Mining is the extraction of the valuable minerals and other components that are useful for different kinds of needs. The ores are generally recovered after mining, and these ores contain metals, oil, coal, etc. Many vulnerable resources are also found in the ores.

In India, mining of metals and stone is being carried out since the prehistoric periods. The electricity production in India is produced from the burning coal, and it is known as thermal electricity. Coal is the basic mineral extracted and it is an important kind of fossil fuel as well. The company that generates thermal power require lots of coal along with fossil fuels. Coal is being mined each day for manufacturing electricity that will power the homes, factories, and the railways. Given below are the top ten largest mining companies in India in 2019.

10. Bharat Aluminium Co. Ltd.

Largest Mining Companies in India 2019

The Bharat Aluminium Co. Ltd. was started in 1965 and it was owned by the Indian Government. The control had been accepted by the Vedanta company in around 2001. This company is engaged with manufacturing aluminium alloys along with the special aluminium that is used for the transmission of missiles and lines. In the year 2001, the government of India confirmed to sell fifty-one percent of the company’s share to Sterlite Industries Limited. This is one of the most important mining firms that follows all the guidelines of mining within India.

9. Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Limited

Largest Mining Companies in India

The Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Limited is one of the most famous enterprises of the Indian government that was established in 1976. The head office of this company is situated in Bangalore. The main products of the company include the concentrates of Iron ore and the pellets of iron oxide. The annual production of the company is around 7.5 tonnes. This mining company is known to own iron mines that are large which are situated in Kudremukh and Mangalore. The company has been active in the exploration of mineral as well as the occupation of iron ore.

8. Parrys Sugar

Largest Mining Companies in India

Parrys Sugar is on the list of the biggest mining companies in India. This company is private and it was established in the year 1788 which is situated in Chennai. The founders of this company were British. The chairman of this company is A Vellayan. The revenue that this company makes is around 670 crores. There are 2000 employees that are owned by the company. The headquarters of this company is located in Chennai and it has branches in Karnataka also. The most important product produced is Sugar along with other bio products.

7. Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation

Largest Mining Companies in India

The Gujarat Mining Development Corporation is also one of the major lignite and mineral mining company of the country. This company started becoming popular since the year 1963 when it was owned by the Gujarat Government. The headquarters of this company is situated in Ahmedabad. The products that are manufactured include lignite, bauxite, base metals, and fluorspar. The company was known for the excellent services that were provided to customers. The company was established mostly for designing silica and sand crushing. Later on, it developed into a big industry.

6. Hindustan Copper Ltd.

Largest Mining Companies in India

Hindustan Copper Ltd is a very important copper producer in India and it is the only one in the country. This company is very popular and it is a corporation that is owned by the government. The main activities of the company are smelting, mining, refining, beatification and much more. The company was started in the year 1967. The company has been certified by ISO 9002 and it has also been praised for the natural resources that include silver, gold, selenium, nickel sulphate, and tellurium.

5. National Aluminium Company limited

Largest Mining Companies in India

The National Aluminium Company Limited is also amongst the largest and the most popular mining companies. The typical abbreviation of this company is NALCO. It has been incorporated in the year 1981. It also runs various undertakings by the public sector that deal with mining, thermal power, and metals. This company started gaining recognition when it produced huge quantities of mined bauxite and aluminium. The company has also won the Indira Priyadarshini Vrikshamitra Award for contributing to the afforestation and the development of wasteland.

4. Rajasthan State Mines and Minerals Limited

Largest Mining Companies in India

The Rajasthan State Mines and Minerals Limited is also a very famous initiative of the public sector of the Rajasthan government. The major activities of the company include the promotion and the mining of the mineral materials in Rajasthan. The main aim of this company is achieving the technical inventions that are cost effective. This company was manufactured in the year 1974 and the government has been managing the company ever since.

3. Vedanta Resource

Largest Mining Companies in India

Vedanta Resource is considered to be amongst the best mining and metal company in India not only in India but also all over the world. It is also the largest firm in this country. The company majorly deals with mining and metals. This company has been operating since the year 1976. The company was founded by Anil Agarwal. The major products include the aluminium, lead, gold, zinc, pig iron, iron ore, gas exploration, and metallurgical coke.

2. Hindalco Industries

Largest Mining Companies in India

The Hindalco Industry is also an extremely recognised manufacturing company of aluminium. It is presently the subsidiary of the famous Aditya Birla Group. The headquarters of this company is located in Mumbai, which is located in Maharashtra. This company has a reputation spread all over the world. Since the year 1958, the company has made a significant presence among all the other mining companies located in the country. It has also served the country with the consistent performance over all these years.

1. National Mineral Development Corporation

Largest Mining Companies in India

The NMDC or the National Mineral Development Corporation is the largest mining company in the country which was established in 1958. The main products of the company include iron ore, copper, rock phosphate, lime stone, dolomite, magnesite, bentonite, tin, diamond, graphite, beach sand, tungsten, gypsum, etc. The company is owned by the Government of India since the time of the establishment. There are five production plants that are located in Chattisgarh, Karnataka, and Madhya Pradesh.

There is no doubt to the fact that one of the most important requirements of India is mineral. All the mining companies are developing with each passing day and doing everything they can to strive in the market and produce the best quality minerals.


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