People spend a lot of their time trying to sport a good look and feel fresh all day. They do so in order to make a good impression on other people as appearance is the first personality judgement criteria. The smell emitted from your body makes your presence felt in a gathering or in someplace. Hence it is important to mask your body odor or to smell captivating people use perfumes on almost every day.

People set out in search for perfumes with a different smell and pick the one which will suit their lifestyle and attire. Some of these perfumes are so good that they come with an appropriate price tag. These are some of the most expensive Perfume Brands in 2019 and they are worth every bit of the money that is spent on buying them.

10. Hermes

Most Expensive Perfume Brand

This perfume brand was founded in 1837 and was named after its founder Thierry Henry from France. Their perfume is popular worldwide for their extravagant fragrance which can even be sensed and differentiated from great distances. The cost of one bottle of Hermes Perfumes starts from $1500 and people are willing to pay that much money to coat themselves with the soothing smell. The variety of choice and the quality of fragrance is one thing that has never changed with this century-old brand.

9. Chanel

Most Expensive Perfume Brand

This is a master of all brand which focuses on clothing, perfumes and other accessories like watches. After launching into the perfume industry it immediately established its quality products and has always had a high market value despite its price. Their range of fragrances includes 67 different scents which are always preferred by the elite class of the society like actors, models, and celebrities. Despite its expensive price tag, the Chanel perfumes are one of the most purchased brands in the world.

8. Caron

Most Expensive Perfume Brand

This is fine French perfume prepared by the popular fashion designer Ernest Daltroff. Ever since its launching in 1904, the Caron has released over 50 new fragrances into the market. Apart from the elite fragrance of this perfume essence, people love this brand for the design of its bottles and they like collect the empty bottles for their aesthetic look. Hence people show interests in purchasing this expensive perfume which costs a minimum of $3500.

7. Annick Goutal

Most Expensive Perfume Brand

This is a unique perfume brand which is made of quality materials which give it thick composition. This makes the perfume’s fragrance last longer in the cloth which keeps you smell fresh for a longer period of time. This brand was named after a famous pianist who was also its founder. Since 1980, it has released over 50 varieties of fragrances and is very popular in the market.

6. Baccarat

Most Expensive Perfume Brand

This is a very well-known perfume brand and is also the name of the popular fashion house in France. A bottle of this brand costs around 3000 euros and is the most expensive brand in the world. The liquid is transparent and golds it color packed inside a purple bottle which tends to attract anyone who sets eyes on the bottle.

5. Joy

Most Expensive Perfume Brand

This perfume brand was created by Jean Patou in 1929 which are especially popular among the modern high-class women. The second most attractive feature of these perfumes are their bottle designs which have their own ornamental value and along with its fragrant perfume, the Joy Perfumes have dominated many states in the United States of America. This brand offers a variety of fragrance choices. A bottle of Joy perfumes costs around $1600 which makes it one of the most expensive perfumes brands in the world.

4. Ralph Lauren

Most Expensive Perfume Brands 2019

Ralph is a very successful fashion designer in the US who is also the founder of this brand. With the assistance of L’oreal, Ralph Lauren perfumes produced over 60 varieties of fragrant perfumes and achieved a huge success in the market. They all have a unique blue shade and a classy bottle design which makes people want to own one for them. The Ralph Lauren perfumes costs around $3000 per bottle.

3. Clive Christian

Most Expensive Perfume Brand

Since its launching in 1999, this has become a popular British perfume icon among the elite society of the United Kingdom. 20 different fragrances are produced by this brand. Their aesthetic bottle designs and elite fragrances are prepared to attract both men and women and have remained one of the best among what people use for perfumes.

2. Jar

Most Expensive Perfume Brand

This brand is considered to be one of the most elite and expensive brands in the perfume industry. One cannot miss identifying the fragrance of the Jar perfumes in a crowd as they present a unique smell. These come in Gold colored liquids packed usually in a round bottle and they fit right inside the handbags of the modern women which helps them stay fresh. A bottle of Jar perfume costs around $4000 which makes it one of the most expensive perfume brands in the world.

1. Shalini

Most Expensive Perfume Brand

This is a very popular perfume brand which can be commonly found in every posh household. Their compositions were specifically designed to meet the expectations of the women. Their floral fragrance can be identified from anywhere in the crowd which makes the presence of the wearer known to others. Hence the Shaline perfume brand is considered to be the holder’s identity. This is the most expensive perfume brand in the world which costs more the $5000 per bottle but it is worth every penny spent.

The perfume and the smell of the person are often considered to be one’s identity. Hence in order to stand out in the crowd, you have to make people feel your presence and stay fresh to present yourself in front of them. The job of these perfume brands is to make sure that the above task is doable for a person. Despite the money they cost, they pack a great deal value and help you earn the respect that your personality deserves.


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