Multi-level marketing(MLM) is a very popular strategy adapted by various established companies to increase their distribution network and eventually boosting their sales figures. In MLM, a company asks its permanent distributors to recruit sub-distributors under them such that they will get commissions from the sales that their recruited sub-distributors make. The sub-distributors generally sell the products to the customers directly.

This marketing strategy is extremely popular in India and there are some big established companies that solely depend on it to reach out to the targeted audiences effortlessly. Sub-distributors love to work indirectly under MLM companies because it opens up opportunities for them to be sub-distributors or salespersons for multiple MLM companies as they are not under any contract. The following are the top 10 MLM companies in India in 2019.

10. Modicare

Top MLM Companies in India 2019

Modicare is an Indian FMCG company founded by Krishan Kumar Modi. The history of the company goes back to nearly 150 years making it one of the oldest companies to exist today. The group has gone overseas with its products and received well across the globe. Most of the products are tailor-made for Indians and hence, their sales figure is always on the rise.

It is one of the foremost companies to execute MLM strategy in India to reach out to the targeted audiences comfortably. Starting from personal wellness and household products to foods and beverages, Modicare is known for its diverse products. The group has also diversified its business in the education, agriculture, travel, entertainment, and restaurant industry. The company has opened up job opportunities to hundreds of thousands of Indians at the lower level to sell the products directly to the customers.

9. Vestige

Top MLM Companies in India

Vestige is one of the top FMCG companies in India selling personal care to healthcare products. Starting from herbal products, nutritional items to cosmetics, skin and hair products, Vestige caters to a wide variety of products. They also have household essentials and hence, they have a large customer base. The company has gained a lot of traction due to its herbal food products starting from cereals to health drinks. They also have dental care products. It has been over a decade that the company is operating in India successfully since 2004 with an outstanding growth rate annually.

8. Herbalife

Top MLM Companies in India

Herbalife is an international nutrition company that was established in 1980. Their products cater to the categories of nutrition, personal care, and weight management. They have one of the largest MLM associates with over 3 million independent sub-distributors across 90 countries. Herbalife was the first company in the nutrition sector to enter the Indian market. Herbalife sponsors athletes, teams, and events in 15 different sports. In India, they are actively involved in helping the underprivileged children in getting proper education and healthcare.

7. Forever Living

Top MLM Companies in India

Even though it is a US based company, it has an ample market share in India as far as cosmetic products go. It is a billion dollar company that was established in 1978. They cater to audiences seeking natural beauty and wellness products. Most of the beauty products are made of natural honey and Aloe Vera. Forever is considered to be the foremost company to make Aloe Vera popular across the globe. In India, its headquarter is in Mumbai and it has percolated in all the urban areas of India with MLM associates.

6. Oriflame

Top MLM Companies in India

Oriflame is a Sweden company founded in 1967. They have a considerable market share in India thanks to its wide independent sales associates. Their products include skin care, cosmetic and beauty products, fragrance, hair care, wellness, and various accessories for men and women. There are products of all ranges to fit everyone’s budget and hence, they cater to a very large section of consumers in India. Most of the products have natural ingredients and Swedish composition. It is a billion dollar company and listed on NASDAQ.

5. Tupperware

Top MLM Companies in India 2019

Tupperware has been operating in India for nearly 3 decades now and the US-based company has a wide reach of three million consumers across 80 countries. It is the leading brand in India in cooking and food storage category. It also has kitchenware products starting from bowls and plates to cookware and servers. Apart from direct selling, its products are available in all the leading and local stores in India and it has percolated to the rural India where they have brick and mortar warehouse. Tupperware has recently started personal care and beauty product segments. Due to their wide reach, it is easy to locate a distributor in most of the parts in India.

4. Avon

Top MLM Companies in India

Avon is a leading beauty product company in the world and it has a good grip on the Indian market. It has become a trustable brand in India due to its result-oriented high-quality products. It is a US-based company with its headquarter in New York. They have skincare, hair care, personal care, makeup, healthcare, and fragrance items. Avon is one of the Fortune 500 companies in the world and it is a multi-billion brand. The company reported around $9 billion annual revenue and has nearly 6 million direct marketers. Avon has also ventured into baby care products and clothing.

3. Mi Lifestyle

Top MLM Companies in India

Mi Lifestyle is an Indian company whose headquarter is in Chennai. It is a relatively new company that was established in 2013 but it has shown exponential growth in the last few years and has been one of the leading direct selling companies in India. They have a varied range of products with consumer-friendly price ranges to cater to urban and rural Indians equally. It has lifestyle products as well as services and hence, the appeal has been better in consumers. They have special offers and benefits for the distributor that encourage them to hire more independent associates to spread the brand and its products in all the circles of the Indian society. One of the reasons for its exponential growth being a mere 5-year company is that the members of the management have decades of experience in multi-level marketing.

2. Amway

Top MLM Companies in India

Amway is the former leading direct selling company in India. It is a company based out of USA and it is credited for starting this multi-level marketing across the globe. The company was founded in 1959 and it is now a multi-billion dollar company. It sells a variety of products starting from beauty and household essentials to healthcare and homecare products. It is the largest network marketing company in the world. They have multiple manufacturing units across India and it began its Indian operation in 1998. Currently, they have over 150 products that cater to all the categories of Indian consumers. It has literally become a household name and there are 35 warehouses deported in major cities in India. They offer direct home delivery and have access to nearly 9,000 ZIP codes across the country.

1. Hindustan Unilever

Top MLM Companies in India

Hindustan Unilever is the bestselling FMCG company in India at present. It is presently the best multi-level marketing company in India. It has successfully percolated to all the different sections of the society through network marketing and has given financial independence to youth. Hindustan Unilever is actually the Indian division of Unilever which is a major global FMCG company. To empower rural women financially, they have started Project Shakti by which they are adding more independent associates and increasing network marketing and brand awareness. The company claims to create 72,000 micro-entrepreneurs with the project and helped rural men and women to understand the basics of business management. HUL has numerous popular brands under their umbrella and they cater to food, home care, personal care and even water purifier products.

While some of the above-mentioned MLM companies have originated in foreign lands, some of them are purely Indian companies. These companies have created extremely high number of job opportunities due to their multi-level marketing strategy. Instead of just retailers, individuals sell the products to the customers directly and this also helps the companies in direct promotion and increasing brand awareness.


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