Female fragrances in the Indian market are of huge popularity as it completes your entire outlook for every purpose. There have been a huge variety of national and international perfume brands for all the beautiful ladies out there who love to indulge themselves in the sweetest fragrance in the world wholeheartedly.

Women who are addictive to a wide range of perfumes can choose over a number of fragrances ranging from sweet, fruity, mysteries, oceanic, floral, citrus, spicy, woody, and much other in option for a varied range of Indian customers available in the Indian market.

Presently, women love to try different kinds of perfumes apart from the signature perfumes they use for the daily purpose. It is assumed that perfumes tell different kinds of a story with their unbeatable fragrances for the women who are truly addictive to the enchanting aroma of the varied kinds of perfumes available for the Indian customers.

The branded perfumes comes a bit higher in price but definitely gives you the best and superior staying power 24 hours in keeping you fresh and active all day. Women love to smell good all the time so they try to use the best kind to give an enchanting aroma all over the places leaving behind a nice freshness of goodness. Thus, we have made a detailed review of the top 10 best women’s perfumes brands available in India for the Indian customers:

Here are the Top 10 Best Women’s Perfume Brands in India in 2019

10. Gucci

Gucci Top Most Famous Women’s Perfume Brands in India 2019

Gucci perfumes are the sexiest of all other available brands in India with huge popularity and on-demand brand among the Indian women all across the country. You will be absolutely in love with their perfume range with super staying and long lasting power at a varied range. Gucci is one of the international luxury brands which have its headquarters based in Florence, Italy. It is a French fashion brand owned by the Kering Company. It is a globally recognised brand which is really costly to suit your budget as it is ranked under the luxury brand banner with an increase sales rate among the Indian women in India. Every metro city has Gucci stores for the entire fragrance lover who is really addictive to a wide range of perfumes.

9. Escada


Another leading luxury brand in the range of women’s perfume is Escada which is also an international brand with its headquarters based in Munich, Germany. It is basically a German luxury brand which deals in all the luxury products which include bags, fragrances, shoes, kids fashion, eyewear, fashion accessories, and others. The brand is mainly popular and globally recognised for its variety of perfume range for its both national and international customers worldwide.

The Escada perfumes are graciously significant and it smells really heavenly giving a lasting power all day. These are really long-lasting perfumes which give a lasting impact on the people around you. The brand also offers some limited edition perfumes for its best-selling customers who are really addictive to a wide range of perfumes. The perfumes give a fruity, fresh, floral scent and are best for the summer usage.

8. Chanel


Chanel one of the sexiest world-class luxury brands with a combination of classiness and elegance for every woman to showcase its beauty of fragrance to the people around them. This popular brand is owned by Coco Chanel with its headquarters based in Paris, France. It a significant perfume of French collection caters with luxury and flattering design of a wide range of perfume bottles. Though really pricy to afford for some but its products are worth the every penny to be store in your perfume collection. Their perfume range is widely suitable for the winter season and has become widely popular among the Indian women for every occasion and purposes.

7. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is basically named after the popular fashion vista and fashion stylist Ralph Lauren who has introduced a wide range of perfume fragrances for the global customers for national and international based. The brand was first launched in London, England by introducing two major collection one for men and another for women for every occasion and purpose with a beauty of elegance and classiness. The brand leaves a lasting impression on the people in and around you leaving behind remarkable compliments as you smell really good that it is really hard to ignore or avoid.

6. Givenchy


Givenchy is preferably loved by every Indian woman as it is just not a perfume but gives a lasting impression for all the perfume lovers as they are typically made for women-oriented. They offer high-class and superior quality perfumes with significant smells that gives a delightful freshness all day for every season to subdue your body odor. Their perfumes comprise of every essence of aroma including sweet, woody, spicy, fresh, floral, and citrus. Thus, their perfumes serve for every purpose and every occasion with a lasting staying power all day long.

5. Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani serves to be the most expensive and world-class fashion brands which also deal in a wide range of perfume fragrances of varied kinds depending upon the suitability of every Indian customer. This brand is basically an international brand that deals in high-class perfumes with a tinge of elegance and note of classiness to the people around who will get lost to your impressive aroma. These perfumes are preferably used by celebs and models both national and international acclaimed who could afford this range of perfume brand for every purpose.

4. Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

The Hugo Boss is an international fashion and clothing brand which also deals with a wide range of perfumes products suitable for both men and women of all ages with the perfect power of lasting scent. The brand was founded back in the year 1924 with its headquarters based in Metzingen, Germany. This brand signifies that it is a remarkable perfume brand of German-based that upholds great popularity and recognition among the Indian women with superb response all over the world. The brand also deals in various other fashion products like footwear, belts, wallets, handbags, watches, and high-fashion accessories.

3. Davidoff


The third leading brand in women’s perfume is Davidoff which is widely available and recognised in the Indian market including online store as well which include Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, eBay, Jabong, and other lifestyle and fashion based online store. The price range of this particular international brand is quite affordable and budget-friendly for every perfume lover including both men and women. Davidoff Cool Water is the popular one among the many other perfumes available in the Indian market.

This perfume is the best kind and truly affordable for the entire perfume lovers and is widely suitable for women version. It is considered to be a superior quality of perfume with no contain of alcohol substance and other harmful substance as it is fully water based perfumes for all suitable skin types. It is classified as an aromatic aquatic and preferably for women version for all skin type and serves for all purposes.

2. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

The second most popular and recognized brand in women’s perfume is Calvin Klein which serves the high-class perfume fragrances of a varied range. The brand preferably deals in a wide range of perfumes that you can choose a number of fragrances ranging from sweet, fruity, mysteries, oceanic, floral, citrus, spicy, woody, and much other in option for a varied range of Indian customers. This perfume is much cost-effective and the pricing range varies depending upon the quality and quantity of the Calvin Klein perfume range.

1. Burberry

Burberry Top Most Popular Women’s Perfume Brands in India 2019

The top leading brand in the remarkable history of women’s perfume brand is Burberry which deals in high-class of perfume fragrances of all types ranging from strong to mild, fruity to oceanic widely available in the Indian market. The brand can now easily avail through various online stores which include Flipkart, eBay, Amazon, Myntra, and others for a wide range of Indian customers.

Therefore, this follows up the top best women’s perfume in Indian which has gained great popularity and increased demand for all the international perfume brands which gives significant lasting power for all day long with a tinge of elegance and classiness for every perfume lover in India. So, add classiness to your entire outlook with this really remarkable perfume brands available in the Indian market for every purpose.


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