We all are well aware of the urges that women mostly have to buy accessories for themselves. One such accessory is women’s handbag. There are several types of handbags available in the market because of women’s love for them. Though they are available in various ranges, some of them are just too expensive to hold on one’s arms or hands. The women who are fashion lovers and are crazy rich may be most interested in this list.

Here is a list of top ten most expensive handbags in the world in 2019

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10. Handbag – Marc Jacobs Carolyn

Handbag - Marc Jacobs Carolyn Top Most Famous Expensive Women Handbags 2019

Marc Jacobs unveiled one of their masterpiece handbag fabricated with crocodile leather. This handbag is of crocodile leather inside out. The bag is further well organised and provides an additional systematic space segregation. This crocodile skin quilted handbag is worth $38000.

9. Gadino Bag

Gadino Bag

Yet again a handbag fabricated from the crocodile leather by Gadino has a fixed rate of $38470. It was designed by the famous designer Hilde Palladino (well-known personality in the field of fashion from Norway). The bag is also embedded with thirty-nine high-quality white diamonds. Moreover, the clasps of the handbag are made up of white gold.

8. LV Bag Tribute Patchwork

LV Bag Tribute Patchwork

Who would have thought that a needlework of small handbags joined together would be sold at $42000 by Louis Vuitton? These patchworked women handbag set an unusual trend in the fashion market with a weird yet classy look. Louis Vuitton managed to launch only twenty pieces of this radical look handbags, from which one was purchased by the famous pop star Beyoncé Knowles. The amazing feature of this handbag is its design, which is a patchwork of several handbags into a single handbag.

7. Leiber Bag Precious Rose

Leiber Bag Precious Rose

Leiber came up with an amazing idea of creating a handbag that would be one of their top-notch and exquisite pieces. And then they revealed the precious rose bag, which became every girl dream to purchase. The bag is designed in the shape of a rose flower and is made up of a sling, metals, and leather. This rose bag is referred to be precious not only because of its price rate but because of the stones it is embedded with. Leiber managed to embed around 1196 sapphires (pink in color), 1016 jewels and 800 tourmalines on the bag, which made its price reach a whopping amount of $92000. This purse can be easily recognised at any high society gala event at one glance only.

6. Hermes Matte Birkin Bag

Hermes Matte Birkin Bag

Hermes launched one of its flawless handbag worth $120,000, which was designed by the famous British artist, Mr. Jane Birkin. This matte finish handbag is made out of the crocodile cowhide serves the high society peoples for flaunting a handbag with diamonds. This handbag consists of superbly attractive diamonds and even white gold is used for providing elegance to its stylish look. This beauty for an eye was too expensive to be bought and therefore it was also launched with a lower price rate of $5000 by Hermes. But, obviously, this low price rate version of this design by Jane Birkin does not contain any of the gold, diamond or crocodile skin.

5. Urban Satchel Bag Louis Vuitton

Urban Satchel Bag Louis Vuitton

This is one of the weirdest handbags on this list. One of the most brazen handbags ever launched by Louis Vuitton is priced at $150,000. You must be thinking that the bag would surely be embedded with many precious stones or jewels. But with this handbag, it’s not that case. This Urban Satchel handbag is literally created and fabricated with garbage pieces only. Items such as chewing gum wrappers, cigarette packs, water bottles, old bills, tags and much more have been patchworked on a bag. This is surely some weird type of imagination and creativity shown by Louis Vuitton.

4. Cleopatra Bag Lana Marks

Cleopatra Bag Lana Marks

This Cleopatra clutch series offers a clutch bag worth $250,000. This bag is fabricated with the underbelly skin (one of the unique features of this clutch) of alligator only. In fact, there are several alligators bred for their underbelly skin. The designer of this clutch, Lana Marks has also made use of white gold and around 1500 white and black diamonds to increase its exquisiteness. This bag is quite rare since only one per year is made by the fabricator.

3. The Chanel Classic Handbag “Diamond Forever”

The Chanel Classic Handbag “Diamond Forever”

A handbag adorned and embedded with a total 334 diamonds, and flawless white skin of the alligator has been priced at $261,000 by the Chanel. The name given to this handbag is ‘Diamond forever’, due to the utilization of the diamonds on the bag, which weighs around 3.65 carats. Chanel has produced only thirteen of them till now and five of them are owned by the citizens of United States. This bag is a sure addition to class and elegance in the Chanel handbags lists.

2. The Hermes Birkin bag

The Hermes Birkin bag

A sassy edition by the Hermes, this bag is priced at $1.9 Million. This bag is made up of metal platinum (the most expensive metal on earth). Not just this, the platinum body of the handbag is further made attractive and expensive by covering it with a total of 2000 diamonds. The designer of this exquisite and flawless piece is Ginza Tanaka (a Japanese resident). The diamond strap provided on the bag is detachable and can also be utilized as a neck piece or a bracelet.

1. The Mouawad’s 1001 Nights Diamond Purse

The Mouawad’s 1001 Nights Diamond Purse Top Most Popular Expensive Women Handbags 2019

The most glamorous and the most expensive handbag ever made is the Mouawad’s 1001 nights diamond purse. To be precise, this purse contains 4356 diamonds. This flawless antique piece was made after 8800 hours of hard work. It also embeds 56 pink diamonds and 105 yellow diamonds. This handbag has been priced at the whopping price of $3.2 Million and has also even been listed in Guinness World Records.

If your question is that who purchases the above-listed handbags? Then let me inform you, paying thousands of dollars for a handbag is for real. Several celebrities and high society peoples are seen at several events with their thousand-dollar handbags. These are surely those handbags which are out of budget for most of us.


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