Smartphone has become one of the most important part of daily life. It is important to grab a smartphone that has varieties of features, which can be used for faster problem solving purposes.

There are varieties of smartphones available with great features and those include not only the internal ones but the different designs as well. Designs are filled with great expensive metals and other expensive items in its outer look.

Checkout the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Smartphones In The World in 2019

10. Mobiado Grand Touch EM Marble

Mobiado Grand Touch EM Marble Top Most Popular Expensive Smartphones 2019

If a person is looking for a particular mobile that is built in a different kind of way, they can look for the smartphone built with your marble stone. This is a specially prepared device which is famous all around the world because of its great look and basically the best type of design available. Device is filled with super AMOLED display and a 5 megapixel camera with flashlight. The special part about this mobile is that the marble stone designs are available in various colors perfect for parties. The price of this smartphone stands at $3100.

9. Vertu Aster Collection

Vertu Aster Collection

If a person is a fan of leather design they can get the perfect type of design for their smartphone. This particular smartphone collection is a luxury product filled with colourful designs and Titanium based exterior. It contains a Snapdragon processor along with 13 megapixel camera and some other high end technologies as well making this one of the top products from the people’s choice. The price range of this product is $7000.

8. Goldvish Eclipse

Goldvish Eclipse

In the list of expensive smartphones this is one of the leading product that has the latest technology like Android Marshmallow and 30 megapixel camera along with 5 megapixel front camera. With a 64 GB storage and a 3 GB RAM this is a beast to look for in the whole smartphone market. The design filled with Titanium and precious black leather gives the smartphone and elegant look. The best part about it is the Snapdragon processor and great design for using in corporate parties. With all these features the price range is $7700.

7. Tonino Lamborghini 88 Tauri

Tonino Lamborghini 88 Tauri

In the market of expensive cars Lamborghini has made its mark as a super powerful brand. This Smartphone is a special edition device prepared as the mark of birth of company founder’s son. The device is equipped with Quad Core processor and a 20 Megapixel rear camera. The front camera is 8 megapixel and the rear camera is first of its kind. There is a 3GB Ram there is a 3GB RAM which makes this device faster and it also offers dual sim support. Since it is limited edition and comes with a great design along with the leather background, price is higher at about $6000.

6. Gresso Regal Gold

Gresso Regal Gold

If a person is a lover of gold or Gold based design items they should not miss Gresso Regal Gold. This particular device is a limited edition prepared with white and yellow gold as a part of its background and all of that comes with great exciting features in it. The internal features include 1.5 GHz processor, are 2 GB RAM, and a 13 megapixel rear camera as well making this device one of the costliest and perfect smartphones available around the world. The elegance in the outer structure along with the features makes the price of this smartphone to be $6000.

5. Vertu Signature Touch For Bentley

Vertu Signature Touch For Bentley

This is a special edition smartphone that depicts partnership of Bentley with Vertu for 5 straight years. Special part about this smartphone is that it can be customised according to choice of the customer. Varied leather colors are available along with different stitching options. This is made to meet the choice of customers and to perfectly go with the characteristics of the exterior that a person wants. It has a Snapdragon processor along with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage making it a perfect companion for a person.

4. Savelli Jardin-Secret White Ice

Savelli Jardin-Secret White Ice

This is a great smartphone which is designed mainly for the women. The speciality of these smartphones is white croc leather and there are charges of gold in different parts as well. The device looks like a handmade designer instrument that is equipped with a 3.2 inch display and modern specific features like latest Android version and with its own operating system made by Savelli. The price tag for this smartphone is $10,000 because of the added features in it.

3. Sirin Solarin

Sirin Solarin

This is a cool gadget that is not only expensive but also has a great design of its exterior. The secure phone allows phone calls an encrypted messaging. This is a great device with increase security so that people can enjoy a special type of wireless standard in their device. The leader back is designed to look like a carbon fibre and the smartphone is available in a gold finish as well along with its Snapdragon processor and latest technology of security. The camera of this device is massive with a 23.8 megapixel camera. With all these great features the price of the smartphone stands at $16,000.

2. Aston Martin Racing 808

Aston Martin Racing 808

Aston Martin is another luxury car brand that has partnered with Vertu to prepare new danger smartphone that is filled with some real diamonds added to the exterior. The Snapdragon processor along with 2 GB of RAM is a perfect combination along with the Android lollipop version and 4.7 inch display associated with it. The design is also built with a ceramic earpiece for the luxury smartphone users. The camera available in this device is 13 megapixel. With the presence of the great design along with the diamonds attached in it the product gets price tag of about $24,000.

1. Dior Reveries Haute Couture

Dior Reveries Haute Couture Top Most Famous Expensive Smartphones 2019

This is a limited time smartphone design prepared with swooping 1539 diamonds along with 46 pieces of pearls adorning the exterior of the device. It is basically prepared for the people who can shed a massive amount of money to bring forward their beauty quotient. The exterior of the device obviously looks wonderful along with its 5.0 megapixel camera and the technology of Android. It is a fairly old smartphone but the price range is huge that it is not easy to hit the range for other devices. Use of expensive materials in building it have made its price $102,000.

Most of the expensive range of Smartphones are a limited edition and are filled with exteriors that attract people. There is great variety in the exterior of the smartphones along with the internal characteristics that people find engaging to work with. Some of the devices have the best quality camera available in any device possible making them Vardi to be a limited edition and harder to find.


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