Top 10 Best Selling Streaming Devices and Media Players

Streaming media devices help enjoy entertainment. With these devices, you can have been granted access to very many free premium content that you can entertain yourself with.

Stream the media players to your television or smartphone and enjoy unlimited movies, music and any other video content that you love. You get a quick connection to enjoy streaming your favorite with no hassle. The speed of streaming really matters, and it should be a basis for measuring the performance of a streaming device. The different brands each have additional features that are unique. The numerous streaming media devices make it difficult to choose the one that works for you. This article will help you narrow down on the one which suits you best.

Here are the top 10 Best Selling Streaming Devices and Media Players for 2017-2018


KDLINKS HD720 Top Famous Selling Streaming Devices and Media Players 2019This powerful media streaming device works efficiently to give you the best experience. It comes with a Wi-Fi adapter that is inbuilt. With its 3D display, you will be able to enjoy clearly your favorite movie or music. You can set up a hard disk drive on it thanks to its HDD bay. You get quality sound when watching from it. To make sure that it maintains high performance it has a powerful Realtek 1186 3d chipset. The chipset makes it stream fast.


NETGEAR Neo TV NTV 300 Top Popular Selling Streaming Devices and Media Players 2019You get an amazing experience with this Wi-Fi enabled system. It lasts long and has broad access to movies, videos and other video content that you can utilize. It connects to Android and iOS phones with its Neo TV control app. You can control your playlist and what you want to watch with the app. The app also helps with easy installation. Turn your television into a smart device.

8. Sling Media Sling box 500

Sling Media Sling box 500It is stylishly designed in the shape of a tablet. It gives quality streaming making you enjoy with no hassles. You can utilize it to stream thousands of movies, music even television programs. You can connect it to all TV interfaces. You can keep up with trends with its navigational system. The system also gives recommendations and lets you view galleries. You get to view your favorite show on the full HD images.

7. Roku 2 Streaming Media Player 421R

Roku 2 Streaming Media Player 421RFor lightning fast speed when streaming this is the media player for you. Get high-quality video content from more than 2000 channels. You can get new movies and music for free or through the subscription apps that it has to offer. Its processor has been designed to work fast and efficiently, so you do not get interrupted when watching due to slow speeds. The Wi-Fi enabled in it will make streaming enjoyable. The quality of images is perfect for HD 1080p videos.


RCA DSB876WU-WHYou can stream from Netflix, YouTube, Vudu, Hulu Plus among other many sites. It is Wi-Fi adapter for limitless streaming. It is very affordable and can help when you are operating on a fixed budget. On top of working with all types of TVs, you can also get analogue AV outputs that you can use on the old TV sets. You get to enjoy videos, audios and also photographs when you have it.


KDLINKS HD 680 Top Most Popular Selling Streaming Devices and Media Players 2018Get quality videos with this model that uses HD 1080p. You get to connect it with all type of television set. The audio is also perfect thanks to Real Tek 1185 that is powerful. It has a Wi-Fi adapter to make you enjoy fast streaming. The broad range of video that it supports will make you have a fantastic streaming experience. With this, streaming media device will give you ample time to set up as it comes when it is already set up.

4. Ematic MDB012 Media Beam

Ematic MDB012 Media Beam Top Best Selling Streaming Devices and Media Players 2017Ematic MDB012 will give you long service; this is enabled by its durable plastic design. You can use it with Android and iOS. It is small and will not take up much space in the room. It is compatible with all sets of television sets. You can utilize HDMI streaming with it. You can project your phone’s screen with it. This is enabled by its novel mirroring feature that it has. You enjoy fast streaming with it.

3. RCA DSB772E

RCA DSB772E Top 10 Best Selling Streaming Devices and Media PlayersThe striking black color of this streaming media device will blend in any room with other colors. You can stream from Pandora among other internet radios. It is durable as it does not heat up as you utilize it. You get access to a broad range of sites that you and enjoy and keep up with trends in movies and music among others. It is Wi-Fi enabled, so you enjoy streaming with no hassles. It is efficient and has fast speed.

2. D-Link Movie Nite

D-Link Movie Nite Top 10 Best Selling Streaming Devices and Media Players 2017This is a multipurpose streaming media device. It can be used with both HDMI and A/V to suit the users that may not have the latter. You get high-quality pictures and audio with Ematic MDB012 Media Beam. It comes with a ninety-day warranty, and the setup is simple. It is quite affordable, and you get to save as you enjoy fast streaming.

1. Ematic MDB114

Ematic MDB114 Top Most Famous Selling Streaming Devices and Media Players 2018Equipped with a novel system, this streaming media device will upgrade your traditional television to an exciting entertainment center. Its controls are inbuilt that you can utilize to browse the internet and adjust volume. You can also control media playback. It can also be used with smartphones so that you enjoy to them maximum. It also has screen-mirroring. This helps you project the contents on your phone on a large screen.

Entertainment redefined is what you will achieve with streaming devices. They are designed to give you an incredible experience as you watch your favorite video content or listen to the high quality audio. Get the one that best suits your needs so that you get to have an amazing time with no hassles. You can keep up with new songs and videos in the market as you use a streaming media device. Check the different attributes that each has and settle for the one that will upgrade your entertainment.

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