Jewelry has always been one of the most desired items by women and girls. However, in modern society, it is also a symbol of societal status. Jewellery is surely a very important part of every household and of society with some amazing taboos related to it. But, with such importance and demands comes the necessity of delivering the customers with some amazing jewelry. Jewelers across the world have made it to the top while providing and achieving a perfect edge on their carefully fabricated jewelry.

The Business of jewelry making has been there from the past when the kings and queens used to rule several countries. There has been an honor in owning jewellery and in wearing them too. Here is the list of some top ten jewelry brands 2019 that have made it big by delivering expensive jewelry to the dreamers.

10. Chopard

Most Expensive Jewelry Brands 2019

Chopard has been in the business of jewelry making since 1860. It has been dealing with the special and precious stones business from past more than two hundred years. This exquisite brand of precious stones was found by Louis Ulysse Chopard in Geneva. It is now an international brand in jewelry which deals in the business of precious stones such as diamonds, sapphires, ruby, emeralds and much more. They have a wide variety of jewels and watches for their opulent customers.

9. Graff

Most Expensive Jewelry Brand

Graff brand of jewels was started by Laurence Graff in London. He had a vision for opening a luxurious jewel brand which would only have a sole focus on diamonds. He gathered some of the most expert people in the craftsmanship of diamonds to produce some exquisite and amazing jewels for the brand. Graff has been recognised as the standard for diamonds all over the world. Some of the works that can be easily googled are the peacock brooch, the Delaire sunrise, and the paragon.

8. Buccellati

Most Expensive Jewelry Brand

Buccellati has redefined the old age jewellery. This Italian brand of jewelry has fabricated some flawless designs of jewels from gold. They are therefore more famous for their unblemished quality of gold products and ornaments. The special line of their necklaces and bracelet cuffs have been applauded for their resemblance to the vintage roman inspired theme. Buccellati began fabricating such products from 1919 and is currently considered to be one of the most trustworthy and most appealing brands of jewelry in modern times.

7. Van Cleef & Arpels

Most Expensive Jewelry Brand

Alfred Van Cleef and Estelle Arpels collaborated to give Van Cleef & Arpels a picture. Their permanent arrangement was a revolutionary change in the jewelry market of French labels in 1896. They have gained an immense expertise in the field of designing with precious stones and have amazed their customers by incorporating and indenting various types of designs in form of jewelry. They unite fairies, flowers, and animal designs in form of jewellery. They are also famous for their pioneering technique of gem setting.

6. Harry Winston

Most Expensive Jewelry Brand

Yet another resonant American jewelry brand, which was started in 1932. They have satisfied their customers with the durability of their fabricated jewelry and therefore have an amazing reputation in the jewelry market. Harry Winston is one of those brands which are mostly used for red carpets by several royal personalities or celebrities.

5. Mikimoto

Most Expensive Jewelry Brand

As anyone can guess by its name that it is a Japanese brand, which was created by Mr. Mikimoto Kokichi back in 1858. Mr. Mikimoto Kokichi was also listed amongst top ten inventors of Japan for his revolutionary idea of using cultured pearls and then crafting jewelry. The crown for Miss Universe is designed by this very Japanese jewelry label and is referred to as phoenix Mikimoto. The jewellery and products crafted by this label consist of mainly high-quality diamonds, Tahitian pearls, and south sea pearls only.

4. Bulgari

Most Expensive Jewelry Brand

Founded back in 1884, it is one of the most vintage jewelry labels of the modern times. The label is established as ‘Bvlgari’ but is most pronounced and written as ‘Bulgari’. Sotirios Bulgari was the person who began the journey of producing some remarkable jewels of various shapes with most of them having gemstones as their centerpieces.

3. Piaget

Most Expensive Jewelry Brand

Switzerland has an amazing weather throughout the year and Piaget is a Swiss jewelry label that offers flawless jewelry of engraved diamonds throughout the year. This luxurious brand was founded by George Piaget back in 1874. It is considered to be very prestigious due to its old age working techniques and expertise in watchmaking. Piaget started their trademarked jewelry designs from the year 1943 and received an astounding response from the upper-class purchasers.

2. Tiffany and Co.

Most Expensive Jewelry Brand

Whatever be the occasion, Tiffany and Company have a collection for it. This jewelry label has a superb and delicate range of pieces of jewelry for all types of wearables. The collection offered by this luxurious brand is solely focused on modern feminine fashion and trends. They have an amazing team of experts, workers, and artisans who craft precious gemstones into an amazing piece of jewelry. Tiffany and Co. were established back in 1837 by Charles Lewis and it has been the oldest brand in the world when it comes to commercialised jewelry making.

1. Cartier

Most Expensive Jewelry Brand

In the year 1847, Louis Francois Cartier began the journey of Cartier label in the field of jewels. It is one of the most luxurious and classy brands in the field of jewels. Cartier is famous for delivering a flawless customised collection or jewelry to the various upper-class celebrities and royal peoples. King Edward VII gave this label a valid name i.e. ‘the jewelry of kings’. This label has been serving for various royal families across the world at a pretty expensive cost. The necklace made up of diamonds for the Maharaja of Patiala is one of the most prominent and famous works done by this jewel brand. They have owned the business line with their immaculate craftsmanship.

Surely, jewelry is expensive and they are attractive too and they are desired by everyone. Though the above jewelry brands are desired for catering opulent persons and families only because everyone cannot spend millions on jewelry to look elegant! Yet, the luxurious jewelry fabricated by the brands are one to go gaga for!


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