Airways has always been treated as the fastest and easiest way to travel long distances. Be it be the domestic flights or the international ones, there are numerous companies which provide good quality services at an affordable rate.

There are some airlines which may seem too costly, but the services provided by them will just amaze you. It is important to know the services and facilities offered onboard before you travel with an airline. Here is the list of top richest airlines in the world in 2019 which are peoples’ favorite because of the quality facilities and services provided by the airline company.

10. Qantas

Richest Airlines 2019

Founded in 1920, the Qantas from Australia is the third oldest airways in the world and covers various international destinations and airports. This airline company has been awarded numerous accolades and awards due to the world-class facilities and services it provides to its customers. The Qantas was awarded the best premium economy class airline in 2015 and is Australia’s most favorite domestic airline.

9. Garuda Indonesia

Richest Airline

It is hard to believe that once Garuda Indonesia airlines (national airlines of Indonesia), founded in 1947, and was on the verge of shutting down. Yes, this airline faced a financial strain but their dramatic comeback earned them numerous clients all over the world. This airline is now rated with a five star rating by Syntax for the world-class facilities it provides. The airline has won numerous awards for the quality service they provide.

8. Eva Air

Richest Airline

Eva Air has been operational since 1800 and has its operations in more than 55 countries and with around 70 Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, and Airbus. The airline prominently operates in Asian, American and European countries. The airlines are best known for its cargo service. This airline is one among the eight airlines which have been rated five stars globally by Skytrax. The airline is currently the best airline which provides the business class flight with all amenities and comfort.

7. ANA All Nippon Airways

Richest Airline

ANA All Nippon Airways, founded in 1952, is a Japan-based airline and is ranked as the seventh richest airline in the world. This airline is the only Japan-based airline which has been awarded five-star rating for four continuous years. The airline currently has a fleet size of 221. The airline also offers the most expensive first-class flight and also has one of the best cabin crew in the world which provides quality customer care services.

6. Etihad Airways

Richest Airline

Etihad Airways is the national airways of United Arab Emirates (commonly known as U.A.E.). The airways commenced its operations in July 2003 and currently have a fleet size of 126. The flights are available to 126 destinations. The Etihad Airways is owned and operated by its parent company, Etihad Aviation Group. The airways employ around 20,000 people and have more than 1,000 flights per week. According to a report, Etihad Airways carried around 14.8 million people to different destinations in 2015.

5. Emirates

Richest Airline

The Emirates airlines hail from Dubai which is one of the emirates of United Arab Emirates. The airline is owned and operated by its parent company, The Emirates Group. It is currently the largest airline in the Middle East and has more than 3,600 per week. The airlines have operations in six continents and the cargo operations of the airlines are under the control of Emirates SkyCargo. The operations of this airline were commenced on 25th October 1985.

4. Turkish Airline

Richest Airline

Turkish Airlines is one of the best airlines in the world in terms of the services and amenities they provide, be it be the economy class, first class or the business class. The airline hails from Turkey and has operations in 6 continents and has flights to more than 280 destinations. The airline has received numerous accolades for its quality services and comfort. Some of them are the best airline in Southern Europe in 2009 to 2016, the best overall airline in Europe for five consecutive times and best business class lounge in 2015.

3. Cathay Pacific Airways

Richest Airline

Cathay Pacific Airlines is an airline that has its base in Hong Kong. This airline started its operations on 24th September 1946 and currently has a fleet size of 148 and covers more than 80 destinations. The Cathay Pacific employs around 23,000 people around the world. The first class fare of this airline is around 31,000 US dollars but the flight is worth it. The airline has been awarded the best airline premium economy class in 2019.

2. Singapore Airline

Richest Airline

The Singapore Airline provides spacious and luxurious aircrafts in the world; no doubt it is one of the people’s favorite. The fleet size of this airline is more than 105 and has aircrafts like Airbus A380 which is the largest passenger carrier. In 2016, the airline has been awarded awards in almost every category due to the high customer rating. The airline service was initially established as Malayan Airways in 1947.

1. Qatar Airways

Richest Airline

Qatar Airways is the richest airline service in the world. The airways, as the name suggests, hails from Doha in Qatar and have a fleet size of more than 180. This airline employs around 40,000 people around the world. The operation of this airline was commenced on 20th January 1994 and is operated by the government of Qatar. The flight services are available to 150 destinations. The airways have been awarded numerous accolades for the world-class amenities provided and has also been given a five-star rating.

The above airlines are also the best airlines in the world in terms of the service provided by the cabin crew as well. Some airlines were awarded consecutive times for the quality customer care they provide. So before you decide to fly with an airline it is very important to check the Skytrax rating awarded to them. They are currently only eight airlines who have been awarded five-star rating by Skytrax. Airlines with rating 3 or more can provide good services and an enjoyable trip is guaranteed.


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