India is one of the largest producers of tea in the whole world. Tea is not only a naturally occurring antioxidant but is also one of the purest and natural forms of fluoride. Being one of the largest exporters of tea, the country accounts for 31% of the global production of the beverage. With its 150 years old global market, India offers various tea leaves like green tea, orthodox and CTC. It has gained most of its popularity in the world market from the Darjeeling tea and Assam tea which are known for their rich aroma. Mentioned below are the top 10 best tea brands of India in 2018.

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10. Marvel Tea

Best Tea Brand in India

The leading brand of tea was established by Shri R.C.Jain in the year 1994 and since then, it has been one of the respected and most respected tea brands of India. The Marvel Tea Estate Limited in India has a network of 3000 distributors, being one of the country’s leading companies. The key strength of Marvel, lies not only in its brand name but also for the premium class of tea which it serves to its customers. Being of premium quality, it produces an awesome aroma and flavor blended with the rich taste of tea.

9. Tulsi Green Tea

Best Tea Brand in India

The brand of Tulsi provides organic green tea having an awesome blend of tulsi leaves and the green tea is accented with an aroma of lemon. The wonderful blend of flavor acts as an energy booster having almost half caffeine. Being gluten free and organic, it helps in digestion and helps the bodily processes like natural detoxification. It also plays a major role in weight maintenance. Established in 1990, the brand has earned a lot of reputation and respect not only in India but also in the global market.

8. Pataka Tea

Best Tea Brand in India

The Pataka Group was established in 2000 and the Pataka Tea is one of the unit of beverages under the same. The first offering in 2000 was Pataka Premium Tea which targeted the consumers preferring a fresh quality tea with the taste of rich liquor. With its success came Pataka Mukta CTC Tea in 2006 which produced a rich blend of orthodox tea and a quality blend of CTC tea. The great taste and aroma got it a quick fame. Next came the Pataka Special Leaf Tea which served the general public with a strong flavor of tea at an economical and affordable rate.

7. Society Tea

Best Tea Brand in India

The brand of Society tea was established before 75 years. The owner of the brand, Hasmukhrai & Co. is one of the leading manufacturers of tea in the country since 1933. The rich quality and the consistent taste of the brand has been its trademark all throughout these years. It has successfully earned its taste in the international market due to its innovative ad campaigns, strong network of distribution, fragrance and aroma.

6. Wagh Bakri

Best Tea Brand in India

The tea house of Wagh Bakri was established in 1892. This tea brand has a historical origin as the company was started by Sir Narandas Desai, a well known tea baron. Mahatma Gandhi had highly praised him for his job. In South Africa, he owned a tea estate which helped him to get an experience in the art of blending and growing tea. His later generations enhanced his revolutionary efforts and gave the business its present form, making it one of India’s oldest, largest and renowned tea house.

5. Tata Tea

Best Tea Brand in India

The Tata Group owns this well known and popular brand of tea in India. Being the second largest distributor and manufacturer of tea in the global market, it is one of the brands in India which is mostly consumed. The brand has also launched a social campaign for the youth for fighting against corruption with the tagline of Jago Re. Being one of the most popular brands in tea, it owns Tetley Tea, Tata Tea, Chakra Gold, Gemini and Kanan Devan. Other than India, the branch has subsidiaries in countries like Great Britain, Czech Republic, Australia and the United States.

4. Taj Mahal Tea

Best Tea Brand in India

Taj Mahal Tea from Brooke Bond has been on the market since 1966 and has continued to provide India with the best tea and has earned the label of achieving a gold standard in the Indian tea market. With awesome innovations and high standard of quality, it was the first brand to launch the use of the tea bags and also ushered in different new formats like dessert tea and instant tea. Saif Ali Khan has been the brand ambassador of it since 2006. It has always secured a special position in the India Tea market due to its best and rarest tea leaves.

3. Brooke Bond Red Label

Best Tea Brand in India

The tea from Brooke Bond’s Red Label helps every individual to enjoy a great taste of tea with the perfect richness of color. It has been the third largest tea brand in India. The brand is 107 years old and holds the position of being a heritage brand in the tea market in India. Its recent introduction- the Red Label Natural Care helps in enhancing the immunity of all who consumes it on a regular basis.

2. Tetley

Best Tea Brand in India

Tetley is known to be the second largest manufacturer of tea and also the distributor. The Tata Global Beverages own it wholly. Besides distributing packaged tea in India, it also distributes it among 40 other countries and is also extremely popular in United Kingdom, Canada, and United States.

1. Lipton Tea

Best Tea Brand in India

Lipton is known to be the most famous tea brand in India. Hindustan Unilever is known to own the same. The tea of this brand is manufactured by a unique blend of various plantations of all the countries that produce tea like Kenya, China and Sri Lanka and India. The brand is available in more than 110 countries and is extremely popular in North America, Australia, Middle East and in some parts of Asia. The Lipton Yellow Label is one of its recent and awesome inventions which is made after blending 20 individual tea leaves. It is also famous for the Iced Tea.

A cup of tea can be a great energy booster and can help one to shed out tiredness and fatigue due to a day’s work. Mostly liquor tea is recommended nowadays so that one can enjoy the real taste and flavor of the tea leaves and liquor tea has huge health benefits. The brands listed above contain some of the most popular tea brands in India helping all to get the real flavor of all times.


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