To a present day authentic gun collector, the firearms being manufactured today are nothing short of ugly. Compared to the guns made during early civilization and the World War era, it would years, even centuries before they represent something significant.

These most expensive guns have turned tragic memories to statistics, expressive of the fact that they represent part of history that is unscathed and forever imprinted in the history books. Some particular guns achieve immortality, example the Furher’s Golden Gun owned by Adolph Hitler himself. These guns are extremely rare, and if you are poised to own one, attend auctions or plan a personal one-on-one with the current owners, and carry your check book or a heavily loaded credit card, because they are, simply put, expensive.

The recent crimes associated with firearm possession has brought to light the incumbent need for better gun legislations, with most countries in the world not having walk-in gun shops like the case in the United States.

Here are some Most Expensive Guns Ever Sold in the World

10. William & Son 12 bore side-by-side Sidelock $51,000

William & Son 12 bore side-by-side SidelockThe Celtic-style engraving sidelock dates back to the 18th century era when the decorative handle designs were very popular with prestigious weapons. Mechanical specifications include a chopper-lump barrel with a concave rib. With auto safety features, the double triggered gun uses a billet, leaf springs powering the bar action sidelock. The intricate and detailed design was crafted by Paul West, a real and authentic gun maker. This British gun is a work of art and the William $ Son company is happy to acknowledge the hard work of Paul West.

9. Fuhrer’s Golden Gun $114,000

Fuhrer’s Golden Gun Top Most Popular Expensive Guns 2019This semiautomatic pistol was paraded during Adolf Hitler’s 50th birthday on April 20 1939. The Nazi took pride in showing off their luxurious pieces of weapons, and the Golden Gun was introduced. The Furher’s Golden Gun heavily borrows this design, to make this125 thousand dollar pistol. Legend has it that Hitler left the gun in his apartment while on hiding and an anti-Nazi German revolt leader happened to find it. The gun made its journey to Canada where a Canadian post war memorabilia enthusiast bought it. It is currently scheduled for another auction, and price starts at $125,000.

8. 44 Caliber Smith $145,000

44 Caliber Smith Top 10 Most Expensive Guns 2019It is a double shot revolver chambered for the .44 Magnum cartridge. It is the most powerful produced handgun currently in the world. Durably designed to accommodate heavy use, this gun includes classic variant features such as a full length underlug barrel and a 629 Stealth Hunter modification. The entire revolver is made from stainless steel and a matte black back finish. It has slip-resistant synthetic grips that offer better holding and grip especially for shooting. The Caliber Smith has been re-modified to incorporate short and long range shooting and hunting.

7. The Holland & Holland Royal Over And Under $200,000

The Holland & Holland Royal Over And UnderThis old style beauty is a marvel of gun manufacturing. It is polished and oiled and comes with different grip styles accompanied with gold engravings with initials or crests. It incorporated both a single trigger and firing mechanism which allows a low profile and elegant action. It is dependable, easily maintained and robust with help of Holland & Holland pedigree design. The hefty price tag justification can be traced back to the first gun that earned high critical acclamation by users.

6. Purdey Over And Under $250,000

Purdey Over And Under Top 10 Most Expensive GunsAthol Purdey solved one of the toughest problems Over-And-Under gun manufactures had, the toughness of the gun. Through numerous changes in design he was able to create a lightweight and exceptionally strong gun that was much sought after in the 1920s and 1930s. After 1948 Purdey guns were redesigned to give them a more slender design and a better reliability time use. This later on formed the basis of how today’s over-and-under sidelocks are built. Its flawless design is yet to be surpassed.

5. Peter Hofer Sidelock $500,000

Peter Hofer Sidelock Top Popular Expensive Guns 2019Peter Hofer is a showman and takes pride in his art. This sidelock is a side-by-side 12 bore gun with a hidden .17 tube between the two smoothbore barrels. Peter Hofer only built five of these expensive masterpieces, each with its own unique engravings. The build includes high quality burl wood, with a catch bar and double underlug lock, and a fine ejector fore end. These guns are currently one of the most expensive guns to be produced, for its safety features and easy handling.

4. The Boss Over and Under $750,000

The Boss Over and UnderThis gun has been praised for its light weight and reliability compared to other Over and Under guns. John Robertson’s sleek and clever design on the placement of the lumps on either sides of the lower barrel contributed to its success. This ageless beauty is still being sold and numerous gun manufacturers still copy the masterpiece. If you happen to be in a handgun auction and you are lucky enough to heat the Boss Over and Under, you might want to raise your number a bit higher and louder because they are extremely rare.

3. A.H Fox 12 Teddy Roosevelt’s Shotgun $875,000

A.H Fox 12 Teddy Roosevelt’s Shotgun Top Most Expensive Guns 2019Teddy Roosevelt was known for his fine style, adding art and design to his weapons. The former president referred to the gun as a priceless beauty that didn’t deserve to go to the bush and do unraveled damage. The Fox gun is the only completely handmade gun in the US. The balance, weight and flawless design of this classic gun is unsurpassed. At a little under one million dollars, you might want to consider leaving it in a gun safe when out hunting.

2. Nicolas-Noel Boutet Pistol $1.8 Million

Nicolas-Noel Boutet Pistol Top Famous Expensive Guns 2019Nicholas-Noel Boutet (born 1961) was the son of a royal gunsmith. He worked for Napoleon after his father in law helped him become one of the few high profile gun makers in that era. He came up with the Nicolas-Noel Boutet pistol and is one of the most expensive hand held guns of all time. The 192 year old pistols where made by legendary French gunsmith Nicolas Noel Boetet. The flintlock guns are fitted with ebony grips and have steel engravings. These pistols were formerly owned by first president of Venezuela, Simon Bolivar.

1. Cabot Guns Meteorite Pistols $4.5 Million

Cabot Guns Meteorite Pistols Top Most Famous Expensive Guns 2019

Cabot Guns became the first company to construct a mechanical item out of Gibeon meteorite. The four and a half year ore was first discovered in sub-Sahara Africa and is highly prized for its blissful beauty. After endless hours of 3-D modeling and use of aerospace technology Cabot Guns were able to come up with two impeccable beauties. Turning 35Kg of Gibeon matter to a fully functional weapon was no easy task. With the rock not being able to achieve perfect uniformity, the pistol borrows heavily from John Moses Browning’s 1911 design.

Some guns are so expensive, they are rendered priceless. Example the Lincoln’s Killer that after first being sold for around $25, it became too significant a weapon to attach a price tag on it. It only took John Wilkes Booth a single press of the trigger to end President Lincoln’s life. Guns represent a part of history that even though used to send men and women six feet under, remains engraved in the history books. If you are lucky to get an authentic piece, keep it safe. Someone important was once under its mercy.


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