Indians and their love for travelling are like a sweet love story. They do love to discover areas out of their reach just to get a sip of all different cultures available. But a lot of factors come into the act when they start planning, and the major one of them that is most important is the need to be more economical.

And comes to the rescue, the Travel Companies! India’s travel industry has developed a lot in past few decades and so do the Travel companies and their systems. They have got more advanced and user-friendly. Just an hour before the internet and you can choose the pack from any company those seems legitimate and book your trip. The integrated services they offer just not allow you book travel part, but let you chose the stay according to your own needs. Many companies have made their way in this market and proved to be the most chosen on among the customers. Let’s have a look at the top 10 best travel companies in India in 2019.

10. Travel Guru

Best Travel Companies in India 2019

With lucrative features and discounts to offer, the first in the list is Travel Guru. They are believed to have the most intricate database of hotels around India. This trusted Travel Company was established in the year 2005. Its headquarters lies in Mumbai. During peak seasons too, they offer some of the best discounts to customers. Their specialised customised package fulfils all special needs.

9. Club Mahindra

Best Travel Companies in India

With over 50+ resorts in exotic holiday destinations, Club Mahindra also makes it to the list. It is an exclusive family vacation site and is part of Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd. Reliability, Trust and Customer Satisfaction is their sole motto. They are market leaders in family holiday tours. They also provide amazing offers to their members. They have their network spread throughout the nation, relieving you of the tension to search for accommodation.


Best Travel Companies in India

USA based company; Expedia Inc. was originally launched in the year 2016. It has established its roots in the Indian market too offering its customers some of the best tour plans all around the world. The speciality is that this company proves to be one of the best for last minute planning. Airline tickets, hotel reservation, cab booking are few services included. This Travel Company works in around 33 nations all over the world. A wide range of offers and tour combinations are some underlying advantage of booking from this site.

7. Clear Trip Pvt Ltd

Best Travel Companies in India

It is one of the most user-friendly Travel portals. Founded by Stuart Crighton, the Clear trip offers quality services without even publicising with banners or frequent ads. It also accounts for its continuous efforts to update more and more hotels and airline companies and does have the strongest networks of travel associates. Customised tour packages offered to fulfil the need of every customer. ‘Clear Trip for Business’ offers the best packages and services for the Corporate Clients.

6. SOTC Travel Services Pvt Ltd

Best Travel Companies in India

It was initially started as an independent venture in 1996, but was then acquired by Kuoni Travels, which itself a leader providing specialised tour offers throughout the world. SOTC today has evolved to be one of India’s leading outbound travel service providers. It offers all kinds of theme tour package, be it domestic or International. It is now a subsidiary of Fairfax Financial Holdings Group. SOTC Travels is most active destination management services, Leisure Travel and Business Travel.

5. Goibibo

Best Travel Companies in India

This online travel organisation was founded in the year 2007 and has been doing great in this field of Travel Industry. They offer Economical tour packages and eye-catching discounts & offers that are available throughout the year long. Also, their easy to use site lets you choose the best International Travelling plan. Also, they have connections with hotel chains all around the world. They also provide 24×7 customer support.

4. Thomas Cook

Best Travel Companies in India

Thomas Cook first initiated its services in India in the year 1881 and is still running successfully. It has its headquarters in Mumbai. Not only just a site in function but it does have offices too. It has around 78 offices spread throughout the country. Apart from the regular services of Airline Tickets and hotel reservation, Thomas Cook offers its customers foreign exchange and travel insurance facilities. Be it Leisure travel, corporate travel or holiday packages, they offer the best in all.

3. Cox and Kings

Best Travel Companies in India

It has the status of the oldest travel company and was founded in the year 1758. With over 250 years of service, Cox and kings hold a strong grip on Indian Travel Industry. Its headquarters lies in Mumbai. Its global offices lie in some of the famous countries spread all over the world. Some of their famous and most fascinating tour packages include pilgrim, wildlife, romance and cruise. Company tour packages and trade fair packages are some other services they offer.

2. Yatra Online Pvt Ltd

Best Travel Companies in India

It is a Gurgaon based private company which started its procession in the year 2006. Previously it also attained to be the 2nd Best Travel Company in the world. This travel portal and agency is India’s leading Travel Company with a record that on an average over 10,000 bookings in domestic flights every day are done on alone. Most of the Indians do prefer be it for individual or corporate purpose. It counts to be the best for frequent users.

1. Make My Trip

Best Travel Companies in India

This Company has catered its way to the top of the list by fulfilling the diverse needs and providing top-notch services to travellers. Be it a domestic or International destination, their top end services will make your tour a successful one. This Company was started in 2000 and has made Gurgaon its main working station or else say headquarters. Make My Trip has an employee base of over 900 people who work day-night to offer travellers online train-tickets, airline tickets and hotel booking.

These afore-mentioned companies have made travelling for Indians a much easier option to relax. They provide some of the most exotic destinations around the world with discounts and offers you can’t deny. So, pack your bags, choose the best package for you and go, tour the whole world and live up your dream.


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