With a continual increase in the pollution levels of water bodies, it has become extremely important to purify water using treatment systems in order to make it usable for drinking and other purposes.

Fortunately, with the emergence of an enormous number of water treatment companies which provide facilities and products possessing the best technology which enables the perfect removal of harmful effluents from water, water treatment systems have become extremely reliable and useful in the modern world. Following given is a list of the top 10 water treatment companies in 2019 which function with the sole aim of preserving water on the planet.

10. United Utilities

Best Water Treatment Companies 2019

The UK-based water company, United Utilities Group PLC (UU) was founded in the year 1995. The company focuses on providing the best water and wastewater services along with a genuine help and support service to the customers. Considered to be UK’s most-visited water company, United Utilities has been the major manager of North West England’s drinking water and wastewater services, which are the company’s key facilities provided. The company has recorded an estimated production output of 2 gig liters per day, and operating revenue of £1,730 million as of 2016.

9. Xylem

Best Water Treatment Companies

One of the largest American water treatment service providers, Xylem Inc was founded and launched in the year 2011. The company’s main emphasis is on two aspects: water infrastructure which involves water treatment systems, wastewater transport and treatment services and dewatering mechanisms, and applied water which means the supply of water to residential and commercial places for household and commercial purposes. From smarter aeration to chemical-free disinfection, Xylem has exquisitely designed its products and services to evaluate the varying needs of the customers.

8. Severn Trent

Best Water Treatment Companies

Severn Trent was formed in 1974 as a regional, state-owned water authority based company in Birmingham. The company provides a wide range of work as well as residential places water hygiene systems to minimize the risk of any attacks from bacteria such as Legionella. The company offers low-priced water treatment systems to increase the installation of this equipment in more homes and workplaces. Some of the water treatment services provided by the company include cooling tower systems, industrial and domestic water systems, steam boiler systems, etc.

7. ITT Corporation

Best Water Treatment Companies

One of the industry’s finest, ITT Corporation is an American water technology company that was founded in the year 1920. The company deals in the prospects of manufacturing a diverse variety of products ranging from critical components of aerospace markets to water treatment systems. Specialising in the water technology market as well, the company offers services which include water supply, wastewater treatment systems, toxic water treatment supply pumps, etc. The New York-based manufacturing firm recorded hefty net revenue earnings of $2.4 Billion in 2016.

6. Veolia Water

Best Water Treatment Companies

Veolia Water, the water division of the French company, Veolia Environment, is hands down the top company on our list. Founded in 1853, the French company is the world’s largest supplier of water services today. With an enormous background and infrastructure, Veolia Water uses high-end and high-quality technology in offering services like treated drinking water systems and wastewater treatment systems. Veolia Water is focusing on working towards combating the extreme problem of water shortage which is expected to affect 63% of the world’s population. Veolia Water recorded estimated revenue earnings of €12.5 billion in 2016.

5. Kurita Water Industries

Best Water Treatment Companies

Founded in late 1949, the Japan-based manufacturers specialise in the designing and manufacturing of water treatment chemicals and facilities. With over 60 years of being in the industry, Kurita Water Industries Ltd. has extended its base overseas by establishing 14 subsidiaries and affiliates. The major products offered by the company include ultrapure water production systems, water treatment systems, wastewater treatment systems, and wastewater reclamation systems. The company believes in the improvement of the environment where nature and man coexist in harmony.

4. Nalco Water

Best Water Treatment Companies

Nalco Water, a subsidiary of one of the environmental industry giants, Ecolab Ltd., was founded in the year 1929. Nalco Water is one of the world’s leading providers of water treatment and process improvements. The revolutionary 3D TRASAR water management technology is used by Nalco Water which enhances the efficiency while reducing water and energy use. Ecolab has collaborated with Microsoft to use cloud computing and high-end water technology to speed up how worldwide industries tackle scarcity of water.

3. American Water Works Co.

Best Water Treatment Companies

American Water Works Company or simply, American Water was founded in 1886 and has been in the industry ever since. American Water has worked with the US State to provide clean and healthy drinking water in municipal public locations. The company has also served as the provider for several US Military bases. With a long stay in the industry, the company has specialised in improving the drinking water and wastewater system of US and has provided many households with useful water treatment system facilities.

2. SUEZ Water Technologies

Best Water Treatment Companies

Formerly functioning as the GE Water Company, SUEZ Water Technologies and Solutions has been functioning since the late 1990s and is based out of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The major products and facilities offered by the company include water treatment systems, boiling water systems, wastewater management systems, cooling water treatment systems, etc. The company has always laid emphasis on building a sustainable water future and has further used its enormous experience by initiating the digital water system which delivers digital solutions to improve water quality and availability.

1. Thames Water Utilities Ltd.

Best Water Treatment Companies

Functioning mainly as the provider of public water supply and wastewater treatment facilities in the major parts of England, Thames Water Utilities Ltd. was founded as a private utility company in the year 1989. Supplying an estimated amount of 2.6 gig liters of water per day, the company’s major facilities offered include drinking water systems, recycled wastewater system, bio-solid fertilizing systems, etc. The company currently functions as the subsidiary of its parent organisation, Kemble Water Holdings Ltd.

With the ever-evolving technology in the modern world, it has become possible to combat the various diseases arising from consuming unfiltered and unclean water. With the introduction of an exquisite purification technology of water treatment, water can be purified to a great extent making it usable for irrigation and drinking purposes. Water treatment companies exist in abundance today, creating high-quality products to preserve the planet’s most important natural resource, water. Considering the gradual depletion of water resources in the world, the need for effective water treatment and conservative companies has become extremely important. The aforementioned companies have been ranked according to their performance level and net revenue earnings.