Treadmills are the most famous exercise machine that helps individual’s physical abilities. Depending on personal fitness goals, a treadmill can fasten or quickens a person pace to help them achieve their health objectives.

A treadmill is essential to a person’s fitness goal because it assists them to achieve cardiovascular health, strengthen leg muscles, build a healthy immune and enhance their survival level. Therefore, treadmills are the best exercise machines that a person can use in the comfort of their homes without the need to visit the gym. Nonetheless, a treadmill is significant in helping you achieve a healthy range of benefits that one finds in a work our programs, which include cardiovascular exercise and muscle mass building. As such, this review provides the best treadmills in the market in 2018 that will help you achieve your overall exercise and fitness goals.

1. Nordictrack

Best Treadmill Brand

Nordic track is a treadmill created in Minnesota because the residents lived in a cold area and wanted to train inside their houses. Therefore, Nordic Track treadmill is designed in a manner to fit an individual’s needs in a household set up. The treadmill has indoor cross-country machines that can be expanded to meet the needs of cardio and elliptical trainers.

In addition, the recent series of Nordic Treadmill models have android browsers that have touch screens provisions. Moreover, the models have an iFit coach app that allows unlimited downloads for essential workout programs that can be conducted in the treadmills. Such programs include a scenic interactive program that is aided by Google maps that provide a unique training advice for fitness. Besides, it is an affordable treadmill has a five-year warranty cover on its parts.

2. Incline Trainer treadmills

Best Treadmill Brand

Incline trainer treadmills are a favorable work out machines because when one trains on it, they are likely to burn calories at low speed. Therefore, these are the best treadmills that help in weight loss for a less period. Nonetheless, incline treadmills perform other ordinary functions such as walking and jogging. However, unlike typical treadmills, the incline treadmills allow the user to walk or jog at maximum 40 % incline. Depending on the model also, an individual decks can decline to a level of 6% to 3%. Besides, it has a preloaded workout program guided by an iFit coach and adjusted with Google maps and Google street views. Most significantly, the incline trainer is furnished with a strap that holds the chest and monitors the heart rate.

3. Desk treadmills

Best Treadmill Brand

The desk treadmills are related to Nordic track treadmills. However, the desk treadmills have an added advantage of combining a work surface with a belt that is cushioned to allow a user to run for longer hours. The machine has an in built desktop that provides the statistics that monitors the heart rate and display the milestones covered. Indeed, the desk treadmill has units that one can connect with a tablet computer via iFit to maximise their exercise experience.

Nonetheless, the treadmills have new personal training sheets that meet people everyday needs that are built with Google maps. In addition, the desktop treadmill has an added advantage of having a USB port.

4. Sole fitness

Best Treadmill Brand

Sole fitness is a distinguished brand because it provides folding treadmills that are of quality compared to existing brands. Soles treadmills are created to suit home gym needs although they feel like a regular gym cardio training session. In addition, the sole fitness treadmill is robust and has warranties that cover residential and commercial use.

Recently, the sole treadmills have an enhanced Bluetooth connectivity that allows the integration of a mobile app. The app allows the user to use a smart phone or computer to serve as the remote control of setting up the treadmill workouts. It also records the exercises statistics and allows compatibility with other apps such as Fitbit and My Fitness Pal.

5. Matrix Tf3o

Best Treadmill Brand

A renowned treadmill saves a home space without sacrificing the quality of a workout session. TF30 is a high-end treadmill brand that prides itself in offering quality services in health clubs before it made its way to home gyms. In addition, it is an impressive model with an in built horsepower of 55-track matrix that allows the incorporation of speakers, touch screens and social media app. TF30 prices ranges between $2500 and 3500 dollars that depends on the console selection.

6. Cybex Treadmill

Best Treadmill Brand

Cybex Treadmill is a world-leading brand that offers premium treadmill equipment. Cybex is a brand is graced with treadmills that offer strength training and cardio exercises. Cybex treadmills provide a brand culture that appeal to consumers because it has prioritised energy efficient practices in training. The treadmills provide have advanced consoles which include LED touch screens and an upgraded 15.6” monitors. Indeed, Cybex have a GO digital program system that provides HD entertainment and supports exercise training.

7. Woodway treadmill

Best Treadmill Brand

Woodway is a recognised worldwide brand that produces high-end treadmill equipment that meets health goals. A brand can serve for generation because it has a high performance capacity. A Woodway treadmill has unique tracks known as Slat Belts that serve for over 160,000 miles before it is replaced. As such, this sets Wood way Treadmills apart from other treadmills because of the great performance capacity that can allow it to be used in commercial treadmill. In addition, the treadmill is built to train skills levels whereby it can support gait analysis and physical therapy.

8. Octane fitness treadmill

Best Treadmill Brand

Octane fitness is distinguished brand that focuses on enhancing the experience of zero impact trainers. Unlike the traditional treadmills, the octane treadmill support running, jogging and walking with a zero joint strain. An award-winning machine that meets the standards of professional training and provides rehabilitative sports exercise. It also uses Bluetooth to help the trainer connect with SmartLink training platform. The platform enhances the users experience as it provides them with unlimited access to customised work out tutorials and graph fitness routines. Therefore, it is a training treadmill that minimises the chances of a user sustaining injuries while improving their training performance.

9. Precor treadmill

Best Treadmill Brand

Precor treadmill is a USA based company with a renowned reputation for manufacturing excellent fitness equipment. The company introduced cushioned treadmills installed with electronics to enhance an individual performance during a workout session. The treadmills are designed to provide additional comfort to the user while delivering a personal work out experience. In fact, the treadmills have a mounting system that helps reduce the strain on individual strides. For instance, the treadmills have an added feature that helps absorb shock, and this provides comfort and maintains a personal sturdiness.

10. Life fitness treadmill

Best Treadmill Brand

Life Fitness is a brand that is famously known for providing the world’s first computerised workout program and fitness equipment. Over the years, the company has expanded its horizon to create ergonomic treadmills that help in strength training. Nonetheless, Life Fitness has seven different home models treadmills that are of high quality and maintain the health of an individual. Worth noting is that the company offers folding treadmills with various console choices. Nonetheless, the company offers T3, F3 and F1 treadmills that are equipped with a computer console.

The console of equipment is advanced and has easy to use electronic guide. It also supports incredible weight capacity of about 400 pounds with a high speed of 12mph. Nonetheless, the treadmills can be inclined and adjusted to 15% increment to help an individual achieve the overall benefits of working out on a diverse terrains. As such, it allows an individual to run up an inbuilt hill to increase their metabolic rate.

It is apparent that if one cannot exercise outside the comfort of their own homes, a treadmill is the best exercising equipment. A treadmill helps individual burn calories, build muscle strength and perform cardio exercises in the comfort of their homes. Thus, it is pertinent that a person chooses treadmill equipment that will help them achieve their desired fitness goal. The discussed guide is essential in furnishing a trainers knowledge by providing them with the best treadmills qualities that can help them attain their goals.


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