Watches are the most famous accessory and we all know accessories are the vitamins to the fashion. So having the right accessory is very important to compliment your outfit. So having a stylish watch in your hand can give a great impression on the people around you.

As we all know time waits for none so it is very important to keep the count of the time so for not staying behind and to progress and proceed with time you need to wear a watch. Mobile phones or other gadgets may replace the way we check time but this watches are the traditional methods of keeping track of time. There are some few watch companies in 2019 that produce excellent watches and gives a great competition to the other companies.

10. Omega

Best Watch Brands in India 2019

This brand has won the trust and heart of many people with its innovative designs and unique technology. Their watches are masterpieces and exquisite. Their watches are capable of functioning even in zero gravity. The famous franchise of James Bond has used this watches in a lot of movies and hence they have earned a huge fame nowadays.

9. Swatch

Best Watch Brands in India

This is a brand that produces watches and has gained huge praise, fame and earned the trust of many Indians. This brand’s watches are very much affordable and can be found in any city of India. People of any section and class can wear this watched and they are both fashionable and admirable.

8. Citizen

Best Watch Brands in India

This brand has an astounding range of wall quartz but has earned more success with its series of excellent wristwatches. The quality of this brand is paramount. They produce citizen watches that have the latest technology and innovative ideas incorporated in them. The famous Eco-Drive satellite f100 has a special feature of showing the satellite time irrespective of the place or zone in which you are there and it will take less than 3 seconds to do it.

7. Casio

Best Watch Brands in India

This brand is preferred in the Indian market. This is a trusted brand and has unique watches for both men and women. But they produce more men watches than women watches. This brand is famous for their excellent wristwatches. Casio watches have excellent technological advancement incorporated in it like the famous G-shock watches that has Bluetooth which enable smartphones to connect with it.

6. Rolex

Best Watch Brands in India

This brand designs a various range of watches and distributes them and has excellent services. This is a famous luxury brand that produces watches which have a unique amalgamation of-of elegance, class, beauty, perfections and serenity. This brand produces the costliest watches around the globe. This is a dream watch brand for many Indians and the people all around the globe. This brand’s watches are not said to be the best selling as they are quite pricey for the Indian people.

5. Maxima

Best Watch Brands in India

If you are looking for designer watches which are for both women and men then this is the brand you are looking for as they have great series of formal watches. This brand is also famous for its couple collection. If you are thinking of gifting something special to your loved ones then buy Maxima special series. They produce watches of all price range starting from 300 to 4000 so whatever your budget is this brand has something for you. They have affordable watches for children, women, and men. They also have a unique series of the uber watches.

4. Timex

Best Watch Brands in India

When you talk about digital watches then the most preferred name is the Timex brand. They are famous for digital watches. They produce timeless designs and belongs from a renowned and iconic watch brand of American heritage. Timex is the best amalgamations of the cutting-edge engineering of German and high-end designs of Italian. It produces a huge variety of watches for every person and occasions and they have a great quality. If you are a fashion minded person then you will surely fall in love with the features of the intelligent quartz series like the night-light, chronographs and fly-back movements.

3. Fastrack

Best Watch Brands in India

This brand is the youth’s favorite brand. It is the sub-brand of the Titan company which was launched in the year 1998. They design watches especially by keeping in mind the choice of the youths. It is a brand that produces fashion watches for urban youths. It easily fits the desires and demands of the fashionable youths as they produce affordable and unique designs for various segments. It has earned a huge name in the fashion industry in the past few years.

2. Titan

Best Watch Brands in India

Titan is a famous brand and it has owned many big brands like the Fastrack and sonata. They produce watches that are very famous and are also admired by the people all around India. Their series of Aquaria, Raga, Octane, and Diva have earned huge popularity. This company is the subsidiary of the famous Industrial group named Tata.

1. Sonata

Best Watch Brands in India

Sonata has been the most favorite brand when it comes to watches. They make admirable and lovely watches that is loved by every Indian people. Sonata watches have a unique elegance and beauty that makes people buy them. It caters to the people of every generation. The best part of buying sonata watch is that they produce watches that will suit any occasions as well as festivals and they all have a thematic grace. The most favorite variant of this brand is youth-centric Super Fibre Watch.

Watches are very much powerful and elegant and wearing a good watch can make you look very stylish. Having a good watch in your hand can give you a good boost of confidence. Watches hold a special place in all our hearts and hence the companies try to produce watches that look stylish with great designs. Before you buy a watch do a proper research so that you get the best one. It is not important that only costly watches are good, these watch brands in India produce good watches even at an affordable range.


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