A clean environment is a pre-caution against diseases caused by dust particles and will ensure your free from diseases such as Asthma, Hay fever, Glue ear, Eczema, sneezes, bronchitis, fibrosis, among others. Today the cost of treatment in of one the above diseases may run into hundreds or even thousands of dollars and why would you let it get into that while you can prevent it?

There many methods of cleaning used today in our homes and on the general environment and using vacuum cleaners is one among the modern cleaning methods available with numerous benefits. Vacuum cleaners come in different brands, shapes, sizes and costs making it hectic to choose the best. To ease this, here is a list of the 10 leading vacuum cleaner brands in 2019. Brands customised to feature the modern trends while offering the best experiences and results.

1. Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brand 2019

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal is designed with a unique feature that makes out stand out among all others. This is only vacuum cleaner in the market today which require no maintenance, and has no loss of suction, did I mention it doesn’t have any filters to wash or even replace and you don’t need to buy a bag? Cool right! This is the big ball design that prevents the vacuum cleaner from falling over.

In the event the vacuum cleaner falls, the special design enables it to pick up itself thus a unique and outstanding feature. It is an ideal design that easily and effectively cleans pet hair alongside other forms of dirt. The design functions well on all types of floors and thereby an ideal appliance for home owners. The price of this magnificent piece of technology goes at around $500.


Best Vacuum Cleaner Brand

AEG UODELUXE+ UltraOne is a strong vacuum brand. It comes with an extremely strong cylinder that is almost impossible to lift up the floor but I can assure you this type of vacuum cleaner is for consumers who want it all. The cleaner has its controls on the handles a feature that make sit easy to operate despite its heavy weight. Despite its big size, it is also one of the noiseless vacuum (Noise level dB 66) cleaners in the market a factor that makes it comfortable to use in all areas.

It has a high hair picking ability and this makes it ideal for homeowners with pets.some of its other specs that make it more enjoyable vacuum cleaner to use and perfect for cleaning results are its suction power W250, average annual energy consumption kWh 28, max nominal wattage motor W 850/750. The price range is around $300.

3. Miele Compact C2 Cat & Dog Powerline

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brand

Pet owners have the best choice in Miele vacuum cleaner brand. It is designed with special features to such and picks all pet hair that may be lying on the floor. This is done in a fast easy and convenient way that leaves the house spotlessly clean.

Its performance is better enhanced by the floor head design that mimics the power of high voltage power vacuum cleaner. This feature enables the brand to have capacity to pick up dust and hair with ease. Unlike most other brands, the brand is created with a high capacity dust bags reducing the consistence required to empty during the cleaning process.

4. Dyson Small Ball Total Clean

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brand

Cleaning different rooms in an apartment is pretty easy with Dyson Small Ball Total Clean Vacuum Cleaner. The brand is among the smallest and reliable cleaning appliances available. Alongside its small size, the vacuum cleaner is very light in weight a factor that makes it easy to carry around the house while cleaning. While not in use, it requires limited storage space a factor enhanced by its retractable handle.

The only problem with this model is its small bin volume and hence required to be emptied on a regular basis more so when used in expansive environments. Its design is considered to be among the hygienic brands in the market today a feature exhibited by placement of the release button.

5. Vax U85-AS-Ue Air Stretch Ultimate

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brand

Durability of Vax U85-AS-Ue Air Stretch Ultimate vacuum cleaner is unmatched. It comes with a full six-year guarantee. The brand is light weight and ideal for home owner especially those living with pets. Despite there being unique brands from the same manufacturer created for pet owners, this brand is capable of performing an outstanding job to remove the hair and any other debris lying around the floor.

This is made possible by its powerful motor that comes alongside a long cord that makes it possible and easy to clean the hard to reach areas of the room. The vacuum cleaner works perfectly on all floors types including the stairs.

6. Numatic Henry HVR200 – A2 Cylinder

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brand

For years, Henry branded vacuum cleaners have gained credit for their outstanding performance. It is created for fast performance and has capacity to pick up dust particles faster than any known brand. This comes alongside having a large capacity bag that is capable of holding huge amounts of dirt without the regular need to change a feature that would serve to waste time.

The vacuum cleaner comes with a long power chord thus increasing its coverage area capability. It is an ideal cleaner to use in expansive room or the stairs. Its fast and expansive cleaning ability covers for its large and heavy weight making it an ideal appliance to have around.

7. Sebo Felix Rosso Eco

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brand

The Sebo model comes in great designs with different editions available. The vacuum cleaner has a flexible neck design that makes it easy to clean the hard to reach places within the house. Irrespective of the floor installed, the sebo brand always produces the best results. Other features of the brand include the power brushes that make it easy to turn the vacuum cleaner on and off as need arise. To cater for varying tastes, there are different colors available and this gives a wider choice for homeowners.

8. Philips PowerPro Expert FC9724

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brand

Created for all round performance, Philips PowerPro Expert is an expert performer on all types of floors. Whether there is a carpet in place or there is hard floor installed, this brand produces spotless results while cleaning. It is an ideal appliance to clean pet hair and other forms of dirt from the house at all times.

The brand is designed in lightweight which makes it easy to tag around the house during the cleaning process. To cater for variations in floor types, the vacuum cleaner comes with different attachments that include the standard dusting, an upholstery nozzle and a crevice.

9. Hoover WR71WR01 Whirlwind

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brand

Otherwise referred to as the upright whirlwind, the Hoover WR71WR01 whirlwind is a great performer and offer homeowners with a satisfactory cleaning solution. It is created in light weight that makes it easy to tag along during the cleaning process.

One of its outstanding features is the large bin size that allows for longer cleaning sessions before it is emptied. One of the major challenges in using the vacuum cleaner is its short power cord that reduces the span covered away from the power source. However, this is a simple challenge overcome through use of extension cables to give the most appropriate cable size depending on the areas to be covered.

10. Zanussi ZAN7880UKEL

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brand

The Zanussi vacuum cleaner is a brand specially designed for pet owners. Its strong hair removing capability makes it ideal for pet owners to live in a hair free environment at all times. With this brand, there are no worries about pet hairs irrespective of the type of floor installed.

It is designed for use on all floors includes hard floors as well as carpets. Unlike other solutions available for pet owners, the vacuum cleaner has no dust bags and in such way, there are no regular changing times that would otherwise consume time required for completion of the cleaning process.

There are numerous running into hundreds of vacuum cleaners in the market today. The brands available come with varying features and qualities to serve the needs and tastes of different homeowners. Despite this, there are common factors that every homeowner needs to seek for in an ideal cleaner brand. The brands in the list of top 10 best vacuum cleaner brands in the world 2019 above is made in consideration of special qualities exhibited by the brands.


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