Stockbroking is a service to the retail and institutional traders the opportunity to purchase and sell. It is an exchange program for beneficiaries. The stock broker companies help various investors with financial support, majorly with respect to fetching a certain amount of profit from their business. It is purely an exchange business among the investor and the stock brokers.

There are plenty of stockbroking companies waiting for the investors to lend money and grow their business in the market but it is very important to know the right organisation to go. You may end up approaching to a certain company which does not have an up to the mark credibility in the market. Here is a list of top 10 best stock broking companies in 2019 that have world recognition:

10. Raymond James

Best Stock Broking Companies 2019

Raymond James financial is an American based company. This company offers financial help to individual investor, corporation or any institution. This company was started in 1962. This is a world acclaimed company to financial support the investors in the market. It is primarily aimed to provide financial investments to the different invertors be individual or any organisation across the world. This company has managed to earn a good name in the global market for its reliability and trusted financial exchanges.

9. Stifel Nicolaus

Best Stock Broking Companies

Stifel Nicolaus is a financial exchange corporation. This is also a New York-based company. This company was established in July 1890. It is one of the oldest stockbroker companies the world has known. It aims to offer security oriented financial support to the United States and Europe. It has a stronghold of these markets. The customers are well aware of the policies and procedures this company follows. The people have grown a trust factor towards this company because of its long sustainability in the market and the reliable work it has done have helped to circulate a good name of this organisation is not only European and American markets but all over the world.

8. Robert W. Baird

Best Stock Broking Companies

Robert W.Baird is an internationally acclaimed organisation to provide employer-based financial support. This firm provides services to the individual investors, organisation, municipalities, etc. This organisation is a big name in the world market for stock broker companies. This company was established in 1919 and since then it has maintained a good name in the market.

7. UBS

Best Stock Broking Companies

UBS is a financial services company. It was established 155 years ago from now in 1862. This is a Zurich based company. It has been one of the most trusted organisations in the global market for financial support and banking. It has maintained a loyal relationship with its customers. It has a major influence on the European market. Besides, it is also growing as one of the largest stock broker company in the whole world.

6. Goldman Sachs

Best Stock Broking Companies

Headquartered in Manhattan, this is an American based company. It has a big influence over the market of America. Its services are available in every part of the world. It is one of the largest internationally acclaimed financial services providing organisation in the world.

5. Royal Dutch Shell

Best Stock Broking Companies

Based in Netherlands, Royal Dutch Shell is a British company famously known as Shell. Active in almost every area in the oil and gas industry, it was founded in 1907 through an interesting merger of two rival companies: The Royal Dutch Petroleum and Shell Transport Company. The merged company was later incorporated in the United Kingdom and has operated from there ever since. The company also made headlines a few years ago. Its pipelines were old and toxic to the environment. Its presence in the Niger Delta area led to severe damage to the nearby environment. There were also mass protests demanding the company to shut down that were staged outside its headquarters. Nevertheless, it still remains one of the most influential companies in the lubricant manufacturing field.

4. British Petroleum

Best Stock Broking Companies

British Petroleum became one of the world’s largest company because of its merger with the Amoco Corporation. Headquartered in London, it quickly rose to popularity before the British government reduced the amount of its ownership by selling the company’s shares to the public. The company then went on to broaden its horizons by establishing its presence in several countries. It built numerous refineries and oil fields, gradually making its way up towards the top.

3. Valvoline

Best Stock Broking Companies

Reducing friction and any signs of wear, Valvoline manufactures engine oils. Many of the vehicle’s’ engine parts have a thin lubricating film that helps glide them easily over each other. Valvoline is the leading company in the field of engine oils. It produces its products using the latest technology and precision methods. The company was founded by Dr. Ellis when he was looking for medicinal values in crude oils. The crude oils’ lubricating properties caught his eye and since then, his company has had more than 150 years of experience in this field, making it the leading company and the most trusted one.

2. Indian Oil Corporation

Best Stock Broking Companies

Also known to locals as IndianOil, this enterprise is headquartered in Mumbai. It is India’s leading company in the field of oils and accounts for more than half of the country’s petroleum products. Bharat and Hindustan Petroleum companies are now believed to be its competitors. The company has around thirty thousand employees and has a revenue of nearly 96 billion rupees.

1. Petronas

Best Stock Broking Companies

Established in 1974, Petronas is a Malaysian company that focuses on the oil and gas industry. With its presence in more than thirty countries, the company is headquartered in Malaysia. It is believed that more than half of the Malaysian Government income is dependent on this company and its dividends. One of the key factors that led to the formation of Petronas was Malaysia’s heavy dependence on foreign oil and gas companies. Malaysian government sought to become independent and at the same time, the technology required was developed. These and several other key factors led to the creation of Petronas.

The global market is filled with such service providers claiming to provide you with the best deal, but it is really important to know the best options available in the market and choose to trust them with your money. Above mentioned are some of the best financial service provider establishment of the world any investor can consider.


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