You scream I scream just to have the ice cream, one dessert which cannot be denied at any age, ice cream making it a hot favourite among the globe. It is a stress reliever and also the mouthwatering sweet which brings a smile on each face it touches. With the various dairy farms blending innumerable flavors ice cream is known to be the best enhancer of nerves tickling the taste buds to the maximum limit.

It is known that in the nation itself around twenty thousand of the food market is captured by this implacable dessert named ice cream. Many brands have been created according to the choice of the people but only few can be said as the top brands in the ice cream world of India. Let us explore more into the top ten most popular ice cream brands 2018 of the country.

10. Top ‘N’ Town Ice Cream

Best Ice Cream Brand In India

This brand has around ten thousand retail shops scattered around the whole nation with best and exclusive two hundred parlors serving the delicious ice creams of various flavors. It started manufacturing way back around 1977 making it one of the oldest brands in the country. The vegetarian or the vegan ice creams are the best of the brand which is manufactured for the people with flavors like the sundaes general ice creams and the ice cream shakes making the main seven starts of the nation like the Punjab, Orissa, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, UP and Rajasthan the epitome of its maximum sale.

9. Dinshaw’s Ice Cream

Best Ice Cream Brand In India

The manufacturing started in 1997 in Nagpur this ice cream brand is among the top brands with the trending flavors of the nation. It not only focuses on the taste but also keeps in mind the health of the people, so low fat milk is used to make the ice cream healthy and tasty. It blends the natural products with the fashionable and yummy taste elements to produce the best and rich creamy ice cream making it the favorite of all ages in the country. it is slowly moving up in the list of the best ice cream brands in the nation and soon it would surely capture the market more.

8. Arun Ice Cream

Best Ice Cream Brand In India

It is known that this South Indian ice cream brand is now capturing the ice cream market of the major cities of India. The unique feature which makes the ice cream so trendy among all the ages are the evolved ice cream parlors serving the best and swift flavors to its customers. It also has tailor-made flavors which were created according to the taste and choice of the regular and known customers. There are more than thousand branches of this exclusive ice cream parlor making it the trending one of the nation. In just few years of time it has truly made a strong impression in the hearts of the people with the unique flavors and the taste tickling ice cream cones and sundaes. It is available in the small townships of the country too, making it the ice cream of the general public too.

7. Nirula’s Ice Cream

Best Ice Cream Brand In India

With the start of the ice cream manufacturing this one name the Nirula’s has been attached to the most reliable and heritage brand of the nation. In Noida in those days it evolved with its new age concept of ice cream museum within the ice cream factory itself. It had various flavors to treat the watering mouths of all ages making it the top brand of the whole country. not only ice creams but they are also into making different food items and now have various fast food centers in the country specially in the capital city of New Delhi where this brand is just like a new face of the youth and old, both generations together. The ice cream kiosks are its new invention and enhanced form of ice cream parlors which also delivers tailor made ice creams each day, with the new Nirula express parlor.

6. Havmor Ice Cream

Best Ice Cream Brand In India

In the short time span of just ten years this ice cream brand is in a fast pacing growing ice cream brand of India. It is the sole ruling ice cream of west India making its mark on the states like the Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, New Delhi, Goa and even Telengana. It has a total of one hundred and sixty products which makes this ice cream so hot and trending in the whole not only made its mark on the ice cream market but has also opened many food joints making it the versatile food brand of the country. The snacks and the ice cream bars are the new concept in the eatery world which the brand has fully captured of. They also deliver catering services with their ice cream being the main and dominating dessert.

5. Kwality Wall’s Ice Cream

Best Ice Cream Brand In India

Founded in India ay back in the year 1956, it is a child company of the bigger brand Hindustan Unilever Ltd. It is the dominating and the major ice cream distributor in the whole world making India the hub of its production, having the maximum retail shops and personal parlors which are successful hundred percent. With its popularity it has now crossed the borders and reached in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Pakistan too. If ice cream is pronounced the first name which comes to mind is Kwality, a trending favorite of all ages and size.

4. Cream Bell Ice Cream

Best Ice Cream Brand In India

Just starting its manufacturing few years back this ice cream brand has moved towards its fame in a very short period of time. the reason behind this maximum success is the unique and distinct flavors, and new creations with ice cream which can suit any taste bud. They are also available in tailor made flavors which were evolved with time according to the varied taste buds of the different people of the country. In the WCRC Leader’s Summit of Asia it holds the top position for the successive years of 2013 and 2014. It has now crossed the borders of the nation and making the other nations too being its most wanted fans and the distribution in those countries has also grown with time.

3. Mother Dairy Ice Cream

Best Ice Cream Brand In India

This dairy based ice cream brand was founded way back in the year 1974, and is known to be a subsidiary company of the famous National Dairy Development Board Of India. It started with the vision of development and growth in the whole world making dairy products the life line of people. This ice cream brand is a heritage which is not only loved but also respected by the people of the nation with their trust and belief. The dairy program under which this initiative was started was known as the Operation Flood, with one mission of bringing milk to every household of the country. it started its ice cream manufacturing and slowly has stepped up to the favorite ice cream chart of the nation with time and perseverance of its best delivery to the customers.

2. Vadilal Ice Cream

Best Ice Cream Brand In India

Stared around the year 1937 this heritage brand is the part of the Vadilal Industries Ltd. Started with a small outlet in the city of Ahmedabad this ice cream brad slowly took the place in the ice cream market with its variable range of total one hundred and fifty different flavors of ice cream now available in the market. It can be bought in form of ice cream blocks, cups, cones, bars, family packs, sticks, economy packs and also scoops. It is known to the top rated ice cream brand due to its unique flavors and spectacular taste which makes it different from the other brands.

1. Amul Ice Cream

Best Ice Cream Brand In India

The initiative of the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation of India has now become one of thr top trending ice cream manufacturing brand of the nation. It is a quality statement and fame with the niche touch of styke in the exclusive flavors it has been manufacturing, keeping the richness of the milk and the creaminess of the individual flavors it has catered in these years to the nation. Making the Indian ice cream market its fan it is slowly reaching to the other frontiers of the world too, with the heritage it carries with itself. Like the ice cream the other dairy products of the company is also mind blowing making Amul truly the taste of India. It started the White Revolution, making the nation the largest and the renowned milk production nation of the world.

With so many mouthwatering brands around you would surely get confused which one to try, so now on whenever you crave for a dessert try one of the brands and then compare the tastes with the others. This way you would enjoy all the top ten ice cream brands of the country and would also become a ice cream genius to advice your near and dear ones which one to select. So just enjoy these rich ice cream brands and make them your hot favorite dessert choice for eternity.


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