Top 10 Best Selling Video Game Consoles

Gaming consoles are used to simulate real life actions through the use of programmed models that react to different commands that we feed them.

For long, gaming has been known as a way to alleviate boredom. What better way to relieve yourself of stress and a boring day than to indulge in playing your favorite video games.

Here are the top 10 Best Selling Video Game Consoles for 2017-2018

10. Gem Box

Gem Box Top Most Popular Selling Video Game Consoles 2018

This gaming console allows you to play thousands of Android games and applications via the Play store. It has a GameFly feature that will allow you to stream arcade quality video games to your TV. When you buy this device, you are guaranteed of a one month free trial of GameFly streaming. You also get free Gameloft games that are preloaded into it. The games are Wonder Zoo, Asphalt 8, GT Racing and My Little Pony. The Gem Box can also enable you to stream your game collection from the device to your TV.

9. Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition

Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition Top Most Selling Video Game Consoles 2017

For easy and affordable gaming on your HDTV, you need the Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition console. The package has a game controller and two games. For expanded storage, the console has a 32 micro SD card. Among the games that the console has are Shovel Knight and Disney DuckTales. With this console in your house, you will take gaming to another level. Its controller has an ergonomic design that makes it fit into your hands easily, and its controls are responsive to ensure that you fully immerse yourself into gaming.

8. GAEMS G155 Sentry Personal Gaming Environment

GAEMS G155 Sentry Personal Gaming Environment

This small gaming console looks like a regular laptop judging by the packaging. It has a 15.5-inch display that has a 720-pixel resolution to give you quality video output when gaming. It is housed in a protective casing that prevents it from getting damaged as it has been designed to be used while travelling. There are lockable latches that ensure that it is securely closed. The console has full-screen controls for audio and video. It has a 3.5mm audio jack that can fit your headphones.

7. AtGames Sega Genesis Classic Gaming Console

AtGames Sega Genesis Classic Gaming Console

The unique thing about this gaming console that makes it stand out from the others is the number of games that it has. It usually has 80 games that are built-in. You only need to plug and play. Among the 80 games, there are 40 16-bit SEGA games that include: Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage, and Golden Axe. The gadget is compatible with SEGA Genesis Cartridge. However, the cartridge is not included in the package. There are also two wireless controllers, an AC adapter and AV cable that are included when you buy the console.

6. E-MODS GAMING Console.

E-MODS GAMING Console Top Popular Selling Video Game Consoles 2018

This is a handheld gaming console that has a built-in speaker. The gadget has 162 built-in games that will keep you entertained throughout the day. It has a 2.5-inch screen that is large enough considering that this is a handheld gadget. It has a TV-out port that will allow you to link it to a TV for a better view. A cable that connects it to the TV comes with the packaging. The device uses AAA batteries that you can change whenever they run out. This console is best suited for children.

5. Retro Bit Nintendo NES Entertainment System

Retro Bit Nintendo NES Entertainment System

Just as the name suggests, the console has been designed to bring a retro feel when gaming. It is compatible with most of your classic NES games. You should note that cartridges are loaded into the device from the top and not from the front like in most gaming consoles. The device is custom designed so as to ensure your cartridges don’t fall out. Retro Bit Nintendo NES Entertainment System has two colors and has two controllers to make sure that you and your friends can compete against each other.

4. Sega Genesis Arcade Ultimate Portable

Sega Genesis Arcade Ultimate Portable 2016

It has a 3.2-inch screen size that is very vibrant. If the screen size is too small for you, then it has an RCA-style video cable that you can use to plug into your TV set. The controls include a D-PAD and six fire buttons that perform different functions when gaming. There is a standard 3.5mm jack that will comfortably fit headphones and earphones. The handheld console also has a micro-USB port for the AC adapter. The Ac adapter has a removable USB cable that will allow you to plug the gadget into a computer or Ac power socket to charge it.

3. Alienware Steam Machine

Alienware Steam Machine Top 10 Best Selling Video Game Consoles 2017

Initially, steam was meant to be used for PC gaming and downloads. Today, steam has evolved into an actual physical console for playing games. This machine is the physical console for the Steam network of games. The only thing that limits users of this fantastic product is the massive gaming collection. The console has excellent features that include a 1TB of hard drive storage, five USB ports, and the latest quad-core Intel technology in processing. The units come with built-in 4GB or 8GB RAM.

2. Microsoft Xbox One

Microsoft Xbox One Top Famous Selling Video Game Consoles 2019

This is a formidable gaming console that has been manufactured by Microsoft. It has ultra-HD Blu-ray player, has video streaming capabilities and a long line of games that you can play. I am sure you cannot play all their games collection while completing each before moving to the next. The console has three memory options: 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB. These storage options provide players with ample space for saving the games that they play. It is the perfect console for hardcore gamers.

1. SONY PlayStation 4

SONY PlayStation 4 Top 10 Best Selling Video Game Consoles

SONY’s was among the first companies that manufactured gaming consoles. Its previous versions of the gaming console include PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. They have endeared the test of time and users fandom. The console has HD graphics that will display your games in clear cut video quality. It also connects to the internet, so you can use it to browse. There is an online gaming network that will link you to other gamers. It has a wireless controller that has an ergonomic design that will comfortably fit into your hands for long hours.

You can find these gadgets in retailers near you. There is a less difference in the prices. You can never get bored when you own one of these gadgets.

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