With the rapid rate of growth in technology, our daily chores have become more and more comfortable and ease in doing. Convenience has taken priority over all and technological advancements are to blame. Consumer appliances thus are gaining immense popularity among every other person on this planet earth.

Talking about comfort and consumer appliances together, the vacuum cleaner is one of the most important things which comes first to mind, basically for the persons who really like to keep their home spic and span.

Vacuum cleaners are of different sizes, advancements and but serve the single purpose of cleaning your homes and cars. Latest additions to them have made easy to clean the dirt and dust which are stick to the corners or hide somewhere under the carpet. Huge numbers of brands in India are now providing with the best of their features induced in the machine in affordable ranges. So let’s grab a look at the top 10 best brands of vacuum cleaners in India in 2019.

10. NOVA Vacuum Cleaners

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands in India 2019

NOVA comes first on the list. This international firm has its foot set up in many countries like Austria, Bulgaria and India. They are gradually becoming famous with their household products. Their highly acclaimed ranges of extensive and quality home appliance have made them a top-selling vacuum cleaner brand in India. The compact nature of a simple mechanism and affordable pricing have made their way deep in the Indian market. High power motor, large dust container and speed control features have worked best for them.


Best Vacuum Cleaner Brand in India

The next to come on the list is a lesser known but one prudent name i.e. INALSA. They have made available some of the most efficient range of vacuum cleaners in the budget made for one and all. The company is ought to make a long-lasting impact in the Indian market. Their best of variants and best selling models come under the name of ‘Duo Clean’, ‘Rapid Clean’, ‘Handy Clean’ and ‘Vectra’.

8. Black & Decker

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brand in India

Owing to the provision of power packed vacuum cleaner and its range, the brand ‘Black and Decker’ has become very popular in the India market. High quality and technological advancements are not just one good thing about their impressive products, but the durability and long-lasting behaviour is also part of it. Some of the most prolific features of their vacuum cleaners include automatic cord rewind, compact design coupled with a powerful motor and permanent filter. Household chores have become a lot more easily with their affordable range of products.

7. Panasonic Vacuum Cleaners

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brand in India

Panasonic is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the Indian Market. They have established a huge consumer base from 1918 with their wide range of quality products. There range of feature-packed vacuum cleaner boasts some attributes like High suction power, Dust catcher module, and highly adjustable controls of suction and power which would vary according to a person’s need. Their home appliance assets are one of the best you will get your hands on with any sort of budget you have.

6. Karcher

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brand in India

Karcher is a German Multinational Company which has set its foot in the Indian market. They are generally known for their huge range of vacuum cleaners coupled with most enhanced features. This brand has the potential to be in the top-frontier within the huge competition persisting in the Indian market. They have made their products available in huge quality variety and budget allowance, having something or the other for most people.

5. Samsung

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brand in India

Samsung is a brand that every single person on the earth knows about. They have the latest technological advancements incorporated into their huge range of products. Since their very inception, they have grabbed a firm hold in India market. They have made available a huge range of home appliances that are getting smarter day by day. Some of the most prolific features of their vacuum cleaner range include quality build, enhanced suction pump, and powerful motor.

4. Bosch

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brand in India

Bosch with their hardware enhancements and products has made a significant impact in the global as well as Indian market. They are one of the oldest runners in the global market with the company being established in the year of 1886. The company is mostly known for the provision of quality instruments made available at most affordable prices. Some of the noted characteristic features of their vacuum cleaner range include detachable dust-bin panel, enhanced cleaning mode, and dust erasing nozzle.

3. Philips Vacuum Cleaner

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brand in India

Philips is one of the leading brands when it comes to entertainment and other household appliance. They have the most technologically exotic products with them. They have a diverse range of vacuum cleaners starting from basic to robotic vacuum cleaners. They surely have the most advanced technological research lab with them. Their vacuum cleaners generally, however, are compact in size, customizable power and suction settings and are easy to use coupled with very powerful performance.

2. LG Vacuum Cleaner

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brand in India

LG or Lucky Goldstar Company has surely made every single person’s life good at one single point of time in life. They are one of the most reputed brands available in India and have made their way into the vacuum cleaner market too. They have most powerful sets of motors installed in a vacuum cleaner with a neat and sturdy design. “Home Bot Square” is their most technologically advanced automatic robotic vacuum cleaner. Eclipse cyclone and easy to function are some other features.

1. Eureka Forbes

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brand in India 2019

Topping the list is the primary name in vacuum cleaner, Eureka Forbes. Their vacuum cleaners are available in two variants that are “Forbes” and “EuroClean”. The brand has a long-lasting impact on the Indian market since 1980. Some of the key features in their vacuum cleaners are auto control units and blowing cups.

So these were few major brands in India when it comes to Vacuum Cleaners. Get any product from one of the brands listed above and gets your household’s major chore i.e. cleaning, done in a much easier way. These companies also provide the best technical support and their quality products will never make you feel regret.


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