Top 11 Best Selling Smartwatches – Phone Connected Smart Watches

Various brands make smartwatches. Among the ones that are well-known, Samsung and Apple stand out from the others. Deciding on the ideal smartwatch for you can be a difficult decision to make as there is a wider range that you have to pick from.

Apple is the only company that makes smartwatches for Apple products. The other fields have different companies making smartphones that are universal on the Android platform. Here is a smartwatch guide that can be of help to you. It has the Top Ten Best Selling Smartwatches.

These are the top 11 Best Selling Smartwatches for 2017-2018

11. Nixon the Mission

Nixon the Mission Top 10 Best Selling SmartwatchesThis smartwatch has cool features that include a rugged design that is waterproof; it has been made of a 316L surgical grade stainless steel. That shows that it can withstand even the most spectacular wipeout. It is best for outdoor action sports. Nixon the Mission indicates that Android Wear is more than a typical operating system on the wrist. The watch’s battery is durable enough to ensure that you have long hours of interaction between your phone and the watch.

10. Pebble 2

Pebble 2The watch has an impressive day battery life a feature that makes it stand out from the other smartwatches on the market. It has an affordable price tag that will ensure that it fits into any budget. To be specific, the watch runs on the Pebble operating system; Pebble OS 4.0. The watch has a wide variety of colors, and you can choose on that best matches with your phone.

9. Vector Watch

Vector WatchThis is the undisputed king when it comes to the battery life. The watch’s battery can last an outstanding 30 days from just a single full charge. With this margin of charge-life, the Vector Watch will last most outing days, holidays or even business trips. When you are travelling for trips that last less than one month, you don’t need to pack a separate charger for it. It is a decent and competent smartwatch that has notifications, tracking of fitness and it has a unique way of visualising your day through rings that have been placed on the face watch.

8. Moto 360

Moto 360 Top Popular Selling Smartwatches 2019This was the ultimate successor to the first Android Wear poster child. The new Moto 360 combines customizable body and high-end craftsmanship. Although the watch is masculine, there is also a dedicated collection that mainly targets ladies. This smartwatch has been tailor made to suit any wearer. There is also a Moto 360 Variant that usually features a tougher body and a display that has been enhanced with sunlight legibility with built-in GPS.

7. Huawei Watch

Huawei Watch Top Famous Selling Smartwatches 2019Huawei is widely known for the manufacture of high-end windows and android phones. The Huawei Watch was the first android wear that was made by this Chinese Tech Giant. It is one of the best smartwatches you can find on the market. It is made of a stainless steel body, and sapphire glass covers its display. Although the product has high-end and unique features, it still retails at affordable prices.

6. Casio WSD-F10 Smartwatch

Casio WSD-F10 Smartwatch Top Most Famous Selling Smartwatches 2018Casio is a brand that was initially known for the making the best digital watches that were waterproof. With the invention of smartphones, it has ventured into the field of manufacturing smartwatches. It has not failed; the Casio WSD-F10 Smartwatch proves that. This is the toughest of its kind that you can find on the market. The gadget has two LCD displays for both monochrome and color which will offer a blend of outstanding features.

5. Samsung Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2The watch differs from the rest in the sense that it has a super AMOLED display that provides the best resolution. Among the features that the watch has is a rotating bezel for navigating the user interface. From the aesthetics alone, you can say that the smartwatch was well designed and superbly crafted. The product comes in plenty of options that you can choose from; from the Gear S2 to a Gear S2 Classic that is platinum or rose gold.

4. Garmin Vivoactive HR

Garmin Vivoactive HR Top Most Popular Selling Smartwatches 2018This is a smartwatch that is known to have outstanding features like the Garmin’s own Elevate Heart Rate Tracking technology which will monitor your heart rate continuously and give you reliable indications of calorie burn during your workouts. It has GPS and dedicated applications for swimming, running, golf and skiing features. The watch uses Connect IQ application while the battery life is around eight days. The product can be found in the main stores in the world.

3. Tag Heuer Connected

Tag Heuer ConnectedIf you have a background knowledge of smartphones, you will realize that the Tag Heuer Connected has the best build and it is of the highest quality. At first sight, you might confuse it with a regular watch. It is when you touch that you realize that it is a monster in this field of smartwatches. The battery life of the watch has an excellent battery life that makes it be used for long periods without the charge getting depleted.

2. Apple Watch Series 1

Apple Watch Series 1 Top 10 Best Selling Smartwatches 2017This apple product is purposely for turning the Apple smartwatches into mainstream products. It has been designed with sleek and stylish finishes that are a perfect match with your iPhone. It has a dual-core processor that offers fast performance. There is an Apple watch for virtually everybody; children included. If you are out to spend less money and yet get a splash resistant smartwatch, then this is the product you should buy.

1. Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch Series 2 Top Best Selling Smartwatches 2017This is a predecessor to the Apple Watch Series 1. It is a new watch that has been recently unveiled. It is waterproof to depths of about 50 meters. Other than that, it has a built-in GPS that will allow it to perform mapping functions without using a phone. The watch has a new dual-core processor making it fifty times faster than the earlier version. The gadget comes with options for high-end bands that are available from Hermes.

Smartwatches have changed the way we use our phones. It is an evolving Smartwatches area meaning that future smartwatches will have better capabilities than the present ones. At the moment, an ideal smartwatches should be fast and responsive enough for it to give positive feedback.

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