Different fragrances exist in the world. Women, especially, are very particular about their body smell. Research suggests that most of the people get attracted to each other because of smells. In fact, perfume marketing is the toughest as you can’t just make lemons into lemonade.

You can’t sell a perfume with a good packaging or advertising unless and until it has an attractive and soothing smell. There are many companies that produce perfumes. However, there are certain companies which have earned a good name for them in the global market. Some of the topmost brands for perfume production are as follows:

Here are the Top 10 Best Women’s Perfume Brands in The World in 2019

10. Chanel

Chanel Top Most Famous Women's Perfume Brands in World 2019

Chanel is one of the best perfumes producing companies in the world. The fragrances it produces are of a wide variety and are fruity and refreshing. It has all kind of fragrances suitable for every season, whether summer or winter. It gives a refreshing feel and keeps you fresh throughout the day. Chanel is an internationally acclaimed brand. It has earned a good name in the market. It has a huge number of people using its brand. The fragrance in the perfumes by Chanel lasts for a long time and gives you a refreshing feel.

9. Hermes


Hermes is a Paris based country. It has a great market in Paris and Italy. It is basically a luxurious high fashion goods manufacturer. It also has a good name in the perfume manufacturing industry. The products by this company are preferred by the elite class majorly. The fragrance by this company maintains a hint of classy light, soothing beautiful flowery smell. You can wear it for special occasions like dinner, parties or dates. The smell will help create a romantic aura around you. It will compliment your beauty.

8. Flowerbomb Viktor Rolf

Flowerbomb Viktor Rolf

Flowerbomb is globally famous for its beautiful, light and eccentric floral perfumes. Flowerbomb is a brand that needs no introduction to the people declined towards collecting good perfumes. This is the best company to produce the large variety of floral perfumes. You will get the perfumes with fragrances of all the possible amazingly smelling flowers. People worldwide have highly appreciated all the fragrances it offers. Its constant light smell will help you feel energetic and fresh even at the end of the day.

7. Elizabeth and James

Elizabeth and James

The world-famous brand is known for its outstanding quality production of women’s clothing, jewelry etc. It is has a great collection of perfumes that have been liked by millions of people around the globe. This company is majorly known for its amazing designs of jewelry and clothes. It also has a good name in the perfume industry. It is one of the highly appreciated perfume producers in the world.

6. Jo Malone

Jo Malone

Jo Malone has come to consider as a florist perfume producing company. It has been expanded its horizon from one particular category of fragrance production to a large variety of smell producing and most of its perfumes have been liked by its customers worldwide.

5. Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler is a world-famous brand. It is best known for the theory which is used to produce the perfumes. The Thierry Mugler perfumes are so appealing that it creates a sensational spark. They have a mixture of the correct balanced mixture or tradition and innovation. Its traditional hint of smell and fresh aura attract the people to use it. You can wear it for every occasion at every place. This brand for perfumes is globally acclaimed and liked.

4. Scentbird


Scentbird is an internationally acclaimed perfume brand. This company provides a wide variety of amazing fragrances. Scentbird perfumes give you a pleasant experience of smelling good. It enhances your body odor which directly or indirectly impacts your confidence throughout the day. This company is a world acclaimed company with the best quality perfumes, which are liked by most of its customers worldwide. Scentbird is a very soothing fragrance producing company. This company has maintained its constant up gradation in innovating the different fragrances to get the best out of it.

3. Eau de

Eau de

Eau de perfumes are inherent with seductive intoxication. This company produces strong feminine fragrances. This company is well known for the wide variety of beautiful and seductive fragrances it produces. While wearing these perfumes you can attract people and strike an emotional part in them. Eau de perfumes are majorly targeted towards couples. It constantly throws a strong feminine fragrance that carries a romantic aura around you.

2. Versace


Versace is also a strong feminine perfume. This company produces a wide range of different fragrances, which have different flavors. This company is well known for its amazing variety and beautiful combination and innovations to produce the best fragrances. This has a major customer population. A large number of women choose Versace perfume over any other brand.

1. Elie Saab

Elie Saab Top Most Popular Women's Perfume Brands in World 2019

Elie Saab is a luxurious brand. It produces fashionable clothes, jewelry etc for women. Its perfumes are also very feminine. The strong feminine smell produced by this company is liked by many people throughout the globe. It has a very simple yet strong essence in the fragrances produced by this company. Elie Saab is a France based company. It has its major market around France and Italy. Moreover, it has been successful in expanding its business around every corner of the world and has earned itself with a good name in the perfume producing industry.

A fragrance plays a vital role to enhance your body language and personality. You feel the best if you smell good. A good smell also adds on to your personality. You speak, walk and do everything with a grace. On the other hand, a bad smell can ruin your whole day. People also have different perfumes to be used for different purposes. Your taste of perfumes also talks a lot about you’re the kind of person you are. In the world, there are many companies, who manufacture perfumes. Above mentioned are some of the top companies to produce the best perfumes in the world currently.


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