Watches are one of the oldest devices people still carry around where they can keep track of time wherever they are. It is the most conventional source used to tell the time and most people prefer it more than smart phones even today. Watches for men come in different shapes and sizes depending on their design and level of technology used, their prices may also vary.

Some watches are designed for luxury. With countless of hours put into every detailing and carving even the smallest pieces that fit into the watch to make them look extremely stylish and elegant, these are watches that most of us cannot afford. Here are some of the top 10 most expensive men’s watches in the world in 2018.

10. Breguet 1970 B/A12- $734,000

Most Expensive Men Watche

This 18-karat gold pocket watch is a social symbol of tradition with every piece that fits into this watch being built manually. Breguet has been manufacturing handmade watches for over two centuries and are one of the best luxury watch makers in the world today. The Breguet 1970 B/A 12 is beautifully hand engraved with a silver face. This watch is estimated to cost around $734,000.

9. Blancpain 1735 Grande – $800,000

Most Expensive Men Watche

The Blancpain 1735 Grande is one of the most uniquely design watches in the market. With the watch enclosed in a platinum case and a crocodile leather strap, these watches are one of the most exquisite watches for men in the world. The watch is made of 740 parts that are handmade and carefully fitted manually that takes a lot of time in producing one of them. It is also known to be one of the most challenging watches to manufacture by any private company in the world.

8. Louis Moinet Magistrails- $860,000

Most Expensive Men Watche

These watches are one of the best examples when it comes to perfecting beauty, durability and utility. There are only around four of these watches created by Louis Moinet made from moon rocks that fell on earth where the rocks were estimated be over a thousand years old. This men’s watch comes with extraordinary mechanisms and features including perpetual calendar mechanisms and is one of the most remarkable watches every made.

7. Hublot Black Caviar Bang- $1 million

Most Expensive Men Watche

Hublot has been manufacturing exquisite luxury watches for over 3 decades and is a celebrity favourite with Usain Bolt and Beyoncé being the face of this Swiss company. One of the main reasons for its price is because of the fact that they contain real diamonds than are 1000 in number and 3 karats each that were carefully placed and took a lot of man hours into producing each one of them.

6. Chopard Super Ice Cube- $1.1 million- $1.1 million

Most Expensive Men Watche

The Chopard Super Ice Cube gets its name from its exquisite design coated with diamonds within the watch, around the frame and all over the strap that makes it look like a watch made of ice. This flashy watch is made of numerous pieces of 60 carat diamonds perfectly cut into little cubes. These watches are very durable by being able to resist large pressure agitations and waterproof by resisting water up to 100 feet deep.

5. Franck Muller the Aeternitas Mega 4- $2.4 million

Most Expensive Men Watche

These are one of the world’s most complicated wrist watches to make and are manufactured by Franc Muller. These watches highlight the efforts of some of the great artistic watch makers of today. This exquisite watch contains over 1400 components that were manually made and carefully fitted into its casing with 36 complications. These watches redefine mastermind manufacturing, elegance, fashion and mechanical ingenuity.

4. Hublot Big Bang- $5 million

Most Expensive Men Watche

Hublot is one of the leading Swiss manufacturing watch companies of the world. The Hublot Big Bang their most exquisite and expensive wrist watch ever made with over 1200 diamonds that weigh 100 karats with 6 emerald cut diamonds on its bracelet, each of them weighing more than 3 karats with each stone examined carefully for the right colour and quality. With its case crowned with 18-karat white gold and adorned with 12 baguette diamonds, these watches are worth its price with great time and effort consumed into producing each one of them.

3. Patek Philippe Caliber 89- $11 million

Most Expensive Men Watche

The Patek Philippe Caliber 89 is the most complex mechanical watch ever created to celebrate Patek Phillipe’s 150th anniversary. This watch is designed with the highest knowledge of artworks and craftsmanship from some of the finest watch makers in the world. This watch weighs around 1.1 kilos and comes in 4 limited pieces that are platinum, rose-gold, white gold and yellow gold. This extremely exquisite watch boasts a full perpetual calendar, split second chronograph and the moon’s phases and age. This watch also displays astronomical factors like zodiac signs, equinoxes, solstices, seasons, time of sunrise and sunsets.

2. Chopard 201 Karat Watch- $24 million

Most Expensive Men Watche

One of the most expensive watches ever made, the Chopard 201 Karat boasts some of the most precious and rarest stones on earth flawlessly engraved in it. This watch is an epitome of luxury with its perfectly placed stones of different flashy colours to give a glamorous appeal. This watch contains diamonds of different colours and a spring loaded mechanism when pressed, releases 3 heart shaped stones that open up like a flower revealing 3 pear shaped yellow diamonds from within which makes this watch extremely unique and exquisite.

1. Breguet Grande Marie-Antoinette- $30 million

Most Expensive Men Watche

The Breguet Grande is the most expensive watch ever made estimated at a whopping price of 300 million USD. This watch defines great antiquity of some of the greatest watchmakers in the 19th century and the design is still preserved from that time and utilised into manufacturing this exquisite piece of artwork. The watch is made of gold and sapphire. This watch takes 5 years to design and build with 24 mechanical features including different chronological features at every hour of the day. With elegance, perfection and great historic value, this watch is set to be the most expensive watch today.

The world of luxury watches has seen some of its best watch makers throughout history with every luxury watch being unique in its own way that sets itself apart from the others. Some watch makers design and manufacture watches of your preference and they can cost quite a lot. Despite their expensive prices, great effort and time was put into manufacturing each one of them to make them look as flashy, elegant, exquisite and majestic as possible.


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