A company is awarded a place in biggest or largest list depending on a number of factors like market cap, share and revenue. But market value has proven to be the best possible statistical option to choose over the top largest countries in the world. The followed companies are indirectly reigning over the world and population, and day by day are gaining more importance. They belong to the range of sectors but are mostly IT and online product sites.

These companies have the highest value in income tab too and currently leading the charts. Product management and personal info collection are two particular ways with a little stimulation that these companies are making money out of. Most companies are US based and few others belong to China and other nations. Their products and services are worldwide enjoyed and people trust these companies to much higher level, but mostly because of brand recognition.

Below are the top 10 largest countries in the world in 2019 that are collecting loads of revenues and incomes from the service they offer.


Largest Companies in the World 2019

This is China-based multinational company meant for investment purposes. This is world’s one of the largest investment corporation. In the year 1998, this company was founded and now they have a total employee of 38,775 peoples.

9. JPMorgan Chase

Largest Companies in the World

This is a multinational company for financial and banking services. They have they’re headquartered in New York City. In the United States, this is the largest bank. This company was started in the year 2000. Asset allocation, trading of bonds, commercial banking, commodity trading, and resolution of debts, foreign exchange etc is the several services they provide.


Largest Companies in the World

This is a public type multinational company producing pharmaceutical products, various devices of medical importance and packed goods beneficial for the consumers. Their headquarter is situated in New Jersey. In the year 1886, this company was founded by Robert Wood Johnson. There are around 250 subsidiary companies working under them and have units in over 60 countries and around 175 countries are getting their products. Bandages, Johnson products of the baby, face wash like clean and clear etc are their major products.


Largest Companies in the World

This is oil and gas multinational company which is America based. In the year 1999, this company was established. Crude oil, various products from oil, natural gas, petrochemicals, and generation of power are the various products and services they are known to provide. They have a total of 73,500 employees. They are known to have a total asset of $330.3 billion. They have a total of 37 oil refineries under them spread across 21 different countries.


Largest Companies in the World

This is an American based social media company. Initially, the website was limited only to the students of Harvard University but gradually this social media emerged as the world’s largest social media platform. This company was founded by Mark Zuckerberg who is both the CEO and Chairman of the company. The company was established in the year 2004. They have known to have a huge member of around 2 billion peoples from across the world. They help peoples to get and be connected with the peoples of their lives. They connect the distant peoples through this platform thus gained enough popularity.


Largest Companies in the World 2019

This is also an American based company which is a conglomerate. Warren Buffett is the CEO and Chairman of this company and Charlie Munger is the vice chairman. Aerospace, media developing, processing of food, insurance of property and casualty etc the products they are known for developing. They are known to have a wide range of business which includes manufacturing of uniforms, vacuum cleaners, jewellery, publishing of newspaper, the furnishing of homes etc.


Largest Companies in the World

This is an American based company founded in the year 1994 on July 5. The founder of this company is Jeff Bezos, he is serving as both CEO and President. They have total revenue of $135.98 billion. There have a total 541,900 employees. This is a worldwide consumer-based company. They have a separate website designed for the retail to different countries. They have an online bookstore, video downloading the app, audio books, electronics, furniture, toys purchasing systems etc.


Largest Companies in the World

This is also an America based multinational company mainly based on technologies. They have they’re headquartered in Washington. They are known to develop licenses, computers and services. Their operating systems, Microsoft Office suite, Internet Explorer are the most known products produced by them in the field of software.on April 4, 1975, this company was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. They have a worldwide operating system. Computer software and hardware developing, social networking, video games designing, internet etc are the various fields they have their industries.


Largest Companies in the World

This is an America based multinational company. It is a conglomerate created company. Google and several Google subsidiaries have Alphabet as their parent company. Larry Page is the CEO of this company and their president is Sergey Brin. This company is situated in Mountain View in California. They have a total of 75,606 employees working for them. Technology, life sciences, research and investment capital are the several industries they have their portfolio with.


Largest Companies in the World

This is an America based company. Having headquartered in Cupertino, they are the multinational technology company. They develop and designs computer software, online services and consumer electronic goods. iPhone Smartphone, portable media player iPad, `tablet computer iPad, smartwatch Apple watch, Apple TV and digital media player are the various hardware products manufactured by the company. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne are the founders of this company. There are several industries that are functioned by them like fables silicon design, digital distribution, semiconductors etc.

Besides these, there are lot more companies who are competing with them. Their income is not only benefiting them but also adds a lot to the national income thus helping a country to progress. Their units in different countries also help to generate employment and help in the economic and social development of the developing countries.


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