In a country like India when summers rule most of the country there are places where winters can get very harsh. In many northern parts of India, the temperature drops very low and the woollen clothes are out of the wardrobe.

We require woollen garments which keep us warm and cozy. There are different types of sweaters which are preferred and in fashion amongst the youngsters some of which are hoodies, zippers etc. Below are the top 10 brands in India which are known for its woollen clothing to keep a person warm and cozy outdoors as well as indoors.

Here are the Top 10 Best Woollen Sweater Brands In India for 2019

10. Pepe Jeans

Pepe Jeans Top Famous Woollen Sweater Brands in India 2019

In the list of the best woolen sweater brands in India Pepe Jeans is has secured the tenth position.

This brand re-designed the most uncomplicated woolen sweater designs with innovative prints, different types of fittings, fresh colors, rich pattern and novel designs. Pepe Jeans brands are known for its sweaters because of their good fabrics and up to date fashion inclinations.

Pepe Jeans is a principal choice amongst the people with a dignified sense of fashion. They are known for their sporty attire and detailing which focuses on contrast designs. It is said to be very comfortable and it helps the consumer to flaunt their attire in style. And it never disappoints its folks with its various designs. The starting price of this brand is 900/-

9. John Players

John Players

John Player belongs to ITC and it is known to be the favorite amongst the youth it is very favored in the Indian population. It provides its customer with a limited collection of branded sweaters which are said to be made of fabric which makes the wearer a youthful look. The brand keeps in mind the necessities of the Indian customers and provides them with various ranges of sweater and woolen clothing which provides the greatest comfort. It changes the conventional design of sweaters and gives it a cool and happening look which changes every season. This brand is available pan India. The starting range of this brand is 1100/-

8. UCB


At the eighth position is the brand named United Colors of Benetton, also known as UCB. An Italian brand by origin it has become a favored brand in the Indian market.

The brand provides an enormous variety of sweaters for everyone including the men, women, and kids and without letting the customer shell money from their pockets. The cardigans and the sweaters give the wearer a very chic and elegant look. It has multicoloured designs and patterns. The cashmere material blends well with the patterns and designs. It is spread across India with over 5000 or more stores. The starting price of this brand is 800/-.

7. Arrow


At the seventh position is Arrow which is said to have the most optimum quality of sweaters along with many others. This brand is known for its innovation. This particular brand has been known to be knitting sweaters for more than a century. Even though this brand is known for its shirts for men it is also a preferred choice while selecting cardigans and sweaters or any woollen garments. It helps the wearer to sport a very crisp and classy look. The starting price of this brand is 900/-

6. Raymond


Known since the year 1982 Raymond has been at the top of this quality in the clothing industry. This brand falls at the sixth position in the list of the top 10 brands.

Its prototypical clothes are produced for men, women, and kids of all ages. Raymond’s severe quality ethics and flawless designs make you feel happy and warm. Their quality and designs spell class and elegance. They are said to complete the wearer’s wardrobe. Their sweater designs are said to go well with any dresses. One should have this brand which is exclusive and handy. It’s the brand to choose if the wearer wants to carry the casual look in the chilly weather. The starting price of this brand is 900/-

5. Duke


At the fifth position is the brand, Duke which has obtained a good reputation amongst the consumers in India for its trendy look. It is said that the sweater of Duke brand is made such that the skin loves the fabric that touches you. This sweater gives the wearer an elegance and gives them a professional look. It ups the wearer’s style and it lifts the charms of the wearer. It has a wide array of sweaters each with a novel design and looks. The price of these brands start from 700/-

4. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

At the position is Tommy Hilfiger which is the brand of the US. The sweaters of this brand let the wearer parade the dormant shades of their personalities even in the chilly winds. The brand lets the wearer explore their various designs and the wearer can sport it with any look. It helps the wearer sport any professional look as well as a casual look during the winters. It’s well-known for its design and patterns and it has over 1400 stores in more than ninety countries. The starting price of sweater of this brand 2500/-

3. Peter England

Peter England

At the third position in the list is Peter England. One of the significant brand prevailing in the Indian clothing commerce is Peter England and it stands true to its slogan which states that the brand is a start of good things. It is a very classy and trendy brand which adds to the customers’ style quotient and flamboyance. This brand is said to be preferred mostly by men. It adds flavor to the wearer’s wardrobe and it’s worth the money for this classic styles and patterns. The starting price of the sweater of this brand is 1000/-

2. Puma


Puma is at the second position in the list of the 10 brands. It makes the chilly weather more bearable for its wearer. It is a known brand for sports and it also fits perfectly during the winter season. It gives the wearer a funky and a sporty look. This brand is said to have a history of knitting which goes back to 1948 when the brand experimented with novel techniques, knitting techniques and materials. Puma is located in more than 100 countries. And Germany is the place where Puma headquarters is located. The brand’s sweater has said to appeal the aesthetic tastes of the buyers and astonishing patterns makes the buyers a loyal customer of this brand. The starting price of the woolen sweater of a Puma brand is 1200/-

1. Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Top Popular Woolen Sweater Brands in India 2019

At the top of the list is the brand Monte Carlo which is an Indian brand. It is said to be amongst the forerunner in woollen clothes manufacturing. It has been operational since the year 1972. It is known for a minimalist approach in woollen clothes, its trendy look and very vibrant and lively colour. The woollen sweater of this brand goes well with casual, party and professional wear. It is available at affordable prices and is also known for its sustainability. Monte Carlo has 200 stores in India. The sweaters of this brand have a starting price of 1100/-.

These brands are known for their normal as well as woollen clothing. These brands give the wearer a fancy look as well as help them in keeping themselves warm during the chills. They are very durable, affordable and known amongst the folks. They also help the wearer stay warm and strong during the freezing weather.