Beds contemplate one of the cosiest resting places one can adhere to. After going through a hard hectic day, people find peace in their beds, rejuvenating and preparing the body for the other day. The concept of beds initiated during the Neolithic period. In the early days beds were prepared with straw, leaves, feathers and even animal skin. Gradually it developed over time and wooden beds were introduced, this further underwent many changes and then came the era of iron beds.

The purpose of all beds is the same but the affluent section of the society love to spend their nights peacefully in beds that are indeed masterpieces by assembling aesthetic skills, finesse design, technology and luxury and are way too expensive. Here, you can have a glimpse of the most expensive beds in the world.

Checkout the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Beds in The World in 2019

10. Sphere bed

Sphere bed Top Most Popular Expensive Beds in The World in 2019

Sphere beds are perfect example of technology converging with luxury or more precisely it can be referred as the forum of engineering and luxury. The bed is designed by Karim Rashid, one of the most inventive designers of the present era and its market value is $50,000. The sphere bed indulges mesmerising features anyone can get attracted to, such as a 32 inch LCD TV fitted into the in-built frame provided in the bed, a champagne holder, a system of LED based canopy top lighting along with mirrors. The bed is specially suited for love/married couples and can get fit easily anywhere.

9. Starry night sleep technology bed

Starry night sleep technology bed

The starry night sleep technology bed appears as a cradle of the present era. It is way more advanced than the sphere bed ranging almost same as the latter. This kind of bed is a true engineering specimen designed especially for the tech savvy lot. Starry night sleep technology bed comes with a latest technology that can minimise snoring and employs a systematic temperature settings which can bring down the temperature of the bed to 68 degrees or can increase it up to 117 degrees. Fitted with a projector of 1080p and an iPod slot, it also comprises of internet connection. The projector fitted to it creates a view of sleeping under the stars.

8. Monarch V-spring bed

Monarch V-spring bed

Monarch V-spring bed aptly implies to its initials ‘monarch’ owing to the high quality it possesses. The bed is equipped with 3,420 springs (approx) that provide a perfect cushioning. Monarch V-spring bed is prepared with authentic good quality custom-built fabrics keeping softness as the top priority. The market value tends to be $50,000 and is owned by celebrities such as David Beckham. A true revolution in the history of luxury beds indeed.

7. Cosmovoide bed

Cosmovoide bed

Resembling to sphere beds to some extent, Cosmovoide beds are assembled with far better amenities and are bit expensive ranging to $60,000. This kind of bed employs a dream plan equipped with a TV set, DVD player, phone, a home theatre system and in-built LED lights on the top of the bed. The frame of the bed comprises of two mattresses draped into which provides full comfort and adjusts to our body shape. It is indeed one of the most comfortable beds.

6. Majesty VI-Spring bed

Majesty VI-Spring bed

Majesty VI-Spring bed is indeed a masterpiece created by World’s leading fabric house – Jab Anstoez. The bed embraces a height of seven feet and is way more comfortable and expensive as compared to Monarch V-spring bed. It has an accumulation of more than 6,000 springs. The bed comes with the following features, such as a divan, a bed-frame, soft quality mattress and scattered cushions. The bed is made of materials such as cotton, silk and cashmere and possesses layers of gold and silver. Indeed a luxurious sleeping bed with immense softness. Its price value ranges to $84,425.

5. Quantum sleeper bed

Quantum sleeper bed

The quantum sleeper bed is also referred to as the ‘anti-apocalypse bed’ that comes with a market price of $160,000. This kind of bed is quite expensive giving a run for money and also acts as a means of protection in case of any natural disaster. A next level bed indeed comprising of unique features. Quantum sleeper bed is in great demand among the paranoid people. The special features of the bed include motion sensors, bio-chemical filtered ventilation, re-breather, toiletry system, battery back-up power, TV, microwave, refrigerator, DVD player and lot more.

4. Parnian furniture bed

Parnian furniture bed

One of the most luxurious beds carved out by renowned architect Abdolhay Parnian, President of Parnian Furniture Inc. and it took eight long months of work to finish the carving. Made with wood, stainless steel and real gold the bed appears to be highly captivating and snatches away the attention of the consumer. Parnian furniture bed is equipped with a twirling TV, computer monitors, iPad holder and secret compartments or chambers. People with classy taste should definitely go for it which comes with a market price of $210,000.

3. Jado steel style gold bed

Jado steel style gold bed

Created with gold and Swarovski crystals, the Jade steel style gold bed comes with a market price of $676,550. The bed is assembled with certain unique features such as DVD player, a play station, a plasma gold coated TV, internet connection and a surround sound system. The bed resembles luxury and grandeur. The bed indeed is an ideal combo of technology and beauty. There was a time when Jado steel style gold bed was the most expensive bed in the world. Jado steel style gold bed can be commonly termed as millionaire’s toy or bed.

2. Magnetic floating bed

Magnetic floating bed

Magnetic floating bed gives the experience of a true bed floating in air. It took around seven long years to prepare this kind of bed which can fit anywhere in the house and amounts to $1.6 million. There are thin strings available that die the bed to a support and weighs down 680 kilograms. It can however support weight up to 900 kilograms. The foundation of floating bed has to be strong. It gives a classy look to the room where it is set up. Indeed, a latest trend of modern day.

1. Baldacchino supreme bed

Baldacchino supreme bed Top Most Famous Expensive Beds in The World in 2019

Baldacchino supreme bed is a symbol of royalty; it is the most expensive bed of the world with a market price of $6.3 million. Created with world class hand work and indulging finest Italian silk and cotton the bed is a pure blend of class and beauty. Designer Stuart Hughes in collaboration with Hebanon created this masterpiece prepared with three types of wood namely – Ash wood, cherry wood and classy canopy wood. The infrastructure of the bed comprises of the interiors studded with 24k pure gold and the entire bed weighs down 200lbs, truly a mesmerising beauty portraying royalty in all dimensions.

Thus, bed is not only for sleeping and rejuvenation but is much more than that. It is a symbol of luxury and it is absolutely valid to invest more to gain these luxuries. Along with comfort these expensive beds provide other necessary amenities really worth for.