NGO or Non-Governmental Organisations are nonprofit organisations that are aimed towards creating a better world for all humans with no distinction made between caste, creed, religion, gender or societal status.

There are many NGOs all around the world with each of them providing different kinds of benefits to the society. They have been instrumental in bringing about many reforms in the world which have still kept humanity alive. Here are some of the top 10 most popular NGOs in the world in 2019.

10. Cure Violence

Most Popular NGOs 2019

Cure Violence is a Nonprofit and Non Governmental Organisation which was formed in the year 2000 by Gary Solution of University of Illinois. Their main aim is to stop the spread of violence in the world and to stop conflicts between communities. They use various methods to achieve their goals like disease control, resolving conflicts, trying to change the present social norms and solve poverty and treat high-risk individuals. They concentrate heavily on maintaining an individual’s health and changing of behaviour.


Most Popular NGOs

Cooperative of Assistance and Relief Everywhere is an International nonprofit and non Governmental Organisation aimed at providing relief and developmental support. It is one of the leading NGOs in the world and is one of the oldest in that respect and has been formed in the year 1945. Their main aims include social justice, eradication of poverty and medical relief. They provide food services, sanitation, health, agriculture, climate change and much more.

8. Partners in Health

Most Popular NGOs

This is another Nonprofit organisation which is geared towards medical care and treatment of individuals free of cost. The company was founded in the year 1987 by Paul Farmer, Thomas J. White, Ophelia Dahl, Todd McCormack and Jim Yong Kim. Their goal is ensuring that simple good health is everyone’s right. In this context, they bring all kinds of modern medical treatments to some of the poorest countries and communities on earth. They also build hospitals that provide free medical checkups and food and clothing.

7. Acumen

Most Popular NGOs

Acumen is another Non-Governmental Organisation which aims to solve the problem of poverty. Their approach, unlike that of others in the same field, is more geared towards entrepreneurship. One of their goals includes creating and funding new organisations who can offer support and services to the poor and help elevate their conditions. They are new in the game and have started only in the year 2001. Some of their chief investors are Bill Gates and Google.


Most Popular NGOs

BRAC is one of those NGOs who works to rid the world of poverty. They began their work some four decades ago in the year 1975. They are instrumental in the uplifting of poor communities by creating sufficient opportunities for them to uplift their own selves. They offer education and legal services to the people. BRAC is one of the leading NGOs in the world and is currently operating in about 11 countries in the world. They worked extremely in Bangladesh. In the year 2014, they generated more than six hundred million dollars in revenue.

5. Mercy Corps

Most Popular NGOs

Mercy Corps is a Non-Governmental Organisation which was founded in the year 1971 and is currently headquartered in Portland, Oregon. It was formed by Ellsworth Culver and Dan O’ Neil and aims at providing transitional relief to victims of natural disasters like flood, earthquake, tornadoes etc. and man-made disasters like war, internal conflict, riot, civil war etc. They were instrumental in helping the Cambodian refugees who were seeking asylum and had to escape from their own nations to save themselves from food shortage and getting killed.

4. Medecins Sans Frontieres

Most Popular NGOs

Medecins Sans Frontieresis a Non-Governmental Organisation which was founded some four decades ago in the year 1971 and was aimed at providing medical relief. The name of the NGO translates to Doctors without Borders and its aim is synonymous with its name. They provide immediate medical relief and treatment in the underdeveloped or developing countries and unfortunate war-torn nations. They are based in Geneva, Switzerland but they serve the entire world. They were the awarded the Nobel peace prize in the year 1999.

3. Ceres

Most Popular NGOs

Ceres is a nonprofit and Non Governmental organisation which has some of the most influential individuals and organisations as its investors and advisers. They try to solve some of the biggest problems in the world related to sustainability challenges. These include pollution, climate change, and human rights to name some. They try and educate entrepreneurs and leaders to change their thought process and use cleaner and renewable sources of energy and save water.

2. Danish Refugee Council

Most Popular NGOs

The Danish Refugee Council is nearly half a century old, having been formed in the year 1956 and is a Nongovernmental private organisation which has nearly thirty-three member organisations under it. They were mainly formed to handle the refugee crisis in the European countries post second world war and after the invasion of Hungary. They have had some major global projects and have successfully been able to tackle them. In the 1990s they were able to provide the maximum aid to Herzegovina and Bosnia during the war.

1. Wikimedia Foundation

Most Popular NGOs

The Wikimedia Foundation Inc. was founded a decade ago in the year 2003 by Jimmy Wales. They are currently headquartered in San Francisco, California. They work in a unique kind of way as their goal is much different from many other NGOs. They work for the general public and aim to provide open content both online and offline. They also want to provide the total information of the world completely free of charge. Sites like Wikipedia are funded by the Wikimedia Foundations.

NGOs or Non-Governmental Organisations are those who aim to serve humanity without being politically motivated and remaining separate from governmental influence. They provide various services to people like food services, health and medical relief and treatment, sanitation, clothing and much more. They aim to eradicate poverty, reduce violence, fight for basic human rights, and protect the environment by reducing pollution and spreading awareness. They are the harbinger of hope during despair.