The woolen sweaters are one of the commonest things that come in trend during winter. The perfect sweaters offer great heat retention when it comes to keeping body temperatures higher. The woolen sweaters offer the best possible facility to gain heat, due to the nature of the clothing.

The woolen sweater is needed to be bought from the best brands so that they have a higher longevity and better potential to have the changed temperature. There are some famous brands regarding the texture of clothing and sales around the world. Among them, some deserve special mention.

Following are the Top 10 Best Woolen Sweater Brands in The World in 2019

10. Pepe Jeans London

Pepe Jeans London Top Most Famous Woolen Sweater Brands in World 2019

This company has been in the clothing business for a very long time. Their extensive designs and new patterned clothing are some of the major aspects of making their fashion look trendy. The company specialises in the quality of the product and setting the trend every season so that designs are updated as the customers want them too. These aspects make the company perfect as a woolen sweater production brand. The woolen sweaters made by them are said to be comfortable and easy to be worn by the own customers. The sales and fame around the world make this one of the best woolen sweater brands in the world.

9. Duke


The brand Duke is one of the best brands of clothing available in India. The premium lifestyle works both ways, with casual designs and elegance. The company has been in play for five decades and has been growing with an equal amount of focus on clothing. The company is mostly oriented to thermal wear which includes woolen sweater as an important aspect of the products available. The sweaters are of the best quality and have a greater potential to sustain temperature. The designs are perfect to be worn every day.

8. Raymond


Raymond has been involved in woolen products since the time of starting its clothing business. They have a lot of potential in sales and are considered to be the most elegant brand for a reason. Raymond offers the best fabrics and quality of wool when it comes to making winter garment. The woolen sweaters are of top-notch quality with a great rate of selling. This makes the sweaters famous among people and makes people more biased towards this brand.

7. Whistles


This is a contemporary fashion brand from London with best designed and luxurious pieces of fashions dedicated to modern trends. The brand has been on top of the wardrobe list since the time of its start. The woolen sweaters that are available here are of world-class design and perfection in production. The prices are made under the low ranges making the product handy for everyone. The sweaters they produce are highly comfortable and also follow the trend.

6. MR Porter

MR Porter

This brand is considered to be one of the most exclusive brands with enhanced designs from best designers around the world. The brand has an exclusive set of woolen sweaters. The speciality of this brand is that the products are used in various movies and the special collections are available for the customers. This makes this brand very trendy and famous among the people who tend to adorn their wardrobe full of the celebrity fashions. The high quality and trendy woolen sweaters are very common among the customers as they find it best for occasional usage.

5. Alcott


The Alcott brand is relatively a new clothing company in the industry. They have the great features and also a great price order for the customers. Due to the trendy clothes and best possible designs, this brand is surely one of the best brands in the world. The customers buying from stores around the world are bound to have a great shopping experience. The major fact is that the texture of clothing that is used while manufacturing the woolen sweaters. They offer the best type of designs in woolen sweaters with a reasonable price for everyone to buy. That makes the sales booming and make the brand famous.

4. Next


Next is a brand working on clothing industry that is based in the UK. The mainframe of the brand is that the different types of designs that are presented here works wonders for the customers. The modern trends along with the vintage trends are used as different ideas for designing all the clothing. This makes the brand favorable for all kinds of people. The different woolen sweaters with different neck patterns are very common among the people loving woolen winterwear. Therefore this company is a perfect blend of different ideas from world-class designers.

3. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the commonest names in the field of clothing and apparel for all kinds of people irrespective of their ages. The company has been on top of business for almost half a century and in that time the company always rose from their previous condition evolving with time, when it comes to designs. The brand is famous for presenting their designs in different fashion shows. The customers prefer the winterwear designed by them in their wardrobe and the woolen sweater are one of their prized presentations with extensive design all over the industry.

2. US Polo Assn

US Polo Assn

The brand is an official brand working in the USA. They have a total line of fashion and the products are world class and always up to the modern trends. The different fashion trends make up the best of the brands and the texture of clothing is marvellous considering the worldwide fame of the company. The brand is well known for the cotton products and great fabric that are simple but trendy. They also produce woolen sweaters that make one of the best parts of the brand.

1. United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton Top Most Popular Woolen Sweater Brands in World 2019

UCB is one of the most common names in the clothing industry that has been hovering their hands on different sectors of the business. They have been working in international markets for a long time. The company has been the trendsetter in different sectors of clothing. They have been perfect producers of the woolen sweaters and have various designs related to the modern trends among men and women. They have also been as sponsors in the sports industry and different fashion shows. Those trendy clothes are seen to be popular among people and they prefer buying them more as a part of their occasion-wardrobe.

The woolen sweater brands are presented best according to their quality, longevity and the demand among people. All these things go hand in hand with each other. The brands that are perfect in all the aspects and present extensive types of designs with cutting-edge technology so that customers can get the clothes that are on trend are the best brands around the world. There are many clothing brands that produce woolen sweaters, of which the best are nominated where people should definitely buy from.