Our earliest childhood memory of getting hurt is associated with falling while learning how to ride a bicycle. Even though the memory makes us flinch and has left few scars it was the first great achievement that we as children had. A bicycle is a very key piece of invention that came into our lives and changed locomotive movement forever.

The bicycles early build were made of wood or wrought iron and had not much purpose other than reaching point B from point A. but soon manufacturers realised that it is a simple piece of equipment which can be used by people of every age. Soon bicycles were sold based on age group and became a must-have for every young child.

Bicycles have been present in many iconic moments history. Whether as a leisurely activity of the greatest physicist Albert Einstein or as the primary business of the inventors of flight, the Wright Brothers, bicycles have been present. Though you can buy a simple bicycle for a very reasonable price, there are some beauties out there that cost more than an average Joe’s wallet can handle. Following is a list of the top 10 most expensive bicycles in the world in 2019.

10. Bicyclettes de Luxe ($34,425)

Most Expensive Bicycles 2019

The first bicycle on the list was created by Phanuel Krencker, a legendary bicycle maker who has been given much praise for his innovative designs. The bicycle, Bicyclettes de Luxe was first unveiled to the world in the 7th edition of North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS). The bicycle has been made with a custom design and includes parts which pre-dominantly made of chrome and carbon fibre. Phanuel didn’t work on the bicycle alone but collaborated with many designers when it came to frame and the brake system.

9. Litespeed Blade ($40,788)

Most Expensive Bicycle

This speedy beast has a frame which has been constructed using carbon fibre for lightness and titanium alloy for immense durability. The bicycle also comes installed with latest bicycle tech like WRAP technology and advanced chains and spokes. As the companies name suggests, the bicycle was designed keeping speed in mind. What makes this bicycle even more valuable is the legend that used it, none other than Lance Armstrong who was the most successful Tour de France competitor.

8. eRockit Electric Assist Bicycle ($44,000)

Most Expensive Bicycle

The high of this bicycle is a given as it is a hybrid between a bicycle and a motorcycle. The bicycle has been invented by a German innovator, Stefan Gulas. Gulas claims that the locomotive should be essentially considered a bicycle as the motor on board is powered by mechanical power (peddling). After storing sufficient energy, the user can switch on the motor and drive up to 81 miles/hour.

7. Montane Luxury Gold Collection ($46,000)

Most Expensive Bicycle

The value of this bike comes from the gold leaf covering and the 1000 Swarovski stones that adorn its frame. The seat is made of plush leather and feather filled for absolute butt happiness. However, the bicycle still delivers the utmost performance expected from a Montane.

6. Chrome Hearts X Cervelo Mountain Bike ($60,000)

Most Expensive Bicycle

This bicycle is a collaborated brainchild of Chrome Hearts and Cervelo who have delivered an artful mountain bike which delivers on speed and delivery. The high price of this bicycle is attributed to the use of plush leather, precious metals and rhinestones.

5. Trek Madone – Diamond ($75,000)

Most Expensive Bicycle

This bicycle is the Excalibur of bicycles as it was ridden by the King Arthur of cyclists. We are of course talking about the legendary Lance Armstrong who won 7 Tour de France competitions. The Trek Madone 7 Diamonds was made just for him and this rarity adds to its market value. Despite being used by the greatest cyclist ever, this bicycle was created by the greatest names in sports, namely Nike, Trek Bikes, Alan Friedman and Lenny Futura. The goal was to design a bicycle which could perform under any condition, and as Lance won his 7th Tour de rance we can say the bicycle achieved the intended goal.

4. Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bikes ($114,000)

Most Expensive Bicycle

This bicycle is the equivalent of any car from Jaguar, as the goal is the best performance with absolute luxury. The bicycles are primarily mountain bikes which have been designed to help the rider conquer difficult and tricky terrain while providing comfort. The Aurumania Crystal Edition Gold Bikes, as the name suggests, are designed using 24k gold, used for creating the frame of the bicycle. Other than the precious metal the crossbar is adorned with 600 beautiful Swarovski crystals. The very comfortable leather seat gives the rider a comfortable riding experience. Only 10 of these bicycles have been created, giving them a high market value.

3. Kaws – Trek Madone ($160,000)

Most Expensive Bicycle

Trek Madone is the big names on bicycles right now. They design bicycles for professionals and have been known to collaborate with sports companies like Nike to design unstoppable beasts of a bicycle which fit the status of the legends who ride them. This is the reason that most expensive bicycles today come from this designer. Kaws – Trek Madone is a beautiful piece of machinery which was used by Lance Armstrong in the 2009 Vuelta Leon y Castilla Race.

2. Trek Yoshimoto Nara ($200,000)

Most Expensive Bicycle

Though Trek is known for designing some of the best bicycles with speed and performance as the key element, sometimes they are unable to hide the artists in them. So when they collaborated with the Japanese artist Yoshimoto Nara to work on a project with them, the final product was not just a moving speedster but also a steady piece of pure inspiration. Nara is known to have the heart and soul of a punk artist and famous for his drawings of children with negative expressions. The bicycle was designed at the joyous occasion of Lance Armstrong beating cancer in 2000.

1. Trek Butterfly Madone ($500,000)

Most Expensive Bicycle

Yet another Trek Madone on this list, the Trek Butterfly Madone is the most expensive bicycle which has been priced at a mind-blowing half a million dollars. This bicycle is another tribute to the champ Lance Armstrong and signifies his return to cycling circuit after surviving cancer. Damien Hirst, the masterful designer used actual butterflies to give this high-end performance bicycle the look it flaunts.

Every bike which has made this list is not just a show cycle but can perform just as well as the price they flaunt. Bicycles are a key machine in the society and have been so for quite some time. Along the years their status has changed from a locomotive to a leisure activity and equipment for a healthy life. No matter how much our technology progresses, nothing can beat the joy of peddling a bicycle and forgetting your troubles for that blissful moment.


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