In the current day and era, a laptop is a necessity, not a luxury it was few years ago. Its countless benefits keep making life more convenient and affordable in different many ways.

Besides, tablets and smart phones may seem like they are taking over in computing circles but they cannot offer the great user experience that laptops are known to provide. Hence, laptops are more preferred by users over desktop computers because of it is portable and can handle memory intensive applications. Moreover, the need to communicate has significantly increased in this generation than ever before and people really appreciate instant communication be it personal or business interaction.

Surfing on the go is every internet user’s dream and people can go to great lengths to acquire devices that can grant them that rare opportunity. Getting a great laptop is no joke and it can wear you out; there has been an ongoing debate within the technology circles on which is best laptop brand. For this reason, below are the top 10 laptop brands in the market that you need to check out; hopefully this list will help you make informed decision when shopping.

Here are the Top 10 Most Popular & Best Laptop Brands in The World in 2019

1. Apple

Apple Top Most Popular Laptop Brands in World 2019

Apple Inc. is a household name and their products goes beyond recognition; their laptops are popular among many users in the market. Their laptops are highly coveted for their slim well-polished appearance and cutting-edge features. Although critics say that they are little more expensive, their user experience grants them a huge reputation as the leading laptop brand. They are marketed under the name MacBook and they come with eye-catching designs in addition to their great performance. Currently, they are the leading laptop sellers and those who value performance combined with innovation and aesthetic value should consider this top-rated brand.

2. Asus


This is a Taiwanese brand that boasts a huge production portfolio of technological hardware devices. This brand is reputed for their high-quality components, advanced software and highly sophisticated displays. Besides, they produce both high-end and low-end laptops so reach to a wide market share. Hence, if you are looking for quality and innovation that is worth your value your search is over, get the Asus brand laptops. They come in Zenbook, X series, N series, F series and E series among others.

3. Dell


This is an American brand from Texas that was famous for being the leading desktop manufacturer some few years ago. The brand produces laptops with trailblazing performance as well as world class after sales services. Besides, their prices are pocket-friendly and the designs are straight forward, however, some critics claim that the simplicity of their designs works against them. Their wide range of laptops attracts customers all over the world. Hence, if you are looking for a laptop with simple design but great performance, spend it on this laptop brand.

4. Lenovo


It is a Chinese brand that has been operational for over two decades and their laptops are considered a premium choice for professionals. Their laptops are acclaimed for their innovative features, high performance and gorgeous designs. Although they lack stylish appearance, they come in dark colours which makes them look more professional. Moreover, their quality components that make them boast longer lifespan than most brands in the market. Therefore, if you are looking forward to investing in reliable, long lasting and powerful laptop, Lenovo is the choice that fits best.

5. HP


Hewlett-Packard commonly known as HP is a renowned brand in technology circles; it has earned a reputation among the prime laptop brands in the world. It is among the oldest brands that pioneered desktop computers production before moving to laptops. Furthermore, they are known to produce machines best for gamers and professionals since their performance and durability is amazing.

This brand is known for great quality in sound and graphics as well as incredible keyboard comfort which makes it popular among most laptop users. Hence, for those looking for laptops with great combination of functionality and style should consider HP at the top of their lists. They can choose from their huge range of laptops across Envy, Pavilion, Elite, and Spectre series.

6. Sony


This brand is credited for being a leading electronic manufacturer across many fields; it is a famous brand that has fascinated many users for their amazing ever-expanding catalogue. With the entry of their Sony VAIO laptops, many users have praised their quick performance and fascinating creations. Additionally, these laptop brand is known for simplistic, dependable, and durable products that upholds technology maximally. Hence, this laptop brand is respected and users looking for best quality display, great hardware and performance should go for Sony laptops.

7. Samsung


This brand is not only known for being a leading smartphone producer but it is also rated as a prime laptop manufacturer. This Korean company is famous for its wide range of high-tech electronics across the world; this gives them loyalty among consumers which is added advantage that few brands enjoy. Besides, their laptops are famous for their ultra-thin design, stylish, and uber classy. The package also come with high performance, reasonable battery life, in addition to brighter displays. Hence, users looking for laptops that combines slimness, stylish design, bright displays, and high performance should fall in love with Samsung laptops.

8. Acer


This is an Asian brand which holds the sixth position among laptop manufacturers; the company produces a wide range of electronics and is popular around the world. It is applauded for designing laptops with great portability designs as well as being able to blend sophistication and aesthetic value. Besides, it offers exceptional performance, simplicity, and utility at very rational prices; users get value for their money when they purchase this brand. Some critics claims that they are more fashion oriented than technology-oriented and that makes their laptops have poor sound, graphic and touchpad capabilities. However, their customer care services are rated the best and users with low budgets can consider their products since they offer strong security features, good performance, and remarkable battery life.

9. Toshiba


This brand is respected for being among the pioneers of laptop producers; it was once a leading laptop manufacturer but in the current times it has faced stiff competition. The Japanese company is known for its engineering skills that combines innovative features with high-quality components to create excellent laptops. Although their laptops have dull designs which are considers unstylish, they offer a wide range of laptops at affordable prices. Therefore, this brand produces laptops with considerable battery life and sleek designs that comes with brittle full HD displays. It has some of the most affordable computers for lightweight users.

10. MSI

MSI Top Most Famous Laptop Brands in World 2019

Lastly but not the least, Micro-Star International commonly referred as MSI is among the top 10 prime laptop brands due to its innovative approach to gaming and graphic capabilities. It has been operational for around 3 decades and is considered as the best laptop brand for gamers; it has received many awards for producing notable gaming devices.

Besides, it is a choice among heavy graphic and video editors die to its top functionality and convenience; the producers integrate high quality motherboards and dedicated graphic cards to boost its performance. Since it hosts high-end components, its users rarely suffer performance issues. However, very few buyers can afford it since it comes at higher prices than regular laptops; this is considered as one of its cons in addition to limited range to choose from.

In conclusion, the above list provides some crucial information per every brand that can help users when considering purchasing a laptop. The demand of laptops has increased and since the market is flooded with many brands, making informed choices is sometimes a nightmare. This list consists of the best the market offers and most of them are available in markets around the world; users are mostly driven by their needs when looking for a reliable laptop but most end up buying devices that do not match up to them. This is frustrating but with such information provided above chances of making wrong decisions is significantly minimised.