Electronic gadgets and appliances have become a quintessential part of our lives. Countless new gadgets, and innumerable trends and designs of the already existing gadgets have been introduced. Even the most trivial needs and the most laboring chores can be carried out in a matter of seconds without having to shed a drop of sweat using a gadget in a resourceful manner.

An ideal product must be accessible and buyable for people who are in dire need of it and must be easily operable upon its purchase. Certain electronic gadgets enter the market with an excessively high price on it, and can be bought only by the elite class of people who are either interested in such stuff, or buy it to flaunt a sense lavishness and the ostentatious nature of their lives. Given below is the list of top 10 most expensive electronic gadgets in the world in 2019.

10. iPhone 5 Black Diamond

Most Expensive Electronics Gadget

The body of this iPhone is made of solid gold and its edges are etched with almost 600 solid diamonds, which explains the unbelievably high price of this seemingly normal phone. It costs around $15 million and is the most expensive phone in the market currently. In 2011, the creator of this phone made a similar model with iPhone 4s which had an unprecedented hype as it had almost 500 diamonds etched into it, and was the first phone to have its price in the millions.

9. Hart Audio D&W Aural Loudspeakers

Most Expensive Electronics Gadget

This is considered as one of the expensive pair of speakers to have ever entered the market at the time of its release. Its outer body is made of 18-carat pure gold pushing its price to around $4.7 million. Later in the followed years, many pairs of silver sets were made which were much less than the gold ones, yet had an appreciably lofty price which was worth the quality and design.

8. MacBook Air Supreme Platinum Edition

Most Expensive Electronics Gadget

Though Apple products have had a name of selling itself with an unsurpassably high price tag, this edition of Apple’s MacBook has broken the roof of how expensive an electronic gadget can sell in the market. The entire surface of this laptop is made of platinum, justifying the $500,000 price easily. This weighs around 7kg, and thus cannot be portably used. Only 5 units of this edition have been made all over the world, adding to its value and richness as more than just a mere laptop.

7. Sony PlayStation 3 Supreme

Most Expensive Electronics Gadget

The PlayStation by Sony was a massive hit at the time it was released. Kids started going frenzy over this and were more impressed with its free multiplayer setting. The new PlayStation 3 Supreme has again invoked the interest of gamers with an all-new stylish and a rich design, and a much higher price. Its entire structure is made of 22-carat gold and is set at a price of $331,500.

6. Diamond Blackberry Amosu Curva

Most Expensive Electronics Gadget

The entire structure of this phone is etched with 4,400 diamonds of extremely small sizes with its body covered totally with 18-carat gold around it. There have only been 3 units of this model made by manufacturing units all over the world, making it the most valuable and expensive gadget in the market currently.

5. iPad 2 Gold History Edition

Most Expensive Electronics Gadget

This easily comes as one of the most unique gadgets produced by Apple, and also by any other company in the world. It is etched spot-by-spot with 12.5cts Flawless Diamonds, with the Apple logo in the front etched with 53 sparkling gems throughout its surface. Its frame is made of one of the most precious metal on earth, Ammonite, which is almost 75 million years old. This limited edition of the item is available as only 2 units all over the world and costs around $7.8 million.

4. Camael Diamonds iPad

Most Expensive Electronics Gadget

This model of iPad has countless diamonds of 300-carat embedded on the back surface and is entirely crafted of 18-carat gold throughout its outer surface. The Apple logo at the back is made of black diamonds to make it seem vividly visible and to offer a more aesthetic contrast to its look. It costs $1.2 million and weighs almost 1kg, whereas the simply gold-plated model costs around $146,000 only. This has served as a giant leap from standard usage of models of iPad Air to such garish usages of the world’s costliest tablet.

3. Nintendo Wii Supreme

Most Expensive Electronics Gadget

Nintendo has long been outdated and has been removed from the market due to it’s declining sales and obsolete configurations. But this model of Nintendo has recreated the impact of the console among the affluent section of gamers in the world. There have been only three units manufactured in the world, each of which costs around $497,300. The entire outer surface of the console is made up of 22-carat gold throughout and weighs around 2.5kg with its buttons on the front etched with 19-carat diamonds of flawless cut and structure. All these add up to the value and the reputedly high worth of the product.

2. Steinway Lyngdorf Model LS Concert Speakers

Most Expensive Electronics Gadget

People invest a lot of money for buying the perfect speakers for their homes all the time. Most of them do not think twice to spend a significant amount of money on something like speakers or headphones that can be bought at a much cheaper rate. This model of speakers not only lies above the average ability of a person to buy but lies at the top of the maximum ability of even the richest to buy. It costs around $250,000 and has eight speakers, each of which is surrounded by 24-carat gold accents. These are 16 feet in height and are made of high-quality cords to ensure the best experience for obsessed audiophiliac users.

1. Gold iPad Supreme

Most Expensive Electronics Gadgets 2019

These are one of the cheaper, yet unbelievably expensive models of iPad whose range is deep down from the millions. They cost $190,000 and have only 10 units available in the markets all over the world. They weigh 2.5kg and consist of single piece plating with 22-carat gold and 25-carat diamonds as the buttons on the sides. The Apple logo is embedded with 53 22-carat diamonds throughout the shape.

These aforementioned electronic gadgets are basically the standard ones that have been modified in extraordinarily rich aspects and have reached markets all over the world even with strikingly low production units made and exported.