Presently, payment through various mediums or mode of platforms has become an increasing trend in the nationwide. It is more convenient and easily accessible through your mobile wallet, online internet banking, Debit Card, Credit card, and prepaid card.

Online money transferring has become an open bridge between the payer and the payee as a convenient assistance. No more hassle while transferring your money to your desired destination. The major IT companies have come up with technological efficient software that will help in the online transaction without creating any commotion while bypassing the payment through different mode.

This modern technology saves people time and energy as well and as a result, they can carry out their payable amount from anywhere and at any time according to their own choice and preferences. The IT companies who make such software are collaborating with the financial providers like American Express, Maestro, Visa, and master card.

Let’s look at the top 10 best  payment gateway providers in India 2019:

10. Citrus

Citrus Top Famous Payment Gateway Providers in India 2019

Citrus is an easy payment gateway for your flexible payment mode through their mobile wallet. You can easily download the Citrus mobile wallet to your smart phones from the Google Store for the android users and iOS users from the Apple Store. It is flexible in use with hassle free payments and they have one-click payment options with inventive solutions for the users. It offers easy setup with 0% maintenance fee and easy billing solution with varied features. It pledges to offer their users trust, reliability, and convenient mode of payments.

9. Atom


Atom is a leading brand for online payment between the users and the payment platforms. They provide a wide range of payment mode like Atomz Wallet, Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, IMPS, NEFT/RTGS, EMI, mVisa, Challan, and Amex. It provides easy payment with various modes of features for the users. You can easily make payment for varied categories ranging from Airlines, Entertainment, Tourism, Insurance, DTH, Education, and other sectors as well. They also helped in the growth of the online business as people buy and sell through this platform without many difficulties.

8. SagePay


SagePay is a Delhi based payment gateway for affordable and accessible usage for their customers and clients. They offer to receive payment through Amex, Master Card, Visa Card, and Visa Electronic Debit Card with safe and secure payment for their trusted customers and users. They also offer features like WebPay for easy internet banking and Mpay for various mobile users who want to make payment through debit card, credit card, and net banking as well.

7. CCAvenue


CCAvenue is most leading trusted and secured mode of payment through various platforms for the convenience of the users. This payment gateway has major payment partners and associates like Diners Club International, JCB, American Express, Visa, eZeClick, Ru Pay, and Master Card. On the other hand, their payment mode options are Debit Card, Credit Card, IMPS, Net Banking, Prepaid Card, and easy EMI. Their leading industry associates are D&B, VeriSign, Pci, and Merchant Fraud They have collaboration with shopping alliances like Jana Cash, Zepo, Power Stores, Builda Bazaar, Mobi Kwik, Martjack, VPASP, Net My Store, Bigcommerce, Paytm, and Store Hippo. Along with this, their hosting alliance is Net4.

6. EBS


EBS stands for E-billing Solution for the global market users with easy flexible platforms. They offer safe and secure payment through American Express, Net banking, Debit Card, Credit Card, and many other modes of payment facilities for the users. They offer service to both merchants for payment services and for consumers for shopping services. They maintain safe online transaction, risk protection, protection of billing details, consumer data protection, and also pledge to protect and save payment credentials. Apart from this, they offer fraud prevention, 24X7 customer service, accept international cards, 0% setup fee, and multiple currency processing.

5. IndiaPay


IndiaPay is a modern payment platform for the tech-savvy customers for simple and smooth payment mode. They offer hassle free secured online transaction with password and fraud protection. They help to store billing data and other payment details with easy accessibility. They have various transactions and payment mode likes NEFT, internet banking, debit card, credit card, and payment by cheque as well.

They are known for safe serving options for the merchants as well as for their customers. They instill trust and belief among their clients and users with their high-quality secure payment service. They also have their app facility for various support systems for more convenience of their customers. IndiaPay believes in the cashless system for various sectors i.e. cashless grocery, cashless shopping, cashless medical store, cashless restaurants, and much more.

4. Instamojo


Now go cashless with secure and safe payment through Instamojo who pledge to serve their users and clients with high-quality service without any compromise in their payment transaction. You can now easily create your own payment link with various social apps like whatsApp, message, E-mail, Google hangout, Facebook and much more. They receive or accept payment through various modes like Wallets, Credit Card, Debit Card, EMI, and UPI. It offers 2-minute hassle free installation, 2% transaction fee, and 3 days required time for money transfer into your account.

3. Payubiz


Payubiz offers excellent customer service with varied payment features. It is technologically advanced with upgraded software, hassle free connectivity, easy setup with 0% installation fee, easily available in Apple Store and Google Store, and looks after the convenience of their valued customers and clients with no complaints. They have a wide range of payment options with unbelievable advanced features like acceptance of international cards, various wallet services, American Express, Rupay, and more than over 40+ internet banking services. They believe in an easy, flexible, and easy mode of transaction.

2. PayU


PayU is running in the second position in the payment gateway provider which offers advanced high-tech payment software for secure payments. It is an Indian based company which offers international features for the tech-savvy users and customers. They charge the users and clients 0% setup fee and safe maintained password protected mode to secure your data and other banking credentials. There offer ample of payment options and modes like credit card, debit card, easy EMI, NEFT, net banking, much more. The system is secured with encrypted transmission layer, and it also offers easy billing and tracking of the billing details for future references of the users.

1. PayPal

PayPal Top Popular Payment Gateway Providers in India 2019

PayPal is the top most payment gateway for PAN India and for the global market as well with international techniques and features. It has been the smartest option for the e-commerce sector for their efficient business growth. The company works for both individual and business as well with unbelievable benefits. They accept online payment, online transaction, easy setup with 0% charge, and no maintenance fee. They use upgrade and high-tech software with 0% transaction issues and difficulties. They pledge for safe, smart, fast mode of buy and sell services for their valued users and merchants. PayPal’s associated partners are Shopmatic, FreshBooks, Shopify, and WHMCS. They have undoubtedly excellent services worldwide with easy and flexible buy and sell transactions.

These are the top payment gateway providers in India where our Indian economy is focusing on the trend of ‘Go Cashless’ system and in a way it is uplifting the growth of various businesses through an online payment gateway. Merchant and individual customers are now depended on these platforms for easy and flexible payment mode without worrying about in-hand money.


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