Soap or a bar of soap is a combination of fatty acids and salts. Soap produces lather when rubbed against any object with water. Soap are of different types based on different purposes. A bar of soap used for washing utensils contains much amount chemicals to remove the oil.

Soap used for bathing contains glycerol and fragrance. Based on various purposes various types of soaps are made. The manufacturing of soap dates back to the 2800 BC in the ancient city of Babylon. It has been used by our forefathers for generations.

Here are the top 10 best soap brands in India in 2019

10. Hamam

Hamam Top Most Famous Soap Brands in India 2019 width=

Starting with our list of top 10 is a company named Hamam whose products are marketed by the Unilever unit. The term Hamam originated from the Arabic word which meant bathing. The company was founded in the year 1931 as a household soap that can be used by the families. Hamam claimed that all its ingredients are natural. It was a top brand for many years after its foundation. It is safe for the skin. It helps to fight with pimples, acne, rashes and the pungent order from your body. It contains extracts of aloe vera for giving you a glowing skin.

9. Himalaya Refreshing Cucumber soap

Himalaya Refreshing Cucumber soap

Himalaya refreshing cucumber soap is a top brand and is the famous brand of Himalaya herbal which is famous for its wide range of products. Himalaya refreshing soap is appropriate for reviving your skin. The mixture of the soap contains extracts of cucumber and coconut oil which help to moisturise the skin and the antioxidants help to resuscitate the skin. he coconut oil in the soap also cures diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. The mild fragrance of the soap also lets you feel fresh throughout the day.

8. Khadi Sandalwood Mud Scrub

Khadi Sandalwood Mud Scrub

The next soap brand on our list is Khadi Sandalwood mud scrub that gives you the feel of bathing in the ancient civilisation. The soap is made with earth, the essence of sandalwood, almond shell dust, glycerin, and camphor. The ingredients being natural it poses absolutely no threat to your skin. It desquamates the skin and pacified the irritation on it. The camphor helps to cool the skin and the sandalwood adds fragrance to your body. It is also claimed to be antiseptic in nature. The only thing that acts as a disadvantage for it is its expensive nature.

7. Fiama Di Wills

Fiama Di Wills

Fiama Di Wills is a world famous brand which specialises in soap bars and bathing gels. The products are tested at the R&D facility of the ITC by the scientists. Fiamma Di Wills products try to grab hold the young consumers and seek gratification to make them feel alive and awesome. Fiama Di Wills products are usually for the young generation. The soaps are subjected very less chemical products and contain mainly natural products.The natural extracts rejuvenate the skin and make it pulpy. The soap also various fragrances to make you feel fresh all day long.

6. Dettol


The next in our list is the most famous brand for antiseptics in India. That is correct, we are talking about Dettol. Dettol provides you with antiseptic soaps to fight with germs. Dettol produces a wide range of disinfectants and toiletries. After returning from your day to day activities or workout sessions, it is best to wash your body with this disinfectant soap. Dettol has various products, the Dettol original has the smell of medicines, while the others carry fragrances. The ingredients of these soaps carry disinfectants to neutralize the microbes if there are any on your body.

5. Mysore sandal soap

Mysore sandal soap

Mysore sandal soap is one of the oldest companies in India. It is manufactured by the state government of Karnataka. It is manufactured in the Government soap manufacturing unit that was established by the king of Mysore in the year 1916. It is said that Mysore sandal soap is the only soap in the world that is made with 100% sandalwood oil. The sandalwood oil doffs of the skin and nevertheless to mention its fragrance that keeps you feeling fresh for the entire day. The glycerine and vegetable oil in it helps to saturate and tone the skin.

4. Lifebuoy


Lifebuoy is one of the leading companies in the world producing disinfectants and toiletries. The company also produces Soap and hand sanitizers to remove and eliminate microbes and viruses. The Lifebuoy soaps contain disinfectants as their ingredients along with small amount of fragrances. Although the soap carries disinfectants, it is safe for your skin and it also helps the skin grow soft and fight with germs. The Lifebuoy products are now available in various types. The products are marketed by the Unilever Ltd. The soap also contains ingredients such as carbolic acid and phenol in minute quantities.

3. Pears


Third in our list is a company that manufactures soap with 100% glycerine. The Pears soaps are transparent in nature. The pears soap was first made and sold in 1807 by Andrew Pears who founded the factory in London. It was the first translucent soap that was brought to the market and sold for market purposes. Pears soaps are of various colors ranging from yellow to honey color and blue. It has been the top of the market for decades in India. The glycerine in the soap cleanses the skin.

2. Lux


Lux is a world famous brand marketed by the Unilever Group. Lux carries a wide range of products from soaps, bathing gels, shampoos and hair softeners. It was the top soap brand India for quite some time till the mid of 2016. The Lux had started its production in 1899 under the name of “Sunlight flakes” and that time it used to produce detergent soaps. Today the company has its market share in more than 100 companies and has become a reputed one in its kind. The company later in the 2000s started promoting business with its brand ambassador being Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

1. Dove

Dove Top Most Popular Soap Brands in India 2019

Topping our list of top 10 soap brands in India is the soap brand Dove. Today it is the market leader in its industry. The ingredients of dove are unique as it contains about 1/4 fraction of milk in its total ingredients. The milk helps to tone the skin and softens and smoothes the skin and makes it pulpier. The soap along with milk contains fragrance that makes you feel alive. The company now produces more than half a million products per day to cater the needs of the millions.

These are the top 10 soap brands in India. The soap brands are judged and listed according to their popularity and product quality. There is absolutely no doubt that your soap case definitely carries one of these top 10 soaps.


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