A belt is the least notable part of the outfit of a person. People use belts for both aesthetic and practical purposes. Only a very few realise they form an essential part of the outfit of a person. People wear belts for aesthetic purposes mainly to add a touch of elegance and coordination to the formal or casual outfit they wear.

Formal belts have smaller buckles, whereas casual belts have larger buckles of numerous designs and shapes that make it significantly eye-catching and appealing. Belts come in all price ranges and are available at all fashion and leather products stores. The following is the list of the top 10 most expensive belts in the world in 2019.

10. Versace Crystal Medusa Belt

Most Expensive Belts 2019

This may seem like a normal belt with a seemingly shining buckle, but it most certainly is not. This buckle is made of the best 3D diamonds and the strap is made of cowhide and is flawlessly designed to provide a more magnetic look to the entire outfit. This dazzling design comes with a lofty price of $1095.

9. Stefano Ricci Belt

Most Expensive Belt

This model of belt gets its name from the composition of materials used for making the strap, which is crocodile skin leather and partly calfskin leather. The buckle of this belt is made of Palladium and comes in different designs and sizes. It costs around $1760 which is totally justified when one considers the high quality of raw materials used for it’s manufacturing. Though it does not possess much of a stylish design or a classy look, it lasts much longer than normal belt models, thus making it very well-worth its cost and popular.

8. Billionaire Italian Couture Belt

Most Expensive Belt

As the name suggests, the strap of the material is made of 100% Alligator leather and is of navy blue color crafted by the finest manufacturers in Italy. The buckle is made of pure silver and comes in numerous sizes or designs. There are the initials ‘BB” engraved on the buckle, which basically is the Billionaire Italian Couture logo that makes it as one of the most expensive with its price at $2850., among those available in the market.

7. Hermes Etriviere

Most Expensive Belt

This belt, along with other models of belts from Hermes is made of the highest quality of calfskin leather. This belt is mostly used for formal wear and is only purchased by working-class men. It has an extremely simple and a classy design and costs around $5100.

6. Republica Fashion’s Gucci Belt

Most Expensive Belt

Designed and manufactured by Gucci, there are only a highly limited number of units of this model available in the markets all over the world. The buckle of this belt is made entirely of platinum embedded with pieces of an extremely valuable 30-carat jewel in one of the G’s in it. This pretty much justifies its place at the top among the most expensive belts in the world with its price at $249,000.

5. Ralph Lauren Alligator Belt

Most Expensive Belt

This is a model from one of the finest belts produced by the leading fashion companies in the world, Ralph Lauren. The strap of the belt is made of cowhide leather and the buckle is of a certain engine-clasp type than helps the wearer to easily loosen and tighten it whenever they want. Only less than 10 units of this belt are available in the market and goes for a price of around $1750. Though the design of the strap might seem a little old-fashioned and usual, its finest quality surpasses the life of most of the other belts in its price range and popularity.

4. Cartier Crocodile Leather and Palladium Belt

Most Expensive Belt

With the perfect Palladium finishing in the buckle and the high-quality crocodile leather of the strap, this belt comes with a strange color and a much lasting life than other belts in the market of almost all the other similarly high-quality belts. These belts also use croc half skin along with leather that goes well together with the shining Palladium buckle. It costs around $2310 in the market.

3. Stefano Ricci Crocodile and Palladium Belt

Most Expensive Belt

This belt has been described as the one the eye-catching and extravagant belts in the world. It is produced by one of the utmostly reputed companies in the world, Louis Vuitton. The first thing that catches the eye of the viewer is the stylishly designed buckle with a clasp of the brand logo on it. It costs around $3200 and is deemed as an evergreen product of fashion and style in the industry of belts.

2. Selfridges and Co Gold Belt

Most Expensive Beltt

The strap of the belt is made of pure gold weighing 18-carat and is covered using white leather. This white leather is composed of unadulterated calfskin material thus enhancing the richness and appeal of the belt’s look. Since it is pure white in color, it goes with almost all colors and designs of outfits. This comes under the list of the very few belts that lavishly shows off grandeur and also flaunts the stylish and trendy look in a subtle manner. This belt costs around $35000 and is exclusively popular and accessible by rich fashion freaks who want to try anything to show their luxury off.

1. Roland Iten Caliber R822

Most Expensive Belt

This is currently the most expensive belt in the market and is made of countless diamonds that averagely weigh around 14-carats. Unlike other belts which were produced by leading fashion companies over the world, this was produced by a collaboration of Roland and Bugatti which added to the popularity of the product among the affluent class of people all over the world. The buckle clasp and strap were both made of unadulterated steel and rose gold, which cost unbelievably high and is extremely valuable. It costs around $87000 and is specifically designed to make its shape look like that of a predator in general.

These above-mentioned belts are extremely scarcely available and are just awed upon by fashionistas who cannot afford them but are hugely accepted by the richer class of people who have always been keen in investing a lot of money for flashing about their fashion sense to the world.