Getting a laptop is one of the important decisions that we make in life. They come in handy in many ways, and we should be able to get gadgets that will serve us for a long time.

Get a laptop that has a longer lifespan and which will last a while. Take examples from this list so that you do not waste your money and time on laptops that will not benefit you. There are laptops out there that have great features which you need to consider.

The laptops in this list are among the top touch screen laptops because of how well they work. You will get something that is efficient and valuable with features that you will love. A laptop has to have high quality for it to be part of this list so be sure to get items of real standards here.

Here are the 10 Best Touch Screen Laptops 2018

10. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 yoga

Best Touch Screen Laptop 2018

Get a high performing laptop like this one so that you can be able to enjoy its features. It has a 14-inch screen that is loved by professionals everywhere. It has a display that you will enjoy seeing. You are sure to find this product very attractive with a touch screen that is durable and admirable. It functions quite highly, and that is why it is one of the best laptops so far.

9. HP Spectre x360

Best Touch Screen Laptop 2018

The battery in this computer lasts very long and charges fast. This is something that you will find convenient especially when you are in a hurry and when you need to use your laptop always. Most people like the fact that it is a multi-core processing and has graphics that are enticing to most computer lovers. It is a good choice because of the design and the way it lasts very long.

8. HP Chromebook 13

Best Touch Screen Laptop 2018

A tactile keyboard is part of this computer which you will enjoy owning. It has a design that makes it look very slim and which can fit into a bag without much difficulty. It is one of the gadgets that people opt. It has a stylish look that gives it a lot of ratings by users. It has a compact keyboard that is functional. You will also find it to be very comfortable while using it all the time.

7. Surface book

Best Touch Screen Laptop 2018

With 13.5-inch touch screen, you will love the abilities that this laptop has. It is said to be among the best laptops in the market because of its excellent features that you will like. You can use it as a tablet on its own or combine it with the keyboard base to give you one of the best laptops. It has a slim design that gives it a beautiful look which will attract you.

6. Dell XPS 13

Best Touch Screen Laptops

A portable laptop like this one which is compact is very beneficial. It is small enough to carry around but with high performance. It has an Intel 7th generation otherwise known as baby lake processor. It is light in weight which you will find convenient as you go about your day. It has a fast sensor which means that it will perform fast at all times and gives you the best value for what you will spend on it.

5. Lenovo IdeaPad 100S

Best Touch Screen Laptops

If you are looking for a good laptop that is affordable and has all the qualities of a touch screen laptop, then you have this brand to pick as a choice. It is cheaper than most options while still giving you the useful features that it comes. It can multitask well without slowing down. With a battery that lasts up to 9 hours, you will be able to work well without any trouble.

4. Lenovo Yoga 910

Best Touch Screen Laptops

It is a two in one laptop that has a good look attached to it. With a core i7 processor, you are sure to get a high kind of performance with this laptop. It has the battery that lasts up to 11 hours which will give you time to use it without an external power source. It has a bigger screen display that will enable you to work efficiently at all times.

3. Asus Vivo book E403SA

Best Touch Screen Laptops

The features in this package are one to admire. It has a 14-inch screen which you will find to be bigger than most brands. It will last for longer with a battery that will last you 9 hours as you work on it. With a RAM that is 4GB you will get a product that works well and stores a lot of programs. It is one of the lightest laptops in the market and will not weigh you down.

2. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Best Touch Screen Laptops

Get something that is light and still works better than other brands that will tend to weigh you down as you go about your day. This laptop has a good processor which will ensure your programs can run well. It has a screen display that is efficient for use and comes with a sleek design which will entice you into getting it. Working with it is free of worries because of its durable battery.

1. Dell XPS 15

Best Touch Screen Laptops

With a 4K touchscreen, you will get the optimum value of your efforts. It has a big screen size that is 15. 6 inches while still having a display that makes it looks smaller than the display may imply. With the latest processors fitted in you will find it very relevant. It functions well and is considered as an option for a lot of people. With good reviews to it, you can prove that this brand has amazing qualities.

A lot of individuals have rated these touch screen laptops very highly because of how well they perform. You will benefit from making some of them your choice and getting good gadgets that are sure to last you a while. Get something with long battery life which will ensure that you get to do a lot of work on it


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