Every person has something that they love to collect or something that they are very particular about. One of such things is watches. While some of them like to have a large collection of watches, the others like to possess only the ones that cost the highest. It is for the latter that there exist watches with dozens of complications, features, gold plating, embedded diamonds and what not. Here are the top 10 most expensive watches in the world in 2019.

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10. Breguet & Fils, No. 2667 Precision Watch

Most Expensive Watches 2019

This watch is a flat watch with two movements and is the costliest timepiece built by the brand. It uses the principle of chronometers – ensuring that no factor such as temperature, humidity or air pressure could, in any way, change the readings of the watch. The materials used up in making this watch are gold and platinum and it is essentially a stopwatch. Using 18- carat gold, it is a very delicate watch which was first sold in 1814 and then in an auction in 2012 for $4.7 Million.

9. Hublot Big Bang

Most Expensive Watches

Gifted by Beyoncé to his husband as a birthday present in 2012, this watch costs $5 Million owing to the 1282 diamonds that have skilfully been embedded into it. Those contain over 100 carats of the diamonds type – baguette and some others are emerald cut diamonds. Considering the level of precision involved, this watch actually took up to 7 months in the making and finally turned out to be a masterpiece. It is part of the series – One Million Dollar Big Bang by Hublot.

8. Vacheron Constantin 57260

Most Expensive Watches

A single mechanical pocket watch that uses 57 complications in its working, the Vacheron Constantin 57260 is famous as the ‘Most Complicated Watch in the World,’ and is named after its creator itself. It comes in a sleek white gold case giving it an incredible look with elegance – all of which was handmade and took a total of 8 years for its completion. Its features include religious and lunar calendars, alarms, chronograph, several others types of calendars and so on. It was first introduced in the year 2015.

7. Patek Philippe 1518

Most Expensive Watches

Produced back in 1941, it was the first watch that has the perpetual calendar chronograph being introduced into it. The watch is enclose in stainless steel, making it a complicated watch in a simple metal- the kind that watch collectors love to own. It is also the feature , along with being a vintage and antique watch and being limited edition, that makes this piece unique among all others that are produced by Patek Philippe.

6. Jacob & Co. Billionaire Watch

Most Expensive Watches

The materials that went into the making of this masterpiece are white gold, emerald cut diamonds that are 260 carat and stones that are up to 3 carat. Every single cut made into this has been done with utmost precision and creators who have had years and year of experience. The Baguette cut diamonds make sure that the watch isn’t too sparkly, making it a perfect buy for those who like to keep it simple and classy, but also embedded with diamonds- thus a luxury timepiece.

5. Patek Philippe Supercomplication

Most Expensive Watches

Taking about 5 years to build considering all the complications, features and precision involved, the Patek Philippe – Supercomplication is one another masterpiece by the brand. Coming right after the Vacheron Constantin, it includes 24 complications such as the sunset time, sunrise time, and calendars of different types. It was introduced in the year 1933 and is essentially an 18- carat gold pocket watch and was built without using any sort of machinery and has a total of 920 individual parts in it.

4. Chopard 201 – Carat Watch

Most Expensive Watches

Made in the year 2000, this watch is currently worth $25 Million. What makes it so special is the colorful diamonds that are placed all over its strap which includes 3 stunning heart-shaped diamonds, which ultimately give it a look of a flower. The watch opens up using a spring mechanism just like petals when exposed to sun rays. Covered entirely in diamonds, its carat value comes up to 201, giving the watch its name and the value that comes with it.

3. Breguet No. 160

Most Expensive Watches

Designed by the Swiss man Abraham- Louis Breguet, this watch is better known as the ‘’Marie- Antoinette’ or The Queen as it was once a gift for the latter. The watch was actually built 44 years after it was ordered by the Queen’s admirer. It not only includes the simple handles but also chronometer, thermometer, chimes as well as a perpetual calendar. The materials that were used in the making of this watch were gold as well as precious stones such as rubies and sapphires.

2. Graff Diamonds- The Fascination

Most Expensive Watches

The watch is just as its name goes- a fascinating timepiece that is nothing short of perfection. With a high level of skill, metallurgy, and gem- setting involved, it is a convertible watch, a part of which can alternatively be used as a ring, which has now come to be worth $40 Million. Considering all the diamonds and crafting that it required, it is a very comfortable timepiece that makes it almost magical sight and has a total of almost 153 carat worth of white gold.

1. Graff Diamonds- Hallucination

Most Expensive Watches

The most expensive watch in the world, Hallucination by Graff Diamonds is worth $55 Million and is unique and striking in a way that has not yet been matched by any other. It is covered entirely in colored diamonds that give it a sparkly look for anyone who wishes to make a statement with it and wear it boldly. It has over 110 carat of perfectly-cut diamonds embedded well onto its strap making it worth the price for anyone who is lucky enough to possess this beauty.

Each one of these watches is made only by the best craftsmen with their skills and talent alone, using the most advanced technology and at the end, these combined with the brand name is what makes these watches cost millions of dollars. Even if at the end of the day they only display time, each one has a very unique, and in some cases, antique, feel about it, that makes every penny spent on it, worth it. So which one would you like to try on and make everyone who sees it come to a standstill?


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