Most expensive sunglasses are specified with great protection technology from the sun’s rays and I also filled with designs that make a person look trendy. The expensive sunglasses especially built because not just they are limited edition but also a great part of the latest fashion trends.

It is important to understand that a product with a high quality demands a great price for which most of the special sunglasses that match with latest trends are expensive. These trends follow the pattern of 2019 and are about to bring new dress designs with them as well.

Checkout the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses in The World in 2019

10. Bentley Platinum Sunglasses

Bentley Platinum Sunglasses Top Most Famous Expensive Sunglasses 2019

Bentley is more commonly known as a luxury brand for cars but it was sold to Rolls Royce during 1931. They launched the model named Lausanne which was a great luxury car that was sold in the previous days but since the company was taken over by another one in the automobile market this year marked the hundred years of the launch of this car. They made this sunglass as a mark of that 100 years and it is totally made of Platinum for which it gets its expensive price of $45,276. There are other models made up of gold as well with a cheaper price. The design is surely classy and elegant and perfect for a person in the corporate sector.

9. Gold and Wood 253 Diamond Glasses

Gold and Wood 253 Diamond Glasses

This is a special glass which not only simple and luxurious Bhatt is perfect for parties as well. The total mainframe of the sunglass is built with neatly cut princess-cut diamonds. There are more than 200 diamonds that make the whole sunglass have a star studies appearance for which it is perfect for parties and also a great choice with black attire. The sunglass is special because of its rimless nature. It is extremely attractive to look at and due to the great number of diamonds in them the prices around $55,000.

8. Bulgari Flora Sunglasses

Bulgari Flora Sunglasses

It is a particular sunglass built with white gold and a great number of diamonds that are around the whole frame. The ages of the lens are mostly surrounded with diamonds and there are sapphires as well which adds to the beauty quotient of that particular sunglass. The great design and the thin film that is also filled with aquamarine make this sunglass a thing to look for. With all the expensive elements the price of the sunglass stands at $59,000.

7. Maybach “The Diplomat I”

Maybach The Diplomat I

Maybach is another car company that was extremely famous in the 20th century. They sold great luxury cars at a great expensive price. But their business went into doldrums and was ultimately sold to Daimler AG. This is a limited edition sunglass that is released along with a particular luxury car that is related to it. The framing is done with 18-carat gold and there are numerous handcrafted diamonds present in them making it the most expensive sunglasses present in the world. They have the temples made with buffalo horn. The price stands at $60,000.

6. Luxuriator Canary Diamond Glasses

Luxuriator Canary Diamond Glasses

This is a particular this is a particular sunglass that comes with a frame made of gold and hundreds of Diamonds all around the frame covering it. Mainly the bridge is filled with a high number of diamonds and contain 18-carat gold in them. The special part about this sunglass is that the temple is made up of ivory and buffalo horn. This adds to the exotic character of the sunglass and makes its price reach $65,000.

5. CliC Gold 18 Carat Gold Sports Sunglasses

CliC Gold 18 Carat Gold Sports Sunglasses

This is a special sports watch which is prepared by great designer Ron Lando along with the Jewellery designer of the company Hugh Power. This is special because the total sunglass is prepared with gold and all handmade products prepared with hours of work. They are considered to be one of the most expensive sunglasses for this. The sleek design along with the great price of gold used in it makes the total price of these sports sunglass $75,000. Since it is specially made the design is a bit different from others making it unique choice of sunglass.

4. Cartier Panthere Glasses

Cartier Panthere Glasses

If elegance come with the beautiful designs then this particular sunglass has made it true. The special design is prepared out of diamonds and sapphires and there is a finely made panther had on the frame. The particular preparation of frame is done with white gold and hundreds of diamonds and sapphires. It is of rimless nature and is perfect for any corporate parties no clothes with elegant designs. The price of this frame stands at $159,000.

3. Shiels Jewellers Emerald Sunglasses

Shiels Jewellers Emerald Sunglasses

The company was founded in 1945 and this is one of the most prized possession prepared by the company. The lenses are made up of emerald and perfectly shaped with great cut. The particular sunglass is inspired with Roman empire where Emperor Nero used Emerald Sushil designs from Sun while enjoying fight of the Gladiators. The frames are prepared with your gold and speckled with diamonds which makes it an exotic collection from the list of sunglasses. Currently price stands at $200,000.

2. Dolce and Gabbana DG2027B Sunglasses

Dolce and Gabbana DG2027B Sunglasses

This is one of the most exotic, beautiful and designer sunglasses available in the world. Dolce and Gabbana is one of the most commonly known brands in women’s fashion and that is why having a sunglass in this list from the particular company is not at all a shock. Every small corner and part of the frame is prepared out of pure gold and both sides of the frame have diamonds used as speakers around its arms. The present price of this beauty stands at $383,000.

1. Chopard De Rigo Vision Sunglasses

Chopard De Rigo Vision Sunglasses Top Most Popular Expensive Sunglasses 2019

This is a Swiss luxury company that prepare this kind of products and is well known for the designer items that come out as limited edition items. The sunglasses prepared by them have created quite a star in the fashion industry this is a particular luxury sunglass containing 60 grams of 24 carat gold present on the stem of the glass. The particular brand name of the company in the part of luxury sunglass is studded with 51 perfectly cut diamonds of about 4 carats each. The current price stands at about $408,000.

These particular sunglasses are prepared with some of the expensive metals and Diamonds present on earth. This is the reason for which they are all limited edition and very few people can afford that kind of sunglass. The starry appearance and the great designs are a perfect fit for a corporate party or attending billionaire gala.


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