The installation of water purifiers has become a compulsory in houses nowadays. The water that gets from the sources of nature is no longer safe due to the constant contamination.

Water purification helps to remove the undesirable chemical and biological elements that cause contamination and hence makes the water pure and safe drinking. But the efficiency of different water purifiers vary to a great extent and therefore here are the top 10 best water purifiers in India:

Let’s check the Top 10 Best Water Purifiers In India 2019

10. Livpure

Livpure Top Most Famous Water Purifiers in India 2019

Livpure is one of the popular brands and is also trusted for making water purifiers in India. It is controlled by the Livpure Pvt. Ltd organization. The company has attained a lot of attention from the public within a short span of time. The company aims to be leading producer of water purifiers in India by 2019. They have the state of the art manufacturing and research unit and they maintain a high standard of hygiene to prevent impurity. The Livpure organization strives to make every Indian healthy by supplying them the pure water.

9. Tata Swach

Tata Swach

Tata swach is a brand of water purifier which comes from the house of Tata. It is the first water purifier to global awards. Apart from the wide range of electrical purifiers they also provide superior quality non-electrical water purifiers. The tata swach idea has won 7 awards worldwide and best design award for four consecutive times. The products of Tata swach purify the water through UV (ultraviolet) and UF (ultrafiltration) methods. In Tata, they aim to eradicate all the water borne diseases through the supply of filtered water throughout the country.

8. Electrolux


The next water purifier in the list of top 10 is Electrolux which quite popular in the market. Electrolux is a Swedish company that has its headquarters in Stockholm. Electrolux produces a wide range of electrical appliances from vacuum cleaners to water purifiers under the name of the company. The Electrolux water purifiers use an advanced technology of double purification, Ultrafiltration, and mineral controlling method. Some of the famous models of Electrolux water purifiers include Ace, Sterling, and Vogue.

7. Nasaka


Nasaka is one of the companies that had initially started its business manufacturing batteries and inverters in India but later on also started producing water purifiers in the country. It moved into the water purification industry in 2010 and acquired a part of the market with its mind-blowing Japanese technology. The Nasaka industries use ORPH+ technology to cleanse the drinking water and also uses the Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology. The ORPH+ technology helps to determine the pH level to boost up the immunity increasing elements. They promote the brand under the tagline ” Jal hi Jeevan hain”.

6. Zero B

Zero B

Following Nasaka, the next on the list in terms of popularity is Zero B which is popular not only in India but also UK, Japan, USA, and Russia. The standards of the product, as well as the reasonable price, is the reason of popularity for this product. Zero B is the pioneer in purifying water through the process of Reverse Osmosis (RO). The strong national and international presence acts to its advantage and helps it to gather meticulous attention in the way to protect from water borne diseases.

5. Aquafresh


Aquafresh is a renowned brand in India which produces its products in a plant in Delhi. The Aquafresh models come with technologies such as Ultraviolet, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and TDS adjustment controller. It has 10 stages of water purification and is one of the best within that price range. Its design is also up to the mark which makes it suitable for supplying pure and fresh water. The RO and UV technology helps to fight microbes and viruses and also separates the unwanted chemicals such as iodine, calcium, and iron and the quality of the water is automatically monitored without any user interaction.

4. Pureit


Pureit or confidence which can rightly be said about it because it is manufactured by one of the biggest parent companies in the world that are Hindustan Unilever. Pureit is sold in eight different countries which include India also. Pureit is a revolutionary product of Hindustan Unilever and is also one of the brands that have a diverse range of products for public ranging from electrical to non-electrical purifiers. It is a state of the art design that makes it look attractive. Apart from its design it also has world class purification system with RO and UV methods.

3. Aquasure


Next on your list is Aquasure, a product manufactured by Eureka Forbes. Eureka Forbes has been on of the top brands in household appliances. Aquasure is one of the top products of its parent company and has also earned a lot of fame in the market because of its service and affordability. Aquasure has developed a modern technology for its products just like its other competitors. It has UV and UF technology along with RO technology to purify the water to the maximum. It has also a sleek and glossy design that makes it look different from the others.

2. Aquaguard


Aquaguard is another product that is manufactured by Eureka Forbes. It has been in the market for a long period of time and much before Aquasure. It is the oldest brand in the water purification industry in India. These water purifiers have Silver Surety technology and HD RO. It has also an intelligent auto filling system that enables the gadget to fill the water in it whenever it feels necessary. It has a superior craftsmanship design that gives it a shape of a box and allows to store more water in it.

1. Kent

Kent Top Most Popular Water Purifiers in India 2019

Topping our list of best water purifier brands in India is Kent. It had set its foot on the market in the year 1999 and today it has emerged as the top leaders in water purification industry. It also produces fruits and vegetable purifiers that help to remove various poisonous chemicals insecticides from the eatables. It exports its product around the globe. It has the best purification technology such as UV, UF, RO, TDS and much more. It can be quoted that it produces the purest water among all the other purifiers in this list.

Selecting a purifier is difficult nowaday as there are multiple companies in the market. The best ones are always high in demand and they serve you to the best. Selecting the correct water purifiers also reduces the chances of suffering from water borne diseases to a great extent.


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