Whether it’s an activity for your leisure time, a hobby or something you plan on doing with your family, travelling is always one of the best choices. The adrenaline that going to new places generates beats most other things.

To make sure that wherever you go, you enjoy to the fullest and make sure you have the time of your life, it is necessary to make sure that you opt for the best travel company possible. Considering how sought after travelling is, there will never come a moment when you’d actually need to search for a travel company for a long time, there’s always an abundance of them. Good ones, too. Here is a list of top 10 best travel companies in the world in 2019.

10. BookIt

Best Travel Companies 2019

BookIt as a company always tries to put customers first, even if that means cheaper rates. For this, it has in store a lot of discounts as well as Deals for the Day. But why would one go for BookIt? That’s because this website has one of the highest numbers of payment options. Not only that, it also has imparted their services to over 10 million guests. Right from the booking process to the customer care service, which is also known to be very friendly, Bookit guarantees a smooth trip for you, no exceptions.

9. Orbitz

Best Travel Companies

Orbitz is a very transparent company when it comes to their bookings-they never hide details to ensure profit for their own self. With its points system, it also helps its users over a period of time and thus increases their customer loyalty. Higher the reward points, higher are the discounts you’ll be allowed for your following trips. For cruises, it provides all sorts of options for the type of cabin that you wish to spend your time in. With a variety of options even for travel packages to regions both famous and not-known-to-many, Orbitz is undoubted “A Full Package.”

8. Priceline

Best Travel Companies

A feature of Priceline is ‘Name Your Own Price’ which lets you bid for a price that you’re willing to give but under this, you do not get to choose your own flight timings. These details are sent to the airlines/cruise company which further works out if they accept it. Another unique attribute is the protection that is provided by Priceline which ensures that you are refunded in case there is a cancellation due to certain unforeseen circumstances. Its convenient mobile apps let you book flights, cruise, trains, hotels, and rental cars too.

7. Cheapoair

Best Travel Companies

Do not make the mistake of going by the name, Cheapoair never compromises its quality for the affordable range that it allows you to book tickets/hotels for a smooth trip! This website has a lot of offers as well as discounts for people in the active military or senior citizens. Cheapoair also provides you the information of the most frequently visited places and mostly used deals by people around you as well as all over the year. So if you know your plan in advance and do not have to cancel your bookings, Cheapoair is the perfect fit for you.

6. Expedia

Best Travel Companies

Expedia is one of the most frequently used and certainly one of the most famous travel agencies in the world. It helps book flights, hotels, cruises, cars, etc. Through their website, you can book the above mentioned with a date and time suitable to you. It has several excellent features that can help you plan your ultimate trip, and with its easy to use applications that are found both on iOS and Android, you don’t need to look any further. A trademark service that Expedia provides it its ScratchPad, through which you can keep a note of your scheduled trips and can be used when you’re travelling to the same place often, thus making it a very desirable option as the best Travel Company.

5. Travelocity

Best Travel Companies

Although the price on this website may be a little high, or in other words, not as cheap as the other ones, an excellent quality of services can be guaranteed by Travelocity. It has unlimited options to book a flight, cruises, train tickets, the most suitable area for you in your desired city according to your budget, vacation packages and renting cars(a variety of models are available for you to choose) which makes it stands out as one of the most reliance and one of the best travel companies in the world.

4. TCS World Travel

Best Travel Companies

A luxury brand under the category of travel companies, TCS World Travel provides all the luxuries and extravagance that can be provided on your next travel! From jet expeditions to personal travel expeditions, all its customers absolutely love the exquisite paths and ways that it takes you through, thus introducing you to all possible sights worth viewing for your trip. Needless to say, these trips are very expensive but the experience is undoubtedly worth it. In a short duration, TCS World Travel guarantees you a bundle of memories you could never forget!

3. AirGorilla

Best Travel Companies

This travel company is one of the oldest ones and has an abundance of hotel chains, flight timings, trains, cruises as well as safaris for you to choose from. You can also see which hotels provide breakfast options. What’s the best thing about it? You can also rent a GPS Unit, a cell phone and even reserve a parking spot for when you might need it! More importantly, the website of AirGorilla is very easy to use and convenient, thus not only making the trip, but also the booking and planning process a very desirable activity.

2. The Global Work and Travel Co.

Best Travel Companies

The Global Work and Travel Co. is currently the largest youth-based travel company in the world. Not only does it have a diversified collection of everything necessary for a trip to choose from, but it also makes incredible plans and packages for adventures. Moreover, it also lets you volunteer for such travel packages if you’re interested in those! This company is helpful in every single step of the way for your trip! Most importantly, the coordinators as well as the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and will never leave you unsatisfied with their services!

1. Vantage Deluxe World Travel

Best Travel Companies

Want to know more about and indulge in cultures from all over the world while you’re traveling? Vantage Deluxe World Travel is the perfect travel agency that helps travellers with just that! All the sightseeing tours are included in the fares and the main focus is on connecting with foreign cultures and ways of doing things and their respective interests. Every customer is treated especially like they’re their only ones. The best feature under this travel company includes the option of selecting your journey type as well as on the basis of the activity that you plan on doing such as biking, bird watching, family travel, etc.

Thus, no matter what country you’re in, you’re never too far from your next world tour trip. With so many options available offline and online, you never have to worry about planning your entire trip because these excellent travel companies are here just for all of that! So, let yourself loose, leave all your worries behind and be ready to make the memories of a lifetime because, with the services provided by them, you’re guaranteed an troublesome trip with all protections and insurances that you might require on the way. The world is yours to own!


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