Top 10 Best Workout Apps of Summer

Smartphones have changed how we do our daily duties. Functions that would normally be done manually can now be done from the comfort of your home.

You just need a smartphone that has internet connection and a well responsive application. Most people prefer working out using workout apps as compared to go to the gym. These workout apps are very efficient as compared to the gym since they help you concentrate on your individual goals. Some of them will assist you in de-stressing as well as personalise your workout sessions thus making them fun and enjoyable. This article will assist you with identifying the top 10 best workout apps for summer in 2017-2018.

Here are some of the Top 10 Best Workout Apps of Summer in 2017-2018

10. FitnessBuilder

FitnessBuilder Top Most Famous Workout Apps of Summer 2018It is among the highly rated workout apps that we have in the market. One can download the app for no pay and enjoy one month free trial for plus, pro and pt user. There are about 1000 already installed workouts and 7000 videos and images that will guide you during exercises. The App will also allow you to have access to both video and audio training by a professional. You can be able to keep records of your every day or monthly workout sessions and plan for the next workout session as well.

9. Calm

Calm Top Best Workout Apps of Summer 2017Calm has been highly recommended for helping the user to gain relief from stress. Summer period is one of the best in helping you to relax and have fun. It has pre-installed sounds that give the user an illusion of a very calm place such as listening to waves crashing into the ocean. It also provides the user with a guide through which one can use to meditate thus helping to reduce stress. This will contribute to improving the mental state of the individual thus enhance the health of the user as a whole.

8. C25K

C25K Top 10 Best Workout Apps of Summer 2017C25K application will help you run 5 kilometers in only eight weeks. The runner will develop better cardio and muscular strength to endure the distance within the period set. One can either walk or run when using C25K.The user can personalise the music in the application to fit what they want to listen when doing the workout. It is very user-friendly making interaction very easy for the user. It has been rated as one of the best application ones can install to assist during the workout.

7. Full Fitness

Full Fitness Top Famous Workout Apps of Summer 2019It provides the user to with a chance to access all workout and training session by using their smartphones. It has also arranged these workout sessions based on the body parts, for example, there is exercise meant for abs, legs, or even hands among others. The App has gone ahead to help the user identify the equipment he/she should use for a particular workout. The application is very easy to interact with hence the user can be able to feed data on a daily basis during exercise. This will help in observing the growth the user is experiencing during workout sessions.

6. FitStar Personal Trainer

FitStar Personal Trainer Top Most Popular Workout Apps of Summer 2018This is the best application to use especially if you do not have the necessary exercise equipment’s which can be very expensive. It is also suitable for people who do not have enough time to go to the gym. One can perform workouts for about 10-15 minutes which can help improve their body strength as well as their cardio. It is customized such that every user can train at his/her pace without too much pressure making the workout sessions enjoyable.

5. Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run!Zombies, Run workout application, has become very popular especially among the millennial generation. This application provides the user with audio instructions that can be played when running by using earphones. The Zombie concept creates an illusion where the user has to run for his life in order not to get caught by the zombies. The pace will differ at some point where one has to run faster according to the instructions being given in the audio.

4. Sworkit (simply work it)

Sworkit (simply work it)Simply work it is the best application to use when you want to work out without using any equipment. It can be utilized by professional fitness trainers and also skilled athletes. It has both lite and pro versions which have different features to be enjoyed by the users. The user of this application enjoys access to his /her history workout session enabling them to know the progress made. If you want a workout app that will give you results, this is the one to download.

3. Seconds Pro

Seconds ProThis is an application that has become very popular due to its ability to time your sessions. It comes fully integrated with a music system which you can listen to as you work out. It is one of the most highly recommended trainers for interval training; It has a large displayer for the timer to help one look at the numbers quickly without stopping to concentrate on the. It also can share the timers or import them.

2. Obstacles XRT

Obstacles XRT Top 10 Best Workout Apps of SummerIt provides the user with videos that guide them during the workout sessions. The user can imitate running through objects such as tree jumps and stairs. The user will work on their muscles and also cardio. The user will be able to improve the pace during each session. This the application you need to improve your workout sessions. It will help you get fit with only a few session thus improving your health.

1. Nike+

Nike+ Top Popular Workout Apps of Summer 2019It is excellent in keeping your records such as route, elevations and the number of times you exercise. The application can give real-time forecast of the weather in your area, therefore, protecting you from working out when the weather is unconducive. You should try this application to enjoy the features that come with it such as getting cheers from Facebook while working out to encourage you not to push harder.

Listed above are the some of the best applications to use during the summer in 2017-2018. This article will guide you in getting a workout app that will be right for you and one that will help you meet your personal goals. Taking care of your health is important, and these workout apps guide you when carrying out exercises.

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