Chocolate is one such dessert that almost all of us love. No matter how young or old you are, you cannot dislike chocolate.

Chocolate is not only used for direct consumption but also as flavouring, decoration and cooking of various dishes. It is also used for gifting purposes in different ways on several different occasions. Chocolates are available in different types, colours, sizes and brands.

Here are the Top 10 Most Popular & Best Chocolate Brands in The World in 2019

10. Ghirardelli

Ghirardelli Top Most Popular Chocolate Brands in The World 2019

Ghirardelli is a United States division of the Swiss confectionery company Lindt and Sprungli. The company was founded by the Italian confectioner Domenico Ghirardelli and is named after him. This company was first established in 1852 and is the third oldest chocolate company. Ghirardelli is known for its professional mix of milk and cocoa and the infusion of added flavours like caramel and cool cream to the chocolate. Ghirardelli chocolates have an excellent quality and will immediately melt once you put them in your mouth and will give you a long-lasting taste.

9. Toblerone


Being a Swiss choco bar, Toblerone is a premium chocolate in the form of a cluster of prisms. It has a creamy texture and filling and is made up of almonds, honey, nougat and rich cocoa. They are not only perfectly mixed together but also look and taste incredibly delicious. They have a unique shape, and that attracts the chocolate buyers. Toblerone has a good fan base across the world.

8. Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher is simply Italian chocolate love. The Italian chocolatier Ferrero Spa was first introduced in 1981, in Europe. The chocolate consists of milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. These chocolates are wrapped in beautiful golden papers with mouthwatering wafer balls and creamy chocolate hidden inside as a surprise. Ferrero Rocher has been in operation for more than 200 years but came to limelight only after 1981.

7. Cadbury


Cadbury is a British multinational confectioner’s brand, wholly owned by Mondelez International since 2010. John Cadbury established Cadbury in 1824, who previously sold tea, coffee and liquid chocolate. It is the second largest confection brand, after Wrigley’s. It is the most popular for its Dairy Milk Chocolate, Crème Egg and Roses selection box. It is known as the biggest outselling in the entire world, and its chocolates can be found even in the remotest places. Cadbury is a commonly heard name in most of the households and has become the crowd’s favourite chocolate in the past years. It is simply the best for eating, gifting, mood-cheering and celebrating.

6. Mars


Mars is an American global manufacturer of confectioneries, pet food and other food products. The firm is owned by the Mars family and was founded in 1911, in Newark, NJ. This company is known for its confectionery snacks and items like Mars Bar, Milky Way Bars, M&M’S, Skittles, Snickers, Galaxy chocolates, etc. The Mars Bar itself has a magical taste and is an exotic chocolate made of delicious honey, nougat, minced almonds, etc. Mars’ secret to success is perhaps, owning many leading subsidiary brands. It is one of the richest confectionery brands and has a huge net worth. It has covered a huge market in the past years.

5. Kit Kat

Kit Kat

Kit Kat is a chocolate-covered wafer bar confection originated in 1935, in the United Kingdom, developed by Rowntree’s of York and is now globally supplied by Nestle, which acquired Rowntree in 1988. Kit Kat has always marketed itself as a snack that gives you a moment of a break in this busy life with various taglines like “Have a break…Have a Kit Kat”; “Gimme a break, Gimme a break, Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar!” and “Break time, anytime”. Kit Kat has evolved with time and has captured a significant share in the world market.

4. Galaxy


Galaxy is a brand of milk chocolate which first started its operations in 1960, in the United Kingdom, made and sold by Mars, Incorporated. It emerged to be popular in US, UK, Middle East, Morocco, Pakistan, India and New Zealand, opening many stores worldwide. The differentiating factor of Galaxy Chocolates is its delicacy that comes from the ripped milk and cocoa infused with fruity flavours. Galaxy has covered a huge market worldwide and come in a wide range of products.

3. Guylian


Guylian is a Belgian chocolate manufacturing brand founded by Guy Foubert in 1958. It offers a wide a range of handcrafted assortments with delicious flavours of chocolate available in diverse shapes, mostly related to the marine life. Guylian is perhaps the most famous for its production of Sea Shells praline with various fillings. Guylian also produced chocolates in the shape of Seahorses. Guylian sells its chocolates in luxurious gift boxes, individually wrapped chocolates, bars and truffles. It has covered a sizable share in the world market.

2. Patchi


Patchi is a luxury brand of chocolates, founded by Nizar Choucair, in 1974, in Lebanon. In July 2008 collaborated with Harrod’s to produce the most expensive box of chocolates. Patchi serves chocolate lovers well with a creamy blend of cocoa ingredients and fresh milk with mesmerizing taste. Their packaging is exclusive, totally catching the eyes of the buyers and are highly attractive so that it can serve as one of the sweetest gifts also. Patchi started as a high-end luxury chocolate brand but also takes custom orders according to individual requirements.

1. Lindt and Sprungli

Lindt and Sprungli Top Most Famous Chocolate Brands in The World 2019

“Lindt and Sprungli”, more commonly known as just Lindt, is a Swiss chocolate and confectionary brand, established in 1845. Lindt was founded in Zurich, by David Sprungli and Rodolph Lindt, who introduced it as the finest chocolate in the world. This brand is best known for its chocolate truffles and bars, among other sweets. It offers a mind-blowing flavour of chocolate reflecting ecstasy by intensely mixing cocoa and fresh milk. Lindt and Sprungli are now one of the global market leaders in the field of premium chocolates.

Chocolates are one of the best creations of the humankind, and they are not only tasty but are also beneficial to our health if consumed in an absolute limit. Chocolate has been scientifically proven to heal our hearts and boost our happiness. Choose the chocolate you’re going to eat wisely!