Rum is one of the oldest types of alcohol available. They are such that still now in underwater expeditions bottles of rum are collected from the remains of ships. It was the commonest type of alcohol that pirates preferred at that time. Moreover, it is a strong alcohol as well for which it never lost its fame among people.

From the freshly prepared juice of sugarcane that offers sweetness to the drink, to be made popular with Caribbean rum that was famous for centuries. It is a special drink that has found different flavors of the drinking experience.

Checkout the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Rums in The World in 2019

10. Pyrat Cask 1623

Pyrat Cask 1623 Top Popular Expensive Rum 2019

Anguilla Rums Ltd. from the island of Anguilla is a company producing rums founded by Martin Crowley as the owner of it. He died in 2003 and there started downsizing of the company. Ultimately it was closed down in 2010. Even after they closed down numerous bottles of rum are still sold with this company name. The bottles of rum include ingredients like caramel, honey, sweet spices along with the basic ingredients making thus rum a way sweeter one. It is not known how these rum bottles are still available in the market. The price of it stands at $260.

9. 8-year-old Bacardi Millenium Edition

8-year-old Bacardi Millenium Edition

This is a special edition rum prepared by Bacardi that is 8 years old. It is prepared to mark the millennium. The outer design of the bottle is made up of crystal Baccarat bottle. They made about 3000 of these only available in the market and each of them comes with added features like a certificate for authenticity and a great test. The best part about the drink is that it bring royal look along with the old traditions of drinking rum together in one place. Price of it stands at $700.

8. Rhum Clement 1952

Rhum Clement 1952

There was an old sugarcane plantation facility in Le Francois. That place was a great location producing a heavy amount of sugarcane which is the chief ingredient of rum. Homere Clement who was a doctor by profession also had a great idea for a business. He understood that during the world war there would be heavy demand for rum and thus he bought the land producing sugarcane and also built a distillery near it. The rum became famous because of its taste and the distinct business passed from one generation to next. The facility was later moved to a different location, but the rum from 1952 coming from an original place of the distillery is still sold and Clement Rum costs $1200.

7. Havana Club Maximo

Havana Club Maximo

It is a rum brand going on since 1878. It was started as a family company with a private distillery for preparations. But after the Cuban revolution, it was taken over by the government. Thus since then, the old rum with a premium alcohol content of about 40% is there. The particular rum is a mixture of different ages making good use of the variety so that a blend of flavors can occur. The great exterior design comes with a price tag of $1700.

6. Ron Bacardi De Maestros De Ron, Vintage, MMXII

Ron Bacardi De Maestros De Ron, Vintage, MMXII

This is a limited edition rum prepared by Bacardi for Y2K. That is the only reason it has a price tag of $2000. The particular drink has the speciality not only in its taste. It is old rum with only 200 of bottles available for the public. The designing of the bottle is a crystal decanter that has a leather case with it, along with a display stand and booklet lining.

5. British Royal Navy Imperial

British Royal Navy Imperial

This drink was first served to the British Royal Navy and the English sailors enjoyed the taste of it. The British soldiers enjoyed this rum in 1655. The bottled rum was kept for a long time under the wraps and carried the legacy of the royal English army. The bottled rum was recently brought forward with all that remains of the old drink. It is to depict the 40 years of Black Tot Day. The reserves of the rum from that time was recently bottled in 2010. The present price stands at $3000.

4. 50-Year-Old Appleton Estate, Jamaica Independence Reserves

50-Year-Old Appleton Estate, Jamaica Independence Reserves

Jamaica is one of the most common places where rum forms a delicacy among different types of alcohol. The time of independence of Jamaica was in 1962 and during that time a lot of the rum was saved for future. Nazar mark of the 50 years of independence of the Jamaican Island this drink was put forward and was bottle as a mark of that Independence that occurred in history. Jamaican people celebrate the Independence day with this unique and smooth old age rum they have preserved for the 50th anniversary of independence. The price of it stands at $6630.

3. Barbados Private Estate 1780

Barbados Private Estate 1780

The Barbados plantation was related to Harewood House as history is told about it. The particular house had a cellar that was discovered just a few years ago and there were numerous rum bottles that stayed hidden for a very long time. They were taken out and tested and it was found out that they were about hundred years old. The bottles had a mixture of dark and light rum. This particular rum is about 235 years old. The price is $10,667 each which was a bidding price in the auction because of this age.

2. Legacy by Angostura

Legacy by Angostura

This is particularly a rare drink bottled with only 20 bottles produced for production and distribution globally. This is such costly that in the London’s Playboy Club it is sold at $6000 for a single shot. It has a bottle designed by a jeweller and that is why it is built as a bright glowing bottle of rum. The upper cover is made up of silver and the box is particularly made up of the leather casing along with a handmade box prepared with an outer covering of velvet and silk. The present price of a bottle is $25,000.

1. J. Wray & Nephew 1940s Bottle

J. Wray & Nephew 1940s Bottle Top Famous Expensive Rum 2019

The perfect quality of rum should undoubtedly be the ones from the land of pirates during the old times. This is a particular rum prepared about 70 years ago which builds its distillation. It is of such fine quality that the flavor can be perfect for serving at high-end corporate parties. Unfortunately, there are very few bottles left of this particular rum. Due to such rarity and awesome taste, it has a massive price of $54,000 for each bottle.

The rarity of the rum along with the time of distillation after which they are sold have made these rum bottles really pricey. Some of them actually have added ingredients offering great flavor. Some of the particular rum bottles have a great history of processing and packaging of the bottles.


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