Be it any sports, it is very important that the athlete has the right accessories so that he can give his one hundred percent on the field. A basketball player needs a shoe which will provide comfort, flexibility, support and a stability.

A wrong pair of shoe can destroy a sports person’s entire career. Enough attention is taken to provide a player the correct shoe that fits perfectly so that he or she does not face any hindrance while the game is on.

Shoe brands are introducing new technologies and features which will enhance the performances of the players. As a lot depends on the shoe, they usually come at a very high price.

Here is the list of top ten most expensive basketball shoes in the world in 2019

10. Nike LeBron XII

Nike LeBron XII Top Most Famous Expensive Basketball Shoes 2019

When Nike introduced a new shoe to the series of LeBron after Nike LeBron XI, they made sure that the price stays at $200. However, Nike LeBron has more advanced technology implemented in it which overcomes the drawbacks of its successor. Just like most other shoes of the LeBron series, material used in this shoe is also synthetic. This particular version has the zoom air feature installed in it.

9. Nike Kobe Elite

Nike Kobe Elite

Nike Kobe Elite is a shoe which is recommended by several basketball players. The materials used in these pair of shoes are mostly synthetic and fabric. Nike ensures that in the Kobe series, players receive comfort while playing. In the Elite version they have also included carbon fiber. It also has fly wire and Kevlar. These super stylish basketball shoes which is priced at $200 are a must for all those basketball lovers out there.

8. Air Jordan XX8

Air Jordan XX8

Air Jordan XX8are the personal favorites of all athletes. The XX8 comes at a price of $250. Air Jordan have a reputation for producing the best performing shoes and this fact is true for XX8 too. Considered as the third most expensive basketball shoes, Air Jordan XX8 also rules in the field of appearance and style.

7. Nike LeBron X Elite

Nike LeBron X Elite

The elite edition for LeBron X comes for $260. Nike made sure that this edition has an improved quality whose main purpose will be to provide comfort and flexibility. The material used synthetic. Nike LeBron X Elite has a symmetrical cut. Nike LeBron series is popular for allowing the player to be fast and in LeBron X Elite, an extra carbon fiber was added so that a player can gain more speed. Overall Nike has made sure that the Elite version performs well in both the comfort and speed section.

6. Reebok Question

Reebok Question

Reebok created a huge fuss when they decided to launch Reebok Question and the name itself reveals the absurdity that looms around the most expensive shoe of all time. The answer to all the questions regarding Reebok Question is that it costs $65,000. The pair of overpriced shoes comes with 25.50 carats of two hundred and forty-six diamonds. The diamonds are fitted on the shoe laces. Reebok Question definitely is a shoe which makes a statement in itself.

5. Nike LeBron XI

Nike LeBron XI

An all season shoe Nike LeBron XI is one of the most sort after shoes which is priced at $200. The shoe offers some of the best features which includes lower collar for increasing the flexibility at the ankle region and full inner sleeve to enhance breathability and comfort. The material used is synthetic with a rubber sole. Just like the other shoes of the LeBron series, this sneaker lives up to the name of its brand and thus it is referred to as the ‘King’s Pride’.

4. Nike KD 6 Elite

Nike KD 6 Elite

One of the best sellers of the KD (Kevin Durant) series, Nike KD 6 Elite is a complete all-rounder. Made of synthetic and leather, Nike makes sure the sneaker gets maximum comfort for which max cushioning is applied in the sole of the shoe. Nike KD 6 Elite is not only the most expensive shoe of the KD series but also it is considered as a one of the most expensive basketball shoes which is priced at $200.

3. Air Jordan 2012

Air Jordan 2012

Air Jordan is the one brand that athletes all over the world trust blindly. The 2012 version of Air Jordan created an uproar when it hit the market at a price of $223. The shoe has it all from looks to comfort, anything and everything a sportsperson needs. The exceptional feature for the 2012 version is the carbon fiber shank. It has separate height booties and it also comes with three options for interchangeable midsole. The pair might be a bit too expensive, in fact it is the third most expensive basketball shoes, it is definitely worth the money.

2. Nike LeBron XI Elite

Nike LeBron XI Elite

The LeBron series from Nike introduced an elite edition for LeBron XI which was priced at $275. This edition has a Hyperposite construction, Lunar special Lon and even a full-length Zoom Air cushioning which maximises the comfort level. The material used in this version is pure synthetic fiber. The upper portion too has Hyperposite, hyper fuse and dynamic flywire. This Nike LeBron XI Elite overcomes the drawbacks of the original version and thus it receives more preference. However, Nike LeBron XI Elite is often considered overpriced.

1. Nike Air Max Hyperposite

Nike Air Max Hyperposite Top Most Popular Expensive Basketball Shoes 2019

The Hyperposite series of a Nike is an all-time favourite for ball game lovers. The Air Max Hyperposite is the best that Nike delivers in the Hyperposite series. The material used is mainly synthetic. It has phylon midsole with Air Max 360 unit and comes with a hyperfuse construction. It also has data informed rubber outsole and upper foamposite. Being the best Hyperposite, Nike Air Max remains a best seller even though it comes for $330, thus making it the most expensive basketball shoe.

Any sports person knows the value of the correct shoe. A basketball player needs the right pair of shoe so that he can get maximum elevation. The sole of the shoe is basically the soul of the shoe. The list above shows the cost of the shoes which are the best known for the sole they provide and also the quality of the material which determines the comfort factor.