In this present world of modernity, people are highly dependent on machines. One such essential machine found in almost every household is a washing machine. With the busy work schedule that one has in his or her life, the washing machines make washing clothes which is a hectic household chore much easier.

Throughout the years the demand for washing machines has only increased. Be it a fully automatic washing machine or a semi-automatic washing machine it has become a necessity in every household. But the real wise decision lies when you go to the market and purchase a high-quality washing machine which would cater all your needs and requirements you expect to be done by the machine.

You should pick on the most trusted brands which would offer you washing machines which are durable in nature, can act easily and which would suit your budget. These things are very important while you purchase a washing machine as it is a long-term investment and you would want your washing machine to perform its job properly at least for four to five years. Thus, here is a list of top 10 washing machine brands in India in 2019 which gives you high-quality washing machine for your house.

10. Onida

Best Washing Machine Brands in India 2019

The washing machines of this company have multiple features which makes it a household name among the customers. Firstly, a wholly automatic machine can take clothes weighing up to seventy kilograms. Secondly, its body is made up of anti-rust fiber. Next, it has a powerful motor which goes up to 2100 watts. It also inner tube which is produced from stainless steel material. The machine is generally moved by the presence of castor in the machine. All these features help the washing machine too long for a greater period of time. Onida also produces a number of washing machines with a varied amount of specifications.

9. Godrej

Best Washing Machine Brand in India

This company has gained its popularity across our country. It consists of cloth load indicator which tells its customers about the amount of load that the washing machine can wash clothes at a time. It also has an inbuilt heater which heats the water and makes the detergent more efficient while it is cleaning your clothes. A gravity drum is also present in these machines which helps in the movement of the clothes inside the washing machine which facilitates the scrubbing of dirty garments. There are some quick specifications like a detergent mixer, a control panel which is a digital one, cascade waterfall design are all available in these washing machines. To avoid the water inlet valve from burning out it is also protected by a dry tab. It also has an automatic feature of “tub clean” which cleans and soaks clothes instantly.

8. Haier

Best Washing Machine Brand in India

This brand supplies washing machines at an affordable price range across the country. Its unique feature is that it consists of a vertical flip which helps in the controlled and strong flow of water inside the machine from all directions without compromising on effectively cleaning the clothes inside it. The machines also had features such as a platinum drum, rust free mechanism and their surface of the machine has a sparkling shine in them. A smart capsule is present inside the machine which stores a number of smart balls in it these balls helps in the movement of the water flow. To avoid the irritating noise of a washing machine and to enhance its stability it also has a double balancing ring present in these machines.

7. Panasonic

Best Washing Machine Brand in India

These washing machines have the aquabeat technology to maintain the load as well as it has a foam based effective stain remover. This remover helps in getting rid of deep-seated stains in our clothes. The machine starts rolling itself at a high speed as the detergent dissolves in the water. This enables it to create the foam which in turn goes inside the clothes and takes off the hard stains present in them. It also has an efficient drying system too. It dries the clothes with a powerful flow of air which has a speed ranging from thousand to twelve hundred RPM. Even the most basic washing machines made by this brand is said to be popular for its energy and water efficiency.

6. Videocon

Best Washing Machine Brand in India

This brand has now become the pioneer in the market of washing machines which supplies both fully automatic and semi-automatics washing machines to almost all the household of India. Recently it has produced the first-ever tilt drum washing machine which is fully automatic in nature. This technology guarantees its customers to clean their clothes perfectly. Some of other specifications of these machines are like a quick wash, fuzzy logic, child lock, memory backup and much more.

5. LG

Best Washing Machine Brand in India

This is another brand on which the Indians trust blindly and they have created this reputation of their own for a long period of time in our country. The machines of this brand look effectively attractive as they are available in exotic designs and vibrant colors. They also use the latest innovative technology for their processors. This technology includes hand wash, direct drive facilities, display of data digitally, wrinkle-free wash and much more.

4. Samsung

Best Washing Machine Brand in India

This brand has kept its name and popularity in top 10 best washing machine brands for over a long period of time in our country. Washing machines launched by this company undoubtedly are loaded with a number of best cleaning and drying system within them. Be it a top loading washing machine, a front loading washing machine, a fully automatic washing machine or a semi-automatic washing machine all kinds are delivered by this brand. The most attractive fact about the machines of this brand is that they are available at affordable prices which can be purchased by all the people belonging to a different section of the society.

3. Bosch

Best Washing Machine Brand in India

This is one of those international brands which has taken up the Indian market on a toll. They are the largest supplier of the washing machine in the entire Europe. Washing machines under this brand are highly priced but guarantee you with high-quality performance. They have exclusively specifications like their door can be opened at 140 degrees, they have an unbalanced load sensor, program process indication and temperature these machines can be controlled, unlike other Indian brands.

2. Whirlpool

Best Washing Machine Brand in India

This brand is also a trusted and a reputed one in the category of washing machines. One unique feature of these washing machines is that they are available in 1-2-1-2 models which enables the machine to wash off the clothes as delicately as it is done by our own hands. They consist of specifications like a hot wash, sixth sense feature, sensor measuring the load, automatic start features and much more. These machines are said to consume the meat power supply as compared to other brands. They work efficiently and gives the best results to its customers.

1. IFB

Best Washing Machine Brand in India

IFB which means India Fine Blanks is the best brand for purchasing washing machines as it uses the latest German technology in them. These machines use smart sensors and consume less power while cleaning the clothes most gently and removing all the stains in them. This brand supplies exclusively fully and semi-automatic washing machines across our country.

Hence, these were the top 10 washing machine brand sold in India. You should keep a track on the quality and features present in the washing machine which would cater all the needs you are searching for in a durable washing machine. So make a wise decision and make your life an easier one!


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