The top cement companies in the world are determined by their production capacity, revenue, their number of plants, their profit, and their income and of course – their sales. Their positions are usually affected by the GDP of their countries. This is a definitive list, ranking companies from top to bottom. Here are the top 11 largest cement companies in the world in 2019.

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Best Cement Companies

As of 2019, LafargeHolcim is the biggest cement company in the entire world. Formed after the merger of Lafarge and Holcim (the third and fourth-largest cement companies), the company is leading the camp in terms of quality and quantity alike. LafargeHolcium’s official website states that the company has 386.5Mt/yr from 180 cement plants. In contrast, the Global Cement Directory 2016 gives a different report. It gives a slightly lower figure – 286.66Mt/yr from 164 cement plants. Up to now, it is still not possible to remark on this company’s financial results. In addition to this, LafargeHolcim, divested a huge number of assets, one of them being a $7.18 billion package to the Irish company, CRH. Therefore, this company’s financial will doubtless be extremely dissimilar to the Lafarge and Holcim’s. According to its website, LafargeHolcim has accrued $33.4 billion of sales and has a profit of $4.1 billion.


Best Cement Companies

The second-largest company in 2019 is Anhui Conch which has 32 cement plants. It has 217.20Mt/yr of production, if you go by the Global Cement Directory 2017. However, Anhui Conch’s annual report states that it had 400Mt/yr of cement capacity but didn’t give an exact number of plants. From January to September, the company’s sales dropped by 13.1% to $5.95 billion while its profit dropped by 25.3% to $956 billion. While sales revenue fell in China, its overseas sales increased to $134 million. In the same year, the company constructed eleven grinding units and new clicker lines. It also has begun projects in Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Cambodia.


Best Cement Companies

With 176.22Mt/yr of cement production and 94 cement plants (statistics provided by Global Cement Directory, China National Building Materials (CNBM) comes in third. CBNM disputed that number and claimed it had 400Mt/yr. the company’s sales dropped to $12.1 billion and its profit dropped to 4253 million. It attributed its loss to decrease in price and reduced demand for cement. CNBM operates its interests through several subsidies: China United, South Cement, North Cement and Southwest Cement; all of which have varying stakes.


Best Cement Companies

HeidelbergCement is the fourth cement company. According to Global Cement Directory, this company has a production capacity of 121.11Mt/yr from 79 cement plants. HeidelbergCement however, places its production capacity at 129.1Mt/yr and 102 cement plants. The first nine months of 2015 were good to HeidelbergCement as its sales grew by 8.27% to $10.8 billion while its profit increased to $813 million. The company also reduced its debt to 46.4 billion. While the company’s operations did well in North America, the U.K., and Africa, its declining sales in Europe and Asia upset the balance.

Having 56 cement plants and having a production capacity of 87.09Mt/yr, Cemex, according to Global Cement data. Cemex instead says that they have 94Mt/yr production capacity from 55 cement plants. The first nine months of 2015, the company’s sales fell to $10.7 billion and its other earnings dropped to $1.97 billion. The company’s revenue dropped in most continents; with the exception of U.S. and Asia where it increased. Other countries like U.S., and Mexico had increases in volumes. During this period, the company declared asset divestments in Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria and Croatia. Cemex also finalised the building of a new plant in Nicaragua.


Best Cement Companies

The next company is Italcementi which has 60 cement plants and a 76.62Mt/yr production capacity. According to Global Cement data, Italcementi ‘s sales increased, in the first nine months of 2015, to 43.43 billion. Italcementi places its 60Mt/yr of production capacity and has 446 cement plants. In the first nine months of 2015, the company’s sales increased to $3.43 billion and also declared a $8.64 million loss during that period. It’s clinker sales dropped in Europe, North Africa, and Middle East regions.


Best Cement Companies

China Resources Cement Holdings comes in at number seven, with a production capacity of 71.02 Mt/yr and 19 cement plants. However, its annual report stated that it had 78.3Mt/yr of production capacity and 24 cement plants. An additional 10.9Mt/yr capacity was gained through equity interests. In the first nine months, the company’s sales dropped to $2.55 billion. Nonetheless, its sales increased to $54Mt.


Best Cement Companies

The eighth company is Taiwan Cement which according to Global Cement Directory has 63.72Mt/yr of production capacity from six plants. Taiwan Cement, however, said that it has 69Mt/yr of capacity. The company’s sales increased to $2.14 billion while its net income increased to $309 billion.


Best Cement Companies

The ninth company is Eurocent which has a production capacity of 45.18Mt/yr and 17 cement plants. However, the company asserts that it has 50Mt/yr production capacity and 17 plants. Its financials are not revealed to the public.


Best Cement Companies

Votorantim had 45.02Mt/yr production capacity and 41 plants according to the Directory. Its website states that it had 54.4Mt/yr capacity and 34 plants. In 2015, its sales dropped to 9.24Mt and its income increased to $158 million. The company made investments in Brazil. It also completed plants in Goias and Para.


Best Cement Companies

China Shanshui Cement Group Limited is the eleventh company. It was founded by Old Zong and operates in four areas. Its headquarters are in Shandong, China. It has a production capacity of 53Mt/yr.


Best Cement Companies 2019

Finally, UltraTech Cement Limited is the last company. It is an Indian company and has its headquarters there. It has revenue of $3.7 billion and has a profit of $450 million.

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