and much more. The company has an employee base of 5000 personnel located worldwide, looking for the production and delivery of these shoes. The revenue of the company is somewhat nearly $3.25 billion.

9. Bata


Bata is a family owned business of shoe manufacturing. The company was established by Thomas Bata and has its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. The company was established in 1894 in the Czech Republic. Bata delivers its products in almost all the continents and has an annual turnover of $4 billion. The company mainly focuses on producing formal shoes. It has an employee strength of over 7000. The company has production units in more than 18 countries and exports its products to 70 countries.

8. Puma


Puma is a German brand famous for its sports equipment and accessories. It also manufactures casuals and apparels. Founded in the year 1948 by Rudolf Dassler, the company’s main building is located in Herzogenaurach. PUMA serves worldwide and is headed by Bjorn Gulden, Michael Lammermann, and Lars Sorensen. The company gives employment to over 10,000 people worldwide and supply its product to more than 120 countries. PUMA is also the sponsor of the world’s fastest man, that’s right Usain Bolt.

7. DC


The next in our list is DC, which is an American company. DC produces several types of shoes right from sports to skateboarding and snowboarding. Apart from producing shoes, the company also manufacture bags, posters, shirts, hats and much more. Founded in the year 1994, the company is a subsidiary of Roxy. The company has its headquarters in California. The big heads of the company include Ken Block, Damon Way, Rob Dyrdek. In 2004 Quicksilver acquired major parts of the company after a transaction of US $87 million.

6. Vans


Another American company associated in shoe making is Vans. Vans makes shoes mainly for skateboarding. With its headquarters in California purchased by VF Corporation. It was established in the year 1966 and has a worldwide approach to its market. It not only produces shoes but also clothing and accessories related to it. The company is owned by Paul Van Doren, Gordon C. Lee, James Van Doren. The parent company controlling Vans is VF Outdoor. The tagline of the company is “Of the Wall”.

5. Converse


The converse is an American shoe making company known for making casual shoes, apparels and sporting goods. The founder of the company is Marquis Mills Converse. Headquartered in Boston, the company was established in 1909 in Massachusetts. The company export its products to more than 75 countries and has a world wide approach. The company is currently headed by Jim Calhoun, the CEO of the company. The company has an employee base of over 2000 only in U.S. It is a part of the NIke Inc. Annual revenue of the company is near $2 billion.

4. Reebok


Reebok is a world famous athletic brand of footwear and apparel. The company not only produces shoes but also sports clothing. Reebok shoes are mainly for running purposes. The design of the shoe is unique that helps you while running. The company was established in the year 1958 with its headquarters in Canton. It has its regional offices in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Montreal and Mexico City. It has Adidas as its parent company. The company also got famous because of Harold Abrahams, 100 m sprinter of the Olympic competition held in Paris.

3. Adidas


Adidas is also a German company famous for its sports products. This German company earlier known as Dassler Schuhfabrik was established 1924 with its headquarters in Herzogenaurach. Adolf Dassler founded the company. The company has a worldwide market and headed by Igor Landau, Chairman. The revenue of the company is nearly 19.545 billion euros. The number of employees associated with the company is 53,742. Adidas has two different logos, one with 3 parallel bars and one with original trefoil used for Adidas Originals.

2. Jordan


The second best brand of shoes in India is Jordan or otherwise known as Air Jordan. It produces footwear for sports like basketball and athletic clothing under the flagship of Nike. Nike created a brand for the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards player Michael Jordan. The company is comparatively new in this business as it was established in 1984. It is American athletic company that has its headquarters in America. Air Jordan has several series of shoes starting with the same name abbreviated as AJ.

1. Nike

Nike Top 10 Popular Shoes Brands in India 2019

Nike tops the list. Nike is an American sports brand that manufactures accessories and apparels. Founded in the year 1964, the company was established by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. Headquartered in Washington, the company is famous worldwide and employees more than 44,000 people. The annual revenue of the company is near $30.52 billion. The company is headed by Phil Knight and Mark Parker, the chairman of the company.

These are the top 10 shoe brands in India. Maximum of these shoe manufacturing company is from America and some of them from Germany. It will be right to say that these brands have obtained major parts of the market with their quality of products and international success.


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