Mining is one of the most important and difficult occupation in the world. It requires a lot of hard work and continuous work by the workforce, just to give some really nice products made of metals and mineral ores. Aluminum, gold, coal, copper, bauxite, nickel, lead are all found by mining and some of these metals are used for very important tasks like in aircrafts and other ships.

So, there are built and establishes some very hard-working companies which have emerged themselves as the best and largest mining industries in the world. Let us take a brief look at the 10 largest mining companies in the world in 2019, what they produce, and many more.


Best Mining Companies 2019

Glencore is the most important and reputed mining industry in the world right now. With its active operation in Africa, South Africa, Asia, Australia, North America, South America and Europe, the industry produces wide range of commodities and products. Glencore produces about 90 different kinds of products and commodities throughout its branches. Glencore is majorly involved in energy and agriculture but also have an active participation in the metal and mineral products. The metal and mineral of the company comprise of Copper, Zinc & Lead, Nickel, Ferroalloys, Alumina & Aluminium and Iron Ore.


Largest Mining Companies 2019

Established in 1988, Alcoa is the leading producers of aluminium and is a popular metal engineer and manufacturer. The company owns 7 bauxite mines throughout the world and uses four of them. Even after using just four mines, the company produces the largest amount of bauxite in the world. Being a world class aluminium producer, aluminium from this organisation is used for important tasks like aircraft, automobiles, commercial transportation, packaging and oil and gas. Defence and industrial applications are also one of the major applications of the organisation.


Best Mining Companies

Vedanta resources is one of the most split and widely spread mining company in the world. aluminium, copper, zinc, lead, silver and iron ores are some of the major interests of the organisation. As mentioned, being a widely spread organisation, the company has ties with Hindustan Zinc, Bharat Aluminium and Sessa Goa. Some astonishing facts about the organisation include that it invested about 3.2$ billion in the community investment in the year 2016. Moreover, it has a 50% recycling rate of nonhazardous waste and 42 million mt global carbon footprint rate.


Best Mining Companies

Norilsk nickel was established in Russia and since then have grown its production worldwide including areas like Africa, Australia, Finland, and of course Russia. They are one of the finest producers of many ores. Like they are one of the largest producers of nickel and palladium in the world. Moreover, they are also one of the largest producers, be it platinum or copper. The company is also known for the cobalt, rhodium, silver and gold that they produce, which makes it a multi-ore producing organisation.


Best Mining Companies

The world’s largest publicly traded copper producer, freeport is a popular mining industry. It has its special copper mine branches in the Northern and Southern America, while the mining happens in Africa and Indonesia as well. It is a major mine provider for the gold, copper and molybdenum markets. In a research done in 2016 it was found that the mining industry has produced a total of 86.8 billion pounds of copper, 26.1 million ounces of gold and 2.95 billion pounds of molybdenum.


Best Mining Companies

Barrick gold was established in 1983 and have given some really good quantity and quality of gold since then. Its major sites are in America and almost 75% of the total gold they produce is from the different parts of America including Argentina, Canada, Dominican Republic, Peru and the U.S. according to a research performed the organisation produced about 5.52 million ounces of gold in the year 2016 and 5.2/5.6 million ounces of gold in 2017.


Best Mining Companies

Rio tinto was established in 1962 and since then have emerged to be one of the best and largest mining companies in the world. The company has the strongest production in the Australia and North America but it also has a strong foot in Brazil, France, Chile and Canada. Aluminium, Copper, Diamonds and Minerals, Energy and Iron Ore are the main ores that the company focuses on and produces high quantities and quantity products.


Best Mining Companies

Coal India was established in 1973 and is an organised state-owned coal mining corporate industry. With about 79 million tons of coal and 82 mining areas, this company is the top-notch coal producing company in the world. The company produces different kinds of coal and energy products.


Best Mining Companies

Newmont was established in 1921 and have given 90 years of great and satisfactory service to its customers. Being a major gold digger, this organisation supplies and produces gold in the U.S, Australia, Peru, Indonesia, Ghana, Canada and Mexico. The organisation follows great ecological methods and are well known for their social and environmental practices.


Best Mining Companies

Establishes in 1917, Anglo American has gain a lot of name and fame by giving world class products and services since then. Anglo American is a workplace for about 113,000 workers from all over the world. Anglo is a major organisation in the field of mining operations and undeveloped resources and sets a high mark for the similar competitive companies. The organisation aims to produce so much product so as to satisfy the growing demand of the world.

These are the industries which are known for their top-notch services and products, all over the world and hence, attain a place in the list of top ten largest mining companies in the world 2019. Mining is a crucial and very important part of the world. A major part of the world’s economy is through the mining itself and these companies play a major role in the world economy.