Presently, trading is the best business model in the world now without a second thought. The importance lies as a trader that people are basically running an online business like any other and gaining much profit margin along with economic growth through this business model.

This is a good and smart choice for any entrepreneur in the world to exhibit its skill and talent over this new trading business both nationally and internationally as well. These trading companies in India have a huge increase in demand with absolutely high sales rate. As a trader, you are running a business like any other traditional business which comprises of both profit and loss in order to well at the end of any particular time horizons.

The trading companies consist of high-quality products and trusted suppliers for the consumer goods. There are numerous trading companies in India that have marked with huge success and high possibility in the near future. It can be said in other words as it is the largest B2B marketplace in India with massive investment from various trading companies seeking to provide high-quality services and products for the common people. Therefore, we have enlisted top 10 trading companies to get an overview of their function and programs in India. Let’s get an inside look of the top 10 best trading companies prevailing in India in 2019 that has provided its services in various sectors:

10. Aditya Birla Money

Best Trading Companies in India 2019

Aditya Birla Money was launched in 1994 which comprises of Real Estate services, Broking, Wealth Management sector, and much more in varied sectors in India. The company has nearly over 800 franchises in all across India. It has a major role to play as a member of MCX, BSE, NSE, and others. The Aditya Birla Group charges you around INR 750 for opening a trading account but they don’t charge you for any AMC.

The company has shown immense success and possibility all across the world and is one of the trusted trading companies in India with a professional outlook. It is one of the fastest growing companies in the financial sector. It is believed the company has the possibility to earn huge income revenue in the near future. It has over 2000 employees working in this industry with satisfied benefits and highest possibilities.

9. Bajaj Capital

Best Trading Companies in India

Bajaj Capital is one of the leading broking and trading companies in India with huge net profit that has shown huge possibility with high working performance with 100% satisfied customers all across India. It offers truly independent advice for their valued and esteemed customers with superior service. It works for your insurance policy, financial planning, retirement planning & policies, various investments schemes and programs, tax saving policies and services, and other varied functions in various sectors.

The company was incorporated in 1965 with the vision of guiding Indians on where, where, and how to invest in creating wealth. In the last 5 decades, that vision has now transformed Bajaj Capital into one of the largest and the most trusted organisations in India when it comes to financial and investment services.

8. ICICI Direct

Best Trading Companies in India

ICICI Direct is said to be one of the major service and function of the ICICI banks in all across India. It is also recommended as one of the finest organisations in keeping the faith and trust of millions of customers who seek to invest various policies and schemes over this company. It has achieved huge appreciation from various sectors like media, industries, and clients for its brilliance performance over the past years. It is an organisation that has been recognised as a great place to work. It came into establishment in the year 2000 with the vision of providing high-quality services to every individual without fail. it is a very suitable platform for every trader who wants to trade new businesses with ICICI Direct.

7. HDFC Securities

Best Trading Companies in India

HDFC Securities deals in financial service which works for various broking distributions and was incorporated in the year 2000 with high potential and possibility in securing highest net profit. The bank account with HDFC Securities is directly linked with the trading account and thus it offers 3 in one Demat Account. The organisation comprises of IPOS, Mutual Funds, Insurance Policies, Equity, Bonds, ETFS, Fixed Deposits, and Currency. Buy/Sell what believed with HDFC Securities. It has working employees of over 1500 and has an established headquarters in the financial capital of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

6. India Infoline Limited

Best Trading Companies in India

India Infoline Limited is one the leading and popular organisations under the RBI registered scheme that proves to work for the national wealth and various financial policies of varied customers. It works as a full broking service and distribution in India with huge net profit and high esteemed profile in the financial industry. It was incorporated in the year 1995 and today they have over 900 franchises and branches in most of the metro cities and town in all across India. The company has a huge presence in North India with impeccable performance and successful growth rate.

5. Kotak Securities Limited

Best Trading Companies in India

The stock market plays a vital role in managing the money regulatory in our economic system and thus Kotak Securities look after the leading financial services in various sectors seeking to provide help in every possible way to their valued customers. It is a great investment option for every individual who is interested in investing some money in the stock market to gain some profit and wealth for their future betterment. Thus, Kotak Securities is absolutely a smart choice to lead your investments in safe and secure hands. It is eventually running successfully in all the metro cities and town with over 1000 employees working in service for the people in India. It has its headquarters based in the financial capital of India Mumbai, Maharashtra.

4. Reliance Securities

Best Trading Companies in India

Reliance Securities provides you with an easy and convenient way for investing your money on various plans, policies, and programs for various wealth benefit of the nation. It helps to provide you with proper guidance in handling your various investment policies with trusted staff and management.

You can also avail detailed information on market values and stock update on their official website to get updated and informed for your knowledge. You can easily access to your trade book by simply login with username and password and you will get a complete table of your trade book. The company was incorporated back in the year 2005 with its base camp headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

3. Angel Broking Limited

Best Trading Companies in India

Angel Broking Limited is running successfully in the third position in the list of the top 10 best trading companies in India with immense popularity and recognition and one of the leading trusted and secured financial services in India. The company was incorporated in the year 1987 with its headquarters based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It one of the oldest firms in dealing with various financial services and programs. The website they have created is very useful for the user experience and user ability to perform the work in a fast and smooth way without facing any difficulty.

2. Sharekhan Limited

Best Trading Companies in India

The second top leading trading company in India is Sharekhan Limited which deals with various financial services and investment policies for the general public for creating wealth benefit for them with hassle-free techniques and schemes. The company came into incorporation in the year 2009 and they have over 950 associates in all across the country with immense popularity and recognition. It has been successful in keeping the mutual trust and respect among the various users and customers with unlimited support.

1. Indiabulls Securities

Best Trading Companies in India

The top leading company in handling various financial policies and broking distribution is none other than Indiabulls Securities which is absolutely a high acclaimed company with superior and national growth which is working for the financial benefit of the common people with hassle-free services and programs. The company has its headquarters based in Gurgaon and other regional offices and branches in various other cities.

Thus, this follows the complete list of the top 10 trading companies in India which have worked with the vision of providing full financial services and programs to the general people or public for securing a valuable income or profit for the usage in the near future without having any worries or trouble. As it is said, a secured home or family is all that requires for your inner peace and stability.


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