The globe witnessed a transformation in the music and entertainment genre with the invention of headphones. One of the coolest gadgets that lets you enable to listening songs or any sort of audio or voice texts without bothering anyone and according to the volume one desire for. Based on price value and quality, a wide range of headphones have hit the market. Some headphones are designed in a convoluted manner ensuring a complete external noise free facility while some are extremely simple in design providing the same. The kind of headphone one is donning strictly depends upon his/her requirement.

Almost in every nook and corner you can presume people wearing headphones, lost somewhere in their songs and enjoying it in their present scenarios. Not only headphones are associated with coolness but also provide a woofer sound system with that minimal structure. There are headphones available charging from subsidised rates to really high prices. The opulent sections of the society are highly engrossed in purchasing quality products even though they are expensive. Let us have an insight into the most expensive headphones 2019 of the era.

10. JH Audio JH16 Pro

Most Expensive Headphones 2019

Entailing custom ear molds, the JH Audio JH16 Pro secures tenth position in the top list of expensive headphones. Ranging to price money of $1,149, this headphone provides good sound quality and is expensive owing to its custom features. One of the best accessories one can gift their loved ones.

9. Audio – Technica ATH-W5000

Most Expensive Headphone

The magnesium alloy incorporated frame is the highlighting feature of this exclusive range of headphones alluring a stylish look and aesthetic embellishment. It serves the best sound quality and ranks itself in the ninth position amongst the list of most expensive headphones. A metaphorically well designed gadget providing the features one needs to, ranging to a price of $1,200.

8. Hifiman HE 6

Most Expensive Headphone

Incorporated with two distinctive features, Hifiman HE 6 ensures a natural flow of sound. Encompassing an open design and employed with magnetic structure with a flat design this headphone is a must have if you are a gadget lover or have keen interest in music. Ranging eighth in the list – Hifiman HE 6 comes with a price value of $1,299.

7. Beyerdynamic T1

Most Expensive Headphone

A Tesla technology based robust headphone that delivers powerful grip and best sound quality. Incorporated with a transducer base, Beyer dynamic T1 is prepared with ring magnet of neodymium and showed characteristics of magnetic field. The open headphones are very intricately designed with traditional units. The price of Beyer dynamic T1 ranges to $1,399.

6. Sennheiser HD800

Most Expensive Headphone

Targeting the niche market, Sennheiser HD800 headphones are for sure a high quality gadget that not only serves a humongous appearance but also a splendid sound quality. Pricing to $1,500 this range of headphone employs a large and strong sensor enabling proper sound clarity. Sennheiser HD800 is a must have accessory for those who are really passionate about headphones. Owing to all these qualities Sennheiser HD800 ranks sixth in the list of most expensive headphones.

5. Grado PS1000

Most Expensive Headphone

Grado PS1000 is an exclusive range of headphones manufactured by the Grado family, especially suited for those who need a bass of thumping quality as well as unique sonic sound giving a trendy look. Grado PS1000 comes with a metal alloy clad by wood that is toned and portrays a vintage yet stylish look. This range of earphone provides a frequency response especially of open air ranging 5 to 50,000 Hz. Grado PS1000 comes with a market price of $1,695.

4. Audeze LCD-3

Most Expensive Headphone

The LCD-3 configuration of Audeze headphones is one of the best among the other Audeze range. A contemporary incorporation of flat magnetic positioning in its interior base that delivers an earpiece of open dimensions and gives the feel of an audio output that is quite unique. Securing fourth position in the list of expensive headphones Audeze LCD-3 comes with a market price of $1,945. This assortment of Audeze headphones possesses the best quality in production and lures the affluent section of the society to a great extent. The holder of Audeze LCD-3 has a leather coating that completes the contemporary look.

3. Stax SR-009

Most Expensive Headphone

Encompassed with an electrostatic unit, Stax SR-009 stands in third position in terms of its high cost. A visually attractive design with a price range of $4,450, this series produces one of the best headphones of the era. Similar to Audeze headphones Stax also incorporates a magnetic actuator apparently with a more complex design. Giving a classy sketch, this range of headphone possesses a diaphragm. The sound quality is unaltered that produces marvellous clarity.

2. Ultrasone Edition 5

Most Expensive Headphone

Titanium coated Ultrasone Edition 5 ranks second in the list of top expensive headphones. This coating mounts to 40mm unit and the frame is prepared with oak that embodies seven layers of sealed wax and sheepskin of Ethiopia. Ultrasone Edition 5 comes with a market price of $4,999 and a metallic clutch to support the leather holder. This range of headphone is a lavish affair that not only provides the best audio output but also extreme comfort to the listener. An ultra expensive gadget produced so far.

1. Abyss AB-1266

Most Expensive Headphone

Abyss AB-1266 tops the list of most expensive headphones of the present era. It possesses high quality material such as aluminium incorporated with carbon steel that shows a perplexed front design and to cushion the headphones sheepskin is used. Till date there are no brands in existence that can compete with sound quality of Abyss AB-1266. This exclusive product owes a price value of $5,495. The centre of attraction of this headphone is the strong aluminium metal with magnetic technology that is flat. Abyss AB-1266 is dream come true for gadget lovers.

This range of headphones is an attractive lot for passionate music lovers for whom such gadgets are a luxury and symbol of class. Therefore it is a must have or once in a lifetime need that is a good investment indeed.


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