Style and fashion go hand in hand and always complements each other. A vital and essential part of fashion is a pair of sunglasses which is now a necessity rather than style statement.

Due to the changing weather and global warming issues no the direct ultraviolet and the other harmful rays are mixed with the scorching rays of the sun, especially during the summer season. All the sunglass manufacturing companies design their glasses in such a fashionable way it not only add to the style statement but also protects the eyes from those harmful rays. Let us explore more into the world of these top ten sunglass brands which now trending in the nation.

Here are the Top 10 Best Sunglasses Brands In India for 2019

10. Vogue

Vogue Top Most Famous Sunglasses Brands In India 2019

The stylish and the up market brand which is the most trending one too. Although this brand is a bit high in price but people who understands fashion do chose them without fail. Not only they are good in style but also has the features embedded of protecting the eyes from the UV rays of the sun with the new age technology of polarized is available in various vibrant colors and this makes the brand so niche looking and fashionable, making it one of the trending sunglass brands of the whole nation, although being an international player, this brand has won over many hearts of the style industry people and even fashionable general public.

9. Velocity


These designable brands of sunglasses are the ultimate style stamen for the youth due to its affordable and less costing rates. It has now taken over the whole sunglass market with this feature which makes it quite competitive with the other brands like the Ray-Ban and even the Prada and Gucci. The various designs which are available makes this brand so close to young hearts and the most attractive feature is its interchangeable lens system which makes it so user friendly, protecting the eyes from the dangerous UV rays. So next time if you are thinking of gifting your youthful close person then choose this brand as it is the ultimate answer for young fashion.

8. Joe Black

Joe Black

This brand is famous due to its popularity in the famous shopping portals like the Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra, and Amazon and the Snapdeal. Due to getting its place among these sites it has now grabbed the eyes of the youth of India. Also the affordability of the sunglass makes it very popular just like Velocity. But one more feature which adds up to its high demand is the selling technique used by the manufacturers through the online Ecommerce portals. It is light weight due to the usage of fiber glass, and comes in various colors and designs. The polarized lenses of the brand are the best protectors from the glaring and harmful sun rays.

7. Gucci


This brand of sunglasses has made its own place in the up class niche stylish people who love brands and fashion. Although it is quite expensive then also it has a high rate of viewing than the other brands due to its different and unique designs. It shape of the glasses are a quite big which gives it the funky and trendy look, making it a distinct style statement for many fashion conscious people of the society . The young and the old both ages prefer the designs with the vibrant and various color ranges suiting the dress color one wears with it, and the customers are satisfied due to its comfortable association with the brand, making them up class.

6. Polaroid


One of the oldest brands in the whole nation, the Polaroid sunglasses provides the best thermo fusion glass technique, which makes the distant vision clearer while protecting the eyes from the UV rays of the sun. With this great feature it is still quite affordable and durable with flexibility which makes them so anted in the sunglass market, by the users. The wide range of the colors available and the designs of these polarized glasses make it unique and different from the other brands in the market, also it can be bought online choosing from the wide range of the niche designs and rates with heavy discounts too.

5. Prada


The name Prada itself is the reflection of status and luxury mixed together for the best eye fashion statement. These glasses are highly expensive due to its fashion and stylish trending styles, and also are good protectors from the UV rays. Each of the designs comes in unique shape and size and makes the wearers more niche towards fashion statement giving the class a higher look. Although being en elite products of the trending sunglass market it still has high viewing and purchase rate, specifically in the upper fashionable class who prefer brands and style mingling together.

4. IDEE Eyewear

IDEE Eyewear

The brand is again a youth centric sunglass trending mostly in the market. Although with the niche styles and the vibrant colors the cost is just amazing and affordable, making it the choice of the youth ad people who love fashion but in a bit cheaper way. Holding high its position in the market, its durability is incomparable to other brands of the same feature. It is made through injecting the fiber in the metal frames, giving it a distinct and stylish design and making it light weighted too. It protects the eyes from the harmful rays, and comes in various beautiful and classy colors too.

3. Oakley


This liquid fusion technology brand is an addition to the classy wear of the fashion people for whom eye protection comes with a style. These glasses comes in very expensive range price but still has the highest in the selling and viewing due to its distinct and unique features. It is mainly used by bikers, divers, swimmers and even players who are into shooting, due to its loose fit and the plutonite lens clarity making it so fond to many people around the world. The high definition lenses helps in protecting the eyes from the ultraviolet rays and longevity is due to its flexible rubber finish designs. The strong observer and impact technique lenses make the price so high although people prefer buying them due the different features and classy style statement.



The fast-track glasses are the most affordable sunglass brand in the whole nation, this makes it so popular among the young generation, and people who prefer changing and buying new glasses quite frequently. The various and wide color range has the platter spread for choosing among the best and to be used for long due to its durability. The UV glass protective lenses add the niche touch to its stylish and up trending designs, making it one of the most popular brands in the whole nation although the prices are just out of the world cheap. Especially the sporty look makes it so loving among the youth as they love to go with the new age fashion and the changing trends which this sunglass brand specifically follows while manufacturing the glasses.


RAY BAN Top Most Popular Sunglasses Brands In India 2019

While planning to buy a trendy and a fashionable sunglass only one name which is the most popular comes to mind and it is none other than the RayBan glasses which is the top most brand trending in the whole nation. Surely it is a brad which would make any person look smart and fashionable adding to their niche trendy up class statement as these are the most honoured and respected brand around the globe too. The polarised glasses are the best to obstruct the high lights while outside, so these glasses are mostly preferred by the pilots while flying a plane.

The carbon fibre makes the weight lighter and the flexibility and the longevity also is due to this fiber. It has a variety of color ranges with the flash lenses technology which is quite different from the other sunglasses in the whole market. Although being quite expensive this brand is mostly searched on the online Ecommerce portals as most of the Indians with the sense of style and brand prefer to wear them, as they also protects the eyes from the strong UV rays of the sun.

So now with this huge range of sunglass brands to choose from you can easily make your own favorite choice, according to your pocket. Also if you have a friend who is stylish and would not mind spending some good amount on a classy eyewear, then you can suggest them from the above given list of niche and stylish designs which are easily available in the whole nation. It is confirmed that you would not regret getting of these brands in your fashion wardrobe quite soon as you know each of them are distinct and unique in their features.


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